Chapter 198 - Valkyrie

"So, this time for you to be taken by them and brought to that thing has come…"

The familiar voice fell on her ears as she looked around her. With nothing but white space stretched into the horizon, Elizabeth felt the sense of Deja Vu and clenched her fists. A strange, uncomfortable feeling spread all over her skin yet she couldn't quite describe it. Rather than itching, those feelings were as if something had struck her everywhere, leaving no spots unchecked, giving her a gross sensation that made her shudder. 

"What are you doing to me!?" she shouted, half expecting the voice would give a proper explanation for she knew that she was back at that strange vision she had for quite a while. However, another part of her knew better that the voice wouldn't respond to her. That was how it always was and she didn't think this t

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