Legend of Hidden Dragon

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Legend of Hidden Dragon

By: Know Micro OngoingFantasy

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Synopsis: “Don't they say that good people get good karma? I've never done anything bad in my life, but why do I have to die in this way? " These were the last thoughts of Tolly Harmsworth, a young student struck by lightning to death when cornered to the top of the school building by bullies. Little did he know that he would soon transmigrate to another world--Goldearth, a bizarre world full of industrious cultivators, powerful immortals, vicious demons, ferocious beasts, and even odd stones that could talk and walk. On Goldearth, Tolly Harmsworth, after his reincarnation, will have to fight against his low social status and overcome all kinds of obstacles to rise to power. Can he fit in and be successful in the end? Follow him along his journey, from zero to hero, from a mortal to immortal with his secret system—Hidden Dragon! Well, come witness the legend of Hidden Dragon in the making!

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  • Santos Edwin Thomas


    what do you think? with only 15 chapters, how can you make an assessment for this story....LOT OF CRAP!

    2022-09-05 09:17:17
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148 chapters
Chapter 1 Take a Verbal Advantage First
As Tolly walked down the hallway, a pack of snickering teenagers trailed behind him, their crude taunts ringing in his ears like an incessant buzz. "Golden or yellow, shower or sugar, all go into a magical bucket.”, they jeered, “Who in the world turns himself into this bucket? Definitely Tolly Toilet! Remember to pee and poo in the Tolly Toilet! " They erupted into peals of laughter, with their mirthful faces twisted with derision. Tolly felt his face flush with shame and anger. Among them stood the hulking figure of Sam Hofmann. He was big and beefy, his thick lips curled in a sneer that revealed a row of discolored teeth, his crooked incisors jutting out like fangs, which could arouse anyone’s desire to hammer them back into his mouth. This was not the first time Tolly had endured such torment. The relentless bullying had already become a daily ordeal. And Tolly was losing his patience. Normally, whenever taunted in the past, Tolly's cheeks would burn with embarrassment. And i
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Chapter 2 No. 1063 at Tinselow Street
It wasn't long before Tolly walked out of the campus alone. Outside the campus was a wide road, lined with huge sycamore trees, like loyal warriors, tirelessly guarding everything before them. It was a cool autumn day when the leaves of the sycamore trees were falling in the wind. Tolly enjoyed the beautiful landscape around him and some part of a famous poem flashed into his mind: Is the departure of the leaves the wind's pursuit or the tree’s refusal to ask them to stay? When walking quietly along the road for about a few hundred meters, he arrived at the busiest street behind the school--Tinselow Street. This was the first time he had been here on the street since he, as a poor boy, usually ate and drank at school and seldom hung out for fun outside the school. The street was familiar yet foreign to him. It felt familiar because he found many of his classmates walking along. They seemed to be regular visitors to the street. However, Tolly was not in the mood to talk to them. At
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Chapter 3 Tattoo has power
Picking up one of her tiny needles, Luna stuck it into his arm many times, letting it fly up and down on it like an exciting dragon. Quickly, tiny beads of blood oozed out of Tolly’s arm. Nevertheless, Luna didn’t feel intimidated at all. From her beautiful appearance, she looked like Venus on a half shell rising slowly from the sea, but she was tough deep down. Tolly’s arm was like a tract of land left to be tilled by Luna, on which she was allowed to show her brilliance and sow her talent seeds. Luna, like a hard-working farmer, wiping away the little beads of blood off the arm proficiently, was now concentrating on her artwork. One could also put it another way, Tolly’s arm was like a small canvas waiting for her to paint the most beautiful picture on it. Before she knew it, more than two hours had passed. Gazing at her own gorgeous tattoo artwork on Tolly’s arm, Luna heaved a relieving sigh. At last, she finished her artwork. ‘What a nice tattoo!’ she thought. Taking a sip of
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Chapter 4 It shouldn’t have been me
“Watch out! I’ll break your legs!” Sam prepared to lunge at Tolly--the short, thin, and nasty boy before him. Tolly instinctively took a few steps backward. At the same time, he stretched out his hand to signal him to stop. “Are you scared, huh?” Sam sneered, “Looks like you don’t want to lick my shoes. It’s all right then. You can choose to crawl through under my crotch. Anyway, it’s not a bad choice. Do it now or I’ll beat the living snot out of you. I can promise your snot is going to fly out of your skull. It’ll be awesome!” Tolly shook his head slowly, saying, “That’s funny, huh? But I think you are such an idiot! Look, aren’t you afraid that I use my DRAGON GRIP when I get through under your crotch?” “Dragon grip??!! What is that?” “If you don’t want to be a eunuch, just let me do it! I can assure you that you’ll soon know the true meaning of DRAGON GRIP.” With that, Tolly laughed uncontrollably, raising his loose palm into the air and all at once changing it into a tigh
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Chapter 5 Hidden Dragon System
Darkness! There was darkness before his eyes. “Where am I now? Am I dead?” Tolly lay motionless on the ground, his eyes closed. Sharp pain arced through his body and a sickening, burning smell came to his nostrils. “Did I really get struck by lightning?” Tolly remembered that he had just been dealing with Sam and his friends on the roof of the school building and that the heavens were even about to help him by exacting divine retribution on them. He had expected that the blue lightning would have struck them, but instead, it had gone to him without any mercy. He was by no means an evil person, after all. He could not even be able to stand himself to step on an ant when walking outside. Was it that the heavens did not act from any wish to be benevolent and dealt with all things as sacrificial straw dogs? ‘But why did it have to occur to me? What a crazy world!’ Tolly thought, ‘Goodbye, my dear Jenny! And see you, my beautiful Luna! The tattoo looks good to me, yet it couldn’t b
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Chapter 6: Familiar Girls
Looking at the dispersing crowd, Tolly was also taken aback as he noticed that they were all dressed in ancient costumes. The costumes were all made of rough cloth and without any trace of industrial polyester material. What horrified him most was that he wasn't even in any scene of film shooting, for he didn’t have any cameras or cameramen in sight. In the distance, he didn’t see any telephone lines, or cars, either. And no one was holding a mobile phone in their hands. There was no evidence of industrial society that he had been familiar with. ‘Oh, Hee-hee was just telling me the truth. I’ve transmigrated into a new world…’ Tolly thought. “A-a-are you a zombie, or a scary demon that comes out of nowhere? Oh, my god, is there somebody there who can help me?” The coroner beside him quivered as he pointed at Tolly. He was so terrified that he fell flat onto the ground. He decided to take his leave without saying goodbye, but his feet, not obedient to him at all, did not be able to
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Chapter 7 A New purpose in life
As Miss Smith turned to leave, Tolly immediately followed her, but he was stopped by Luna, the girl in purple. Tolly was about to talk to Luna about his tattoo, but before he could open his mouth, Luna said something first. “Have you forgotten who you are? You know the rules, get your ass back in line.” However, Tolly, whose mind was still in the role of the high school student in his past life, stubbornly assumed that Miss Smith was her classmate, Jenny. Luna’s words went in one ear and out the other. It seemed that he did not take them seriously. He even began to yell from behind. “Wait, Jenny! Wait up, Jenny!” As he said this, he trotted and tried to get closer to Jenny. What he had done made Miss Smith feel embarrassed in public. Hence, in order to not to attract the attention of the crowd, she said to Luna quietly, “Never mind, Luna, let him follow you. It’s not decent for us the people from the Duke’s Mansion to yell in public. They will take it as a joke!” Luna nodded h
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Chapter 8 Poisoned delight
"Tolly's dead! Tolly's dead!" Joseph shouted. At the same time, he ran quickly towards the carriage Miss Smith was riding on and reported to her. The thick soundproof curtains inside the carriage were made of special materials which could stop voices from going outside of the carriage and yet would not block any sounds to go inside. Hence, the people inside couldn’t be heard from outside, but the sounds outside could go straight into their ears. At that moment, Luna was sitting quietly behind Miss Smith in the right corner of the carriage, dull with nothing to do, while Miss Smith was reading one of her favorite novels named ‘My villain Wife, I love you’. One could tell she enjoyed reading it very much, as her smiling face spoke volumes. She would even giggle when she came to some of the best bits in the book. Hence, when she was abruptly interrupted by the shouts outside, Miss Smith got so annoyed that she even wanted to strangle the guy. “What happened there? Who’s out there tr
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Chapter 9 Scenery Along the Way
“Hey, can I talk to you about something, Tolly?” Joseph honeyed, “You know, I always think that you are broad-minded and generous. You see, I’ve carried you for such a long time, can you come down and let me have a break for a while?” As he had said that, Joseph kept wiping the sweat from his forehead with his sleeves. “I’m sorry, I can’t. You know, I’m so weak now that I simply can’t have the strength to get off your back.” Tolly replied with a big smile on his face, “And you are totally wrong about me! I am always narrow-minded and stingy. I’m not the sort of man to forgive and forget.” “I can put you down if you can’t get down yourself!” Joseph replied immediately. “I remember that you’ve just said before Miss Smith that you are strong! How is it possible that you can’t continue the journey and want to have a break after such a short walk? Are you trying to be lazy, aren’t you?” “What do you mean by such a short walk, Tolly? Don’t you know I’ve already walked for miles? And don
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Chapter 10 Lurking Danger
“You can get through that little door to go inside, Tolly!” Luna sneered behind her hand, letting out a cold harrumph.“But that’s not a door!” Tolly shouted.“You’ve got a small frame! Don’t you think it is just right for you, Tolly?” Luna chuckled.“I think it suits you better, Luna. I have to remind you that it’s not a door but a hole for dogs to get through. If Lord Fanta is soon going to talk to a dog, that’ll be all right for me to get inside through that hole. It’s okay if you think I’m a dirty dog, but it looks like you also want to insult Lord Fanta for being a dog by referring to that he’s going to talk to a dog.”"You're talking nonsense! Shut up!" Luna's face turned pale.She couldn't afford to be accused of this, so she stepped forward and grabbed him by the collar, ready to slap him in the face.But before her hand could touch his face, Tolly had already fallen to the ground off himself."Ouch, ouch! Help! Luna is going to kill me. She’s a homicidal maniac!""I haven't e
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