Chapter 2686 Understanding the Full Picture

At the Mountain Penthouse, Kelvin appeared, still wearing a terracotta-colored robe and scratching his eyes with sleep. Octavio was upset. Is today Sunday, so everyone wakes up this late?

“Good morning, Mr. Motta.” Kelvin sat in the armchair. “Felipe said you wanted to talk to me?”

“Exactly. I need you to listen to me and not make drama for Josias, please.” Octavio leaned forward, getting straight to the point.

Kelvin smiled, raising the left corner of his mouth. “Does this have anything to do with you meddling in my brother Daryl’s affairs and Josias not liking it?”

“I’m convinced that Josias wouldn’t mind now that your dangerous brother cannot harm me.” Octavio defends himself. “But I was always a loyal friend to Josias, unlike Daryl who decided to ruin everything.”

“You didn’t come here to talk about my brother who isn’t here to defend himself, did you?” Kelvin yawned.

“No, I came here to talk about you trying to ruin my best friend’s life by meddling in his family life, using the
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