Chapter 2685 Who Will Bear the Loss

The next morning, the doorbell at the Mountain Penthouse sounded too early for Felipe’s liking.

He appeared in the living room, scratching his eyes sleepily, unwilling to answer the door.

First, he decided to go to the landline and dial the building’s entrance.

“Hello, concierge? Who did you let up? It’s too early for visitors, don’t you think?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Mountain, but the person assured you that you were waiting for him. It’s Octavio Motta. Should I call the police?”

Felipe frowned. He wasn’t close to Octavio, so it was difficult for him to think of a reason for the Chief Architect to visit him. “It’s fine, I’ll answer it. But next time, don’t let anyone pass this hour of the day. My uncle is still sleeping.”

After saying goodbye, Felipe answered the door before Octavio broke the doorbell.

“The bell won’t make money if you press it over and over again!”

“Good morning, Young Mountain!” Octavio smiles ironically, already dressed in a suit and tie. “God helps those who rise early,
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