Civilian Dragon lord

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Civilian Dragon lord

By: Drew Archeron CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Andrew has been on the battlefield for eight years defending the kingdom from an empire that refused to leave them alone. Finally, a ceasefire was reached. Returning to a land he has not seen in many years, can he make it a home again? Will those he fought for accept him in their communities? or will Andrew turn the land he fought for into a battlefield of its own? Book 1 is now complete. Bee sure to check out my other series "Rejected Billionaire", and "The Huntress - Luna Eileen" available now!!


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Seat of the high king of Dragard
  The throne room the the High king of Dragard would normally be a bustling place. After all, the kingdom had been at war with the Jerean Empire for over fifteen years, and courtiers, emissaries, and administrators would be flying down the halls all hours of the day and night. Today, however, the room was silent as the king sat pensively staring down at eight of the kingdom's most deadly warriors. The Dragon Squad had earned their stripes, and now stood before him in splendid formal regalia, complete with impressive gold knotwork on their shoulders denoting them as having the highest ranks afforded to officers in the king’s army. The King finally stood, and gestured the warriors forward. “My gods of war, come forward.” The eight stepped forward and bowed low, and saluted fist to heart. Six were men of various heights, and two were striking female warriors, who today had chosen to don their elaborate war paint for the public ceremony. The King loo
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Chapter 2 The Train Ride
Anika, the newly minted goddess of war, made her way onto the private train bound for Placida. She was still in her formal regalia as she was sure the lord governor would find out she was on her way and set up a greeting committee. She groaned at the thought of more public appearances. The black and green war paint she wore made her flame-red hair blaze in stark contrast. As she boarded, she noticed a tall, lean man reclining in one of the few luxury seats aboard, reading a file. At first, all she could make out was a standard field uniform and standard short-cropped brown hair, but just as she was about to question who he was, the man lowered his file. Anika snapped to attention. “Commander!” “At ease, ‘General’ Anika,” came the slightly sarcastic baritone voice. “we know each other better than that. If you are ready, tell the conductor that we are ready to leave, then have a seat.” “Yes, sir!” said Anika, snapping another salute, her tone full of re
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Chapter 3
The black hoverbike slipped around a corner and flew through intersections. Most people just thought a motorcycle was weaving through traffic. Few realized a high-end, powerful hoverbike was next to them. As the rider neared the port city of Durres, feelings of rightness began to settle on him. It had been 15 years since he first left Durres. Back then he was only a young starving boy of 12 who had just lost his parents. However, despite the pain of memory in this city, coming back now, this place just felt right to him.  ‘thinking of making this home?’ said a telepathic voice in his head. ‘yes, Raya, I believe we will call this place home once more. It will take some work, but I think we are up for the challenge.’ Replied Andrew. ‘Andrew, this place… you may be feeling good about it, but it gives me the creeps. There is so much…. Wrong about this place.’ said Raya. ‘There are likely some bad people around. We will
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Chapter 4
Five men in black formal suits were hurrying over to him as if they expected him to turn to smoke and vanish if they were a second later.  This would be people from the Devos family then, thought Andrew. People walking in the park gave way, and many ducked out of the area fearing some sort of police action was underway. Several even tried to hide, not wanting to attract the attention of these imposing men. The men scanned the park and began to fan out as if they had lost track of their prey. Little did they know that Andrew was a master of avoiding detection. The lead suit turned onto the walkway with Andrew's bench only feet away and froze, startled. Andrew was just sitting nonchalantly playing with his phone, but a simple glaring glance from Andrew made it clear he had been aware of the group’s approach the whole time. The leader spoke without introduction “the Devos family master wants you to come back to Vroengard, he has business to
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Chapter 5
At this time in the heart of Durres, a well-known local family was having a company meeting. The family business group specialized in commercial construction and had part ownership with a well-recognized cosmetic sales subsidiary, among their other various family businesses.  The Eisen family was discussing future plans and the patriarch was looking over proposals from his sons for future expansion. At this point in the development of the company, relationships with the right people and companies were essential to secure new contracts. Without strong ties to larger families and their business groups, the Eisen family was unlikely to be able to grow any farther and may even stagnate. Mathew Eisen had been able to build the family to its current Hight on his own. his sons, on the other hand, were less than desirable when it came to business prowess. They were more interested in living off the company’s profits and enjoying life. Each vied for power trying to get more funds, witho
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Chapter 6
As jay made his way over to the construction site on the outskirts of town, he thought through how to make the workers remember him. He could be cruel, that was easy enough. Those day laborers might respect a firm hand. He may be young, but he was still a rich second-generation heir of his family. He figured he could win favor by belittling the foremen in front of his men if he was not being strict on-site safety…Jay paused in his line of thinking and decided “eh, let's just check and see how things are going and go from there”. He had never been one for grand plans. Jay rounded the corner in his model S5 sports car. While this was not a super luxury car it still cost over $70,000 of the kingdom gold. Most people in this district were lucky to afford a bicycle, let alone a car. As he approached the gate to the site, he noticed there were not the usual EISEN GROUP logos on the fence that was customary for a family construction site. The company never missed an opportunity to
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Chapter 7
“Kid, you better check your facts before you go getting hot and bothered. Now I am going back to training. Hope you figure your shit out.” And with that Andrew turned to go back to his training. Jay tried to stop Andrew from turning his back on him “I said I want to see your foremen not talk with you, you ungrateful pissant! If you ever want work again you will do what I say!” “Kid, I don’t work here, I live here, I train here. Now piss off,” said Andrew over his shoulder. Jay Eisen spluttered “You don’t even work here?! What are you some vagrant squatter? You will leave now!” with that threat, Jay tried to pull out a handgun. Unfortunately, Jay was not one skilled in the use of such a tool, and the magazine dropped to the ground. Well, he still had one round, right? Jay pulled the trigger. CLICK. When you try to use a gun, the loudest noise in the world is a CLICK with no bang. Jay’s eyes got big and he scrambled for the magazine, sco
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Chapter 8
Everyone was open-mouthed. As the officers walked up to the door, one noticed a hole near the top of the door. “What is this?!” the officer said. Andrew looked at the whole and exclaimed, “Hu, I guess it he did manage to hit the building. I will have the charge him with the repair bill.” “What are you talking about, sir?” said the first officer. “What? You didn’t see the gun in his hands? He shot it and clearly missed me, but I originally thought he missed the whole building too. Guess he managed to hit there” said Andrew. “Gun?! He has a gun and shot at you?” “I believe I already said he had a gun and the bullet whole clearly shows what he hit. Hard to classify that as shot 'at' me when he can’t aim to save his own life.” Andrew strolled into the office space and over to the desk where he had the plans for his training site and shuffled through for the contract. After located the needed documents, he handed them to the
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Chapter 9
Shane Eisen was sitting in his office reviewing a new proposal that had come in to make a bid with the DREADNOUGHT INVESTMENT group for a new building in Durres. If they could secure this contract, it would be a huge boost to the company. Thus far it looked like things might actually work out, and in this, his niece Roisin possibly had some benefits. Her female figure was quite the eye candy for local businessmen and Shane was sure that is why the Dreadnought Investment CEO, Liam, had been willing to sit through several rounds of negotiation with Roisin so far. While a final agreement had not been reached, if Liam was willing to sit through this many pitches, it was a good sign. Many businessmen could not even get a meeting with such a person!Just then, his phone rang with a number he did not recognize.(If you are not reading this on the GoodNovel app or site, you are on a stolen site, and not supporting the real author)“Hello, the is Shane with Eisen G
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Chapter 10
At the same time – construction site.Andrew finished up his practice and realized there were still a few hours of daylight left.He flipped open his cell and called Jackson.“Sir.”“Jackson, this site will work fine. I have a few hours of free time. Is there anything that needs my attention?”“Well sir if you are free, it would be good for you to meet Mr. Liam. Right now, I have him running the Dreadnought Investment group. There is an office prepared for you there on the top floor, that will run the whole Fire Dragon Corp. I have assigned a vice President for you, who will also act as your secretary and liaison for any business needs. She is extremely capable. Her name is Arya Croft,” said Jackson.“Very good, I will pass there within the hour.” Andrew said as he hung up.Jackson quickly called ahead to Mr. Liam.Liam was packing up his office for the day when he saw his p
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