Chapter 2808 My Legacy Is the Building

Caroline is stunned by the less-than-decent proposal that Daryl made to her.

“Uncle Daryl, I don’t understand what you mean by that.” She argues, “Are you suggesting that I had something to do with Felipe being in love with me?”

“You didn’t, Carol? Honestly speaking?” Daryl raises his eyebrows.

“No, this is absurd! I’ve always loved Reuben since I was a kid!” Caroline exclaims.

Felipe shifts in bed as if he had heard that sentence.

“Let’s go outside further.” Daryl calls out to her, “Looks like he heard what he didn’t want to hear.”

Caroline gets impatient. “He needs to understand, Uncle Daryl.”

“OK, but do you promise to try hard?” Daryl frowns.

“Uncle Daryl, I don’t agree with the ‘look for another suitor’ part. I don’t want another man. Reuben will be the Prince of Lagoon City.” Caroline smiles hopefully.

“Don’t be naive, girl. As soon as the police get their hands on him, Reuben will go to jail to pay for his crime.” Daryl shakes his head.

“What crime? There is no conviction. We h
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