Sword and Bloodline

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Sword and Bloodline

By: Blessedcreation OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Without the bloodline of ancient mystical beasts flowing in your veins you can't be regarded as a true cultivator, as with only a bloodline could you possess a dsntian to cultivate. But the inquisitive part of humans lead to several undlying paths been discovered leading to dantians been forceful carved. Even with this, bloodlines still stood at the peak of power, and the rest of the world were meant to eat from their crumbles but what if a path that could defer this chain was what our protagonist, an handsome lad with flowing white hair decided to tread. The path of the sword and Bloodline.... ############ The cover of this book is not really mine, i found it on a site that offers free book covers

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Another path
" Father I'm a bit anxious "    " Silly, why should you be. If you are anxious how do you expect the others to feel, you should know that your swordplay is the best and those that can match you can be counted with my fingers! "        Hearing this, a young lad's face suddenly became bright with a somewhat cheeky smile.     Seeing this a middle aged man who stood beside him shook his head helplessly.     " Brat, so that's what you wanted, you just wanted me to praise you?! "    " It always feel pleasing when i hear you say it " the lad said with a more radiant smile on his face.   &
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Ice World
"Begin!"    " *Inhale* " Lee who had been anxiously waiting took in a deep breath and then, immediately entered into a meditative state clearing his mind of every thought whatsoever.     Seeing that the ceremony had officially began, Lee's father couldn't help but clench his already sweaty hands under his sleeves, while a nervous glint flashed across his eyes. **********  " Hu la! Hu la! "  Like the sound of rushing waters, dense energy began to pour out of the energy outlandish stones and was getting absorbed by the hungry bodies of the participants. ************  The process was extremely long and so it took several hours before they began to see results. The first to succeed was a young man with pale yellow eyes added to his lean and lanky body
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The area around Lee had suddenly become barren as not only was the energy outlandish stones in Lee's section swimming towards him, but every other outlandish stones that contained frigid energy. Frigid energy which had suddenly become berserk poured into Lee's body nonstop and the crowd couldn't help but worry about Lee, if he continued in such pattern he might explode of taking in too much energy.   Clan head Skyfire who always had an indifferent expression on his face had suddenly become gloomy, he clenched his fist so hard that his finger pierced the flesh of his palm and blood began to slowly drip.   If it wasn't for the fact that it was entirely disastrous to disrupt Lee from his cultivation, he would have slapped Lee out of his meditative state.   " Strange!" Grindsea couldn't help but ponder, he had previously been disappointed whe
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Too many secrets
"I'm highly honoured" Lee smiled as he bowed once again, it had been has he expected, he wasn't proud but he knew his talent was topnotch and only those with bloodlines could outmatch him.   Elder Chu's face had become terrible to behold, never had he expected that Lee who he had assumed to have either ended up dying or even cripple himself suddenly escape the calamity and come out victorious!  "Clan head Skyfire i congratulate you, i had always known that Lee would emerge the best!" Elder son's voice suddenly rang out as he smiled at Lee's father.  "Shameless Bastard!" Elder chu clenched his hands into fists under his sleeves to abate his anger, as he stared venomously at Elder Son who suddenly appeared to have been on Skyfire's side all the time, if it wasn't for his position as an elder and the importance of the ceremony to his clan, he would have sliced
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The sun rose from the horizon smiling brightly, pouring down its resplendent light on the earth, trees gently swaying to the lyrics of the morning wind, and plants joyfully absorbing sunlight.     This beautiful day brought anxiety into the heart of Lee as he walked out of his room, in the beautifully adorned house where the clan head his father resided.    He raised his foot and walked towards the extremely popular building in the clan, on his way to the library he received several gazes and greetings filled with respect and awe, he was used to been stared at with such eyes, but know it became more intense with the scene he created yesterday.   After few moments, he finally arrived at the huge library, which was a sight to behold, standing at the entrance of the library were soldiers who stood like pillars and stared at
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"[Ascending flame sword art]"  Lee on seeing the name of the first black scroll, didn't blink an eye before he diverted his gaze away from it.    He waited a bit for Springdove to view the second scroll, after few moments the lad shook his head, it seemed he wasn't interested in it.   "[Wind scattering tornado sword art]" Lee on seeing the name of the second scroll, had a tiny glint of interest flash across his eyes.  He then read through it, it enabled one to embark on a destructive sword path, in the sense that one would be able to create formidable sword attacks with the force that equaled that in tornados!  Lee nodded his head, and turned his gaze towards the third, it was then that he discovered that he was the only one left among the three, Charles had chosen the first sc
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Master Yang
" Azure hurry up!" Lee said towards the cub who passionately devoured the roasted meat that laid before him.      Lee stared at the cub silently, and couldn't help but smile, he was extremely lucky to have found it, somehow he knew that both of them would soars the haevens together.     Few moments later, Azure could be seeing gently resting in Lee's garment. And then Lee raised his foot and left the courtyard.    **********"Father it's pretty rare to see you in the house by this time of the day!" Lee said has he gently stared at his father.  Skyfire on hearing this couldn't help but smile bitterly. " I'm sorry son, I know I have not had time to be with you, the affairs of the clan is very arduous, and I can't leave it into th
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" No sir I don't" Lee truly didn't know anything, all he knew was they forge metals and weapons but if he told that to the extremely arrogant Master Yang he might get ridiculed.    "As I expected, this small city has made you ignorant of some basic things" Master Yang arrogantly.   Lee felt vexed but didn't dare to say anything. "A blacksmith is a treasure in the eyes of big clans and sects who are in possessions of bloodlines, do you know why?!" Master Yang stared at Lee as he questioned.  "To forge weapons!" Lee said knitting his eyebrows, that was the only thing he could think of, what was the job of a blacksmith. Forging!  "Haha!" Master Yang on hearing this couldn't help but burst into laughter which made Lee feel a bit uncomfortable.  Read more
Shameless Yang
"Greetings, Master Yang" With ia coarse voice the young man who had suddenly appeared said.     The appearance of the lad appeared quite ordinary, but with the expression on the faces of both Master Yang and Lee, one would be able to tell that though the lad's facial appearance was ordinary, he wasn't someone of an ordinary class.     "Hey, i never expected to meet the formidable young master of Wateredge clan here, such good luck of mine" though the words of the lad appeared clean and friendly, there was contempt in his voice which he didn't try to hide.       "Bloodsnake of Light Wolf clan, it's a pleasure to meet you " Lee's expression contradicted his words, with the cold expression on his face he didn't seem happy to see Bloodsnake.
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Bloodsnake defeated
Bloodsnake's fists landed heavily on Blueflame, which caused Lee to fly back, but he immediately stabbed Blueflame into the floor of the shop, surprisingly, Blueflame failed to pierce the metal floor, and was only able to leave a faint white mark as it dragged Lee's body along, but it was enough for Lee to gain his balance, as he then flipped in air and landed gracefully.       Bloodsnake who just stood firm on the ground like a hill, rather than having a mocking or contempt filled expression, had shock written all over his face, if one stared well at his fist, one would see a tear, which had blood slowly dropping from it.      "You aarrr.....are already at the second stage" Bloodsnake stuttered. Before he reached the second stage of spiritual refinement, he had spent more than a month, clans like Lig
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