Chapter 2712 Museum Pieces

At the future Angel store, Angela was surprised by the visit from Dora and Isabel. The two disagreed about something she said to David.

“Angela Souza. How long time,” Dora said in a tone that didn’t make it clear: was it longing or contempt?

David believed it was the last option. “What are you ladies doing here?”

Isabel looked David up and down. “The boy grew up. Congratulations, Angela. You knew how to raise him well.”

“As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted,” Angela retorted, “David grew up well because he has Josias’s genes. I didn’t understand why Mrs. Campos disagreed.”

“You still keep instilling these things in the boy’s head.” Dora complained, “Don’t talk like he has anything to do with the untouchable Rocha family.”

Angela smiles wryly. “I suppose Josias doesn’t even dream you two are here. What is that? Are you afraid of my presence? Or does Lagoon City not deserve to have one of my stores?”

“We don’t deserve the presence of the store owner!” Dora exclaimed angrily.

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