Chapter 2691 A Dangerous Feeling

At Rocha Constructions, Alan and Octavio were talking about his meddling in the Kelvin – Melissa matter.

“Alan, I’m sorry if I caused any trouble.” Octavio apologized, “But the matter was urgent. If people start to spread the word that your mother is cheating on your father with her ex-husband...”

“Such gossip would only spread because you’re the one stirring this matter.” Alan retorts. “Octavio, leave the matter alone, and no one else will know.”

“I didn’t tell anyone.” Octavio defends himself, “And it’s not a case of leaving the matter aside. If we do nothing, Kelvin would have free space to act.”

“And you didn’t approach my father to share the matter, right?” Alan blinked wryly.

“No. How was I supposed to meet him if I had nothing to share?” Octavio scratched the back of his head, “I needed to know what Kelvin had in mind first. But the smart guy denied everything.”

“Maybe Kelvin wasn’t smart.” Alan warned him, “Maybe it was the case that Kelvin genuinely wasn’t up to anything agai
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