The Hated Millionaire Heir

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The Hated Millionaire Heir

By: Aaron Mutua Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Fear, rejection, despise, all this negative energy circumnavigated Ricky. He never wanted to join the Mason's family and neither did the Mason's want him in their family, but a promise forced the two together. But Ricky being the foster child with the Mason name didn't mean he was family, he was never welcomed since he step foot. Assaulted, hated, abused, Ricky felt the inhumane and the beastiality locked in the depths of man. He struggles to hold on to dear life, while in this very mansion. When the furnace becomes too hot he takes to the skies. He flees to seek his origin and only one person knew, his guardian angel Madison. His absence creates a final heaven in the Masons but meanwhile the family crumbles day by day. Eventually Ricky discovers he was the heir of a millionaire business tycoon whose identity was kept secret. This changes everything, while Ricky strives to the peaks of success and wealth, the Mason's collapse down to the rubble's and back to dust.


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Rejection, fear, the devil’s scent and demonic aura lingered the air within the walls of the Masons house. The awkward part isn’t this negativity but what triggers or in this case who triggers it. Short, huge black pupil eyes, a shaped forehead, dark skinned, he wasn’t like the rest, not nanny, not Sam-father of the two brothers-, nor the two brothers. Turns out this difference, the standing out, even his accent wasn’t like any of them, and similar to the germinating of a seed to a natured plant with consistent fresh water, so did his unwanted presence water the hate, despise, growing day by day. His very sight made them boil in anger and worse was they had no reason to hate him they just did, well the brothers mostly. But it wasn’t always like this, was it? Before this abomination of a human being came into their life, the Masons house was ever joyful, cheerful energy cascaded the steps, and ecstasy lingered the air. They say good things are short lived, one fateful morning the night
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The Café
Black auto drip coffee makers were at the back, coffee brewers both the automatic brewing and single brewing aligned near the prep area, the cooling sound of the Combi oven and the smoking sensation of toasters filled the coffee bar, waiters were in dark colored slacks, button up white shirts, brown overalls with the café name on the middle, moving from waiting area to receive orders, and back to the prep area to collect the attended to orders. A queue blocked reached from the door to the reception desk, this hurdle of waiting impatient customers hindered and slowed the movement of waiters and waitresses as they struggled to move around or squeeze in between the packed congested hurdle. Meanwhile, those who came for the eat out to avoid the hustle of cooking dinner, reached and rested on the cushioned seats set at the far end from the entrance and halfway from the queue at the seating area. Whereas the waiters behind the reception desk hustled like dropouts to receive and submit orde
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Conference meeting
Stylish, Black, Cares soft plus leather, ergonomic boss mid century executive conference chairs tucked the marble, steel furnished, rectangular, 15 seat capacity conference table coated brown. Organized in the boardroom seating arrangement, it gave all members involved a space in accordance with their hierarchy. The table was of Italian design portraying the prestige and it’s enthusiasm making many who had the chance to be on such esteemed company feel glad and honored. 110 to 119inch digitalized Sony projection screen, was dynamically screwed to the center of the far wall in the conference room where the esteemed partners turned to face. A well and fully functional air conditioner was at the far opposite side of the projection screen some few inches from the entrance door, set at suitable cool temperatures and modernized to adapt and change with the surrounding environment. A well established Wi-Fi network was set at various points and two in the conference room, ensuring consistent
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It was an accident
It was packed, chaos writhed every corner, the clanging of spanners was heard again and again, the banging of bonnets and roaring of engines ringed in many ears, it was the weekend and Big Mac garage was full of disabled vehicles that needed fixing. Chop chop Ricky, there was a lot of work for him to do, from the engine to the tires, every car that came in was weakened, and it had to come out strengthened. He was greasy, sweaty and tired, but should he stop, if he did he was unemployed and his foster siblings were the last people he could ask for help, so press on, he psyched himself. They were five mechanics, each specialized in their own venture, but Ricky had a common and wide knowledge of those ventures combined. From the axles, to pistons, to the battery, to the tires and it’s rims, Ricky knew a car inside out, so it was inevitable that many clients considered him to tend to their car’s needs. SUVs came in, Mercedes drove out, BMWs screeched in, Toyota’s drifted out, it was a
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Le Soleil Hotel
White and fashionable grey steps raised to the glass silver handled self sliding door opening to one of the two entrances, one for guests another much wider for the luggage’s, at the top white poster well written in black, accueiler (welcome), was stuck right above the doors, at the very entrance dressed in classical trousers and matching suits for the men whereas women in black skirts and matching tops, stood well groomed hair combed and with glowing faces they would say, “Welcome to Le Soleil (the sun) Hotel monsieur and Madame.” Filling all guests with the first impression punch that this was the best if not the very best. Further from the entrance some feet was the reception at the more so left of the entrance, computers well stationed at specific points of the reception desk, a ceramic cut mosaic plastered the more outer part while a more shady glass was on the inside portraying an eye catching appeal to guests. “How may I be of service?” receptionists would ask with smiley fac
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Se conformer Park
Lush well leveled green pinky sized grass grazed the park, cherry and dogwood trees were in patches, clutched in groups standing out like black poke dots on the white jersey of a 3 year old toddler, diverse unique breed of birds nested these very exotic trees and filled early mornings with their melodious songs and sealed the setting sun accompanying the last of the orange rays engulfed by the horizon. Three face painted white, their eye lashes in black, down their lips and extended line drew in red, diamond like shapes cased the outside of their eye sockets more green they were, spongy like red balls they added to their noses that made a funny squeak when pressed, the other two were more regular but they weren’t less dirty or colorful. Whereas the clowns had their face painted, the other two who seemed to be part of the team, were stained heavily from their hands to their clothes, they preferred to face paint others rather than themselves. “I want to look like Barbie.”, a cute blond
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The Kangs family
Drowning in the ever plunging darkness, the turmoil of cursing and regret building up day in and day out ,it all changed in a flash, death was responsible, solemnly the hooded black superstitious being who walked randomly taking life whoever it pleased inconsiderate of the lives shattered and broken, this time it took that of a mother a five year old son, sorry, a 25 year old man. But the moment he rubbed it all, just let it slide, he unlocked a beast fueled by ever burning potential that till date has never looked back. With considerable Amount of IT knowledge, he capably founded his own company, guess what the company’s name is… hint it’s the most renowned and successful in the region…mm-hmm! The Kangs enterprise! The man behind it Mr. Billy, be Mr. Billy Kang. Behind that success played an inevitable guide, A woman…Ever had a familiar saying well in this case that same applies perfectly…meet Mrs. Elizabeth, the Mrs. Elizabeth Kang. Of course with ever incoming troubles and hic
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Sibling rivalry
Regina Kang, first born of Mr. and Mrs. Gabriella Kang, marital status married to a handsome every perfect dream man, good looks, good job, stable salary, and most importantly a man with the exquisite bed room skills a master of the weaponry between his legs. A product of these summed up attributes, an eventual rain of four kids, two girls two boys each inherited their father’s handsomeness and their mother’s skin color and beauty. Well educated and with even better IQ than their parents each managed to secure a good job in various prestigious company’s in and out of the country each indulged in different fields of work from machinery to farming. At 50, Regina graduated from a mother of four children to a grandmother of three handsome puffy bundles of joy courtesy of her second daughter which in turn recreated the joy and ecstasy of the family tree. Gabriella Kang from parents, to grand parents and now great grandparents. Even though Regina’s second daughter had conceived and was mar
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Defining herself in her more-bossy feminist attire, one that portrayed her as the superior and more so the woman who held the whip to keep the raging bulls in line, one who upheld her dignity next to her love for God and family. Tuesday 4th, her assigned meeting with Rabrics enterprise on their contract renewal was on going and timely as well, started on schedule that was 11.45a.m and each agenda allocated its own time gap to be adhered to. Purpose being, their company just like any other similar superior and inferior alike it needed maintenance and seemingly their work of line includes the 95% interaction of man and micro-processors cleanliness was key, actually its cleanliness was prime and very crucial. If by chance dust happens to be swept in unnoticed into the system unit surfaces from the motherboard to the hard drives and network cables the Kang Enterprise was crippled. In turn it was understandable that Mary valued the Rabrics Cleaning Enterprise more than her shareholders an
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