Chapter 2807 A Proposal for Caroline

Daniela arrives at Crystal Blue and is welcomed by Patrick at the bar.

“Hello, Pat. Looks like I’ve finally been selected. I was losing hope...”

“Don’t miss it.” Patrick smiled, “I need to check if my other boss is available.”

“Hey, is everything okay here?” Daniela has common sense, “If you’re out of time because of what happened...”

“His older brother, Felipe’s father, was here.” Patrick looked down the hall.

Daryl walked out of there, waving at Patrick. “Kelvin is free. Is this the new employee? He can meet you now, miss.”

“Thanks.” Daniela smiled, “Why do I feel like he’s still part of this place?”

“The restaurant was his, almost twenty years ago,” Patrick replied jokingly.

Daniela went to the office and entered.

The feeling of being in the same place where Felipe was shot gave her goosebumps.

Kelvin stood up from his desk and smiled gently. “Hello, Miss Lombardi.”

“Mr. Mountain, nice to meet you. Thank you very much for the opportunity.”

“And I apologize again for taking so long.
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