Class Incognito

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Class Incognito

By: CanisSibbo OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Pens up, Papers down, Power's primed. Something is wrong with this school. Students that harass one another because of their lineage or prestige. Teachers cannot do anything because of the law, and an eccentric Student Council President that expects total obedience to his accords. But according to Marc Callahan Noan, he wanted nothing to do with any of it. But little did he know, that he will be one wheel that will turn the gears of fate. Stand up, Bow down, Greet One and All. CLASS IS IN SESSION! (I will also post this on other sites like WebNovel, Honeyfeed, and RoyalRoad)

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Broken Hope (1)
There was a time that I clung so desperately to hope. At the time, I was never that prone to be skeptical. But if you lived the way that I had, then we'll be able to see each other eye to eye. To others, hope is a blessing, a way to see the future in rose tinted lens. To me, its a toxin. A way to break my already shattered heart.How did I, a 13-year-old boy, became like this you might ask? Quite nosy huh? Well, I will oblige to your wish.10 years ago, I was the first born son of a prominent family, destined to live a life with a golden spoon, given the best education, wore the best tailor made clothes, and become a well-mannered and dignified member of society.Well, give emphasis on the WAS. Because that was it: I was, the first born son. My only recollection from my parents were only two instances. The first, was their promise to come back for me when I was 3 years old.I could still remember them, black trench coats, umbrellas, blond hair tucked away in large hats and bowler caps
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Broken Hope (2)
The ride towards Lysensa was a long one, so I recollected my thoughts and made myself presentable.I arranged my black hair, wore the nicest clothing available to me, a navy blue jacket over a white shirt, neat green cargo pants and boots. Inside my bag were the assortment of papers that I want to show-off, I wonder what my ma and da will feel when their wee boy is a smart lad.I was hopeful, my smile was reaching my ears, the feeling of joy, of longing. My power was also emanating from my hands.'Control... breathe ???... You got this....' I told myself.Then we reached the gates overlooking the Land of Immortality, amidst the June summer day, Lysensa is still buried underneath a blanket white frost. Streetlights, stages, even the roofs are coated as if sprinkled by powdered sugar."We're here lad, I'll pick you up at 5.""Okay, thanks for the lift sir!" I smiled and trudged forward. Lysensa was so peaceful, and despite the cold, I was ecstatic. My parents are here, I can feel it in
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The Rejected Ones (1)
The days after encountering Randolph and Ashe were a blur to me at that time. But I remember bits and pieces of what transpired. For starters, my grades plummeted so hard I was taken off the scholarship list and the honors list indefinitely. Then, my newly formed autophobia. I completely wig out when I see my reflection. Because everytime I see it, my black hair, my red eyes... I was always reminded of how much of a failure I was, and the words Randolph say kept going on repeat. Disappointment... That was what I kept hearing, my memories playing it over and over again. Those moments were torture, at one point, I cut my own hair so unevenly it became a rat's nest. What's worse, was how I clawed my own eyes because I hated how I see it. The scarlet hue, and the black hair. They were the signs of me being a stain of my family name. I was called to the principal's office, and he was shocked by the state of myself. "Lad... You need to snap out of it. Hurting yourself won't make everyth
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The Rejected Ones (2)
I had a weird dream. Which is to say, not a lot but...I mean I would know if it was a dream or not, but I think I saw myself, sitting down in front of a table, wearing a blue uniform with a yellow tie. And I was... smiling. I was smiling widely, with five others.I couldn't make out their words, but when I look at them, I seem to know who they are. Their faces are a bit of a blur, but it was unmistakable that I enjoy their company.4 of them wore light brown uniforms, and only two of us were wearing blue uniforms. But... who were they?'It seems we've finally able to talk.' The me from the dream said and we made eye contact. His crimson eyes were now vivid as bright rubies concealed by black framed spectacles, his black hair bushy but short, and the light on his face was brighter than I ever known.'I'm dead aren't I? This is just a figment of my afterlife.' I asked.'Nice conclusion, yet sorry to disappoint you, you're not dead yet mini-me.' He said.'Wait... this is one of those sh
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A Chance to Hope Once More
Back track to the weirdness of what just transpired. My uncle or not my uncle (whatever), Dr. Reginald Noan, wanted me, his nephew, to be his son.I mean, it's weird for me first thing life throws at me was like:'Hey! Guess what, your family doesn't like you so it's adios to the Scifios Bloodline! But wait, there's more; You're expelled from the school you've lived more than 5 years now, basically you're homeless too!'Then here's Doc, who wanted to adopt me out of nowhere. You can imagine the confusion in a broken 8 year-old's face right about now."T-that's... I mean, I'm honored and anything but... Are you telling that you're willing to take in a random child who just got recently abandoned?""You are no random child lad. You are the child of my brother, that much is true. His blood runs in your veins, we can never remove that fact. But I am asking you as head of the Noan family, not as a fellow deposed scion of the Scifios."The Noan Family. Truth be told, I have come across the
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Den of the Wolves (1)
5 years have passed since I took up the name Marc Callahan Noan. And to my surprise, I can't remember who I was before. Granted the nightmares still occured, but not as much as it was before. Now, I was 13 years old. As such, it was high time for me to head to one of the 5 academies of Deus Alma. It was mandatory but... I tried my best to stay calm. "Big red! You ready yet? Elios is having another meltdown." Conner called out from my door. He and his brothers are now 12 years old this year, his teal eyes looked was the only thing that made him harmless. Now he sports a gray buzz cut suited him, since he will attend the security force just like he wanted. He awakened his ability of destabalization, in other words, he can disrupt other people's abilities. He's done that once on me, and I could tell he'll be one scary security cadet. "Coming!" I called in reply and took a look at myself in the mirror. I've gotten over my autophobia and onomatophobia after accepting my new name. It was
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Den of the Wolves (2)
The school and the city were too much for both me and Elios.The number of buildings were making my head spin so both of us settled down in a cafe. He order a Caramel Machiatto while I ordered a Black Roast."You still drink like an old man, big red." Elios noted."I don't like sweets that much remember?" I retorted playfully while sipping the black roast."If you say so. Anyways, our schedule is going to be hectic. We need to pick up our uniforms and confirm the lodging. Dad said he made sure that the place we're staying at is in mint condition."Dad gave you the villa's key, right?" Elios asked and I nodded. The key was a card with the symbol of the Noan Orphanage."Still, Dad didn't told us that he had multiple villas for us." Elios pondered."Kinda. Dad was always good at keeping secrets, remember?" I reminded him.Elios and I shuddered, he knows exactly what we did and if we lie, he would know. Like when Conner secretly bought his fisticuffs, Keith with his caligraphy set, and my
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Den of the Wolves (3)
The academy was so over the top I feel like I would never get used to it. 6 Buildings color coded, the Prairie Building for the 4th years is at the southern part of the property. The Forest Building located at the east is for Class-B Students. The Tundra Building at the north is for the Class C-Students. The Mountain Building for the Class-D Students is located at the west, then at the center, are the Valley Building for recreation purposes and housing the staff members and employees. And the Lune Building, which is basically for Class-A students and the Student Council. The uniforms for each students are the same, B-Class is Blue, C-Class is Green, and D-Class is Red. Most of them are all grouchy in the morning, but school rules. Only those in the A-Class or Scholarships can attend late. But I don't want to take that chance. "Welcome to Lupus Alma! First years please head over the Gym in the Forest Building. Scholars of every year please head towards the Lune Building for your ass
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Den of the Wolves (4)
Who knew that I would spend my first day in a teacher's office?! Certainely not me.When the Class-A Scholar crashed above me, he even grabs me by the face and slams me down the floor. What am I a cusion?"What is going on here?!" A teacher came, he sports flaming red hair and menacing green eyes, the same color as acid. His suit is tailored into a pitch black color that screams 'No funny business'."Oh crap it's a professor!""Mr. Alencon, Mr. Mckenna! To my office now!! You too B-Class!" He pointed at me.The three of us were led to his office, he was Professor Kriswen Blackwell, the Special Fitness Instructor. He handles the necessary exercises needed for efficient mobility, as well as duelling and practical use of abilities.Amidst the silence of the room, I sneezed violently. The other Class B student snickered while the Class A gave me a disapproved look that screams 'peasant'."Fighting in the first day and not even after the Morning Greetings and the Welcome Feast. Who struck
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Admiral of Rimetide (1)
This is the worst first day of school ever.I had a runny nose, a fever, and now I have a fight in which I don't even want to be a part in. Not to mention people did a background check on me. Which means Elios is also their target. I can't let that happen.We reached the classroom with just a minute before the final bell for demerits, the girl sighs in relief and walks toward her seat, she was glad to be rid of me that's for sure. Everyone was looking at me with contempt, Elios wanted to wave at me but I mentally told him to stop.'Big red what's wrong?' Elios asked with urgency.'Later at the villa. Right now, act like you don't know me.' I tried to remain calm, but I can't. My mind was racing and my connection was straining.'But-''E, they know who I am. Then you should keep a low profile.' I warned him and shut off the connection.I turned my attention to the front of the class once more. But they look disinterested and ignored me. The classroom was a lecture hall of a setting, se
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