A Touch of Memory and Revenge

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A Touch of Memory and Revenge

By: SimplyBee OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Johan, a highly skilled police specialist with a unique ability to see memories, sets out to avenge his parents death after he discovers that the arson cases he has been assigned with are related to his parents accident. But as he delves deeper into the investigation, he makes a shocking discovery- his adopted father is involved in the crime. Torn between his loyalty to his father who took him in and his duty to serve justice and get revenge, Johan must navigate the dangerous world of corruption and deceit as he uncovers the truth and decides what justice truly means for him. Follow Johan on his quest for Justice and revenge.


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34 chapters
1. In the beginning (1)
The man rushed into the house, heading straight for his bedroom. They had to leave the house right now. He had to take his family somewhere safe. He burst into his room startling his wife who was laying down on the bed tutoring his son, their son, Mikael. He paused looking at both of them and for the first time since he overheard the unsettling conversation between mouse and the unidentified man, he felt the reality of the situation. He had a family- a pregnant wife and a son. If what he heard was really true, then they were already coming for him. His resolve was set, they had to leave the house right now.“Honey, what’s wrong?, You startled me!”, his wife exclaimed after seeing his disheveled state. She placed her right hand to her chest, using her left hand to gently rub her stomach.He shook his head at her, a sign that this was not for their son’s ears. He was sure that she got the message clearly. Johan flicked his gaze briefly to his son before facing her again, “Park everyt
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2. In the beginning (2)
“Momma, where are we going?”, Mikael asked from the back seat.Lisa closed her eyes tightly to stop the pool of tears that was threatening to flow out, her heart very heavy and not being able to respond to her son. She brought a hand to her mouth to suppress the cry that wanted to escape her lips.Johan saw his wife struggling to reply, “we are going to see the Lion guard, you love it right?, it’s your favorite”, he replied staring at his son through the rear mirror. The boy looked excited at the mention of his favorite movie.“Yay!” , Mikael squealed clapping his hands in excitement.Johan’s lips curved upwards in a sad smile. For the sake of his son and his pregnant wife, he prayed that they were safe.They drove for minutes in silence and he thought that Mikael was already asleep until he heard the boy’s voice.“when are we getting there daddy?”, Mikael enquired.They have been driving for long and it takes a lesser time to get to the movies, his son knew that and that was why he wa
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3. In the beginning (3)
Johan tried to pry his door open but it was stuck. His wife’s side was already crushed in by the truck so that was not an option. The only door that had a chance of opening was the door by his son’s side. He looked between his wife and son and thought of who to carry out first.Carrying his wife out first, was going to take a lot’ of time before he could return to his son but carrying Mikael out first would give him the chance to focus on her when he came back.The area they were in were residential areas where people lived in tall buildings that they call apartment, so no body was going to hear them and the road was empty except for his car. The car that was following them was no longer behind them.Johan climbed into the back seat opening the door. He sighed when the door opened. Johan unstrapped Mikael from his car seat and slightly shook him to see if he was going to wake up. Beside Mikael at the back seat were the broken vials, the truck had crushed the vials during the accident
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4. Johan reads the crime scene
13 years later Johan raised the yellow tape that was guarding the crime scene and bent to pass under it. He walked over to the place where he saw detective Lucas standing.“Hey Lucas…”, he greeted the man as he nodded.“Hey, sorry to call you in on such a short notice. But we would be needing an extra set of eyes on the crime scene. We assume it’s a case of arson, nothing was found here except the bodies that were burnt beyond recognition. Forensics couldn’t lay their hands on any important thing also”, Lucas informed him.Johan was a special consultant for the police force and was only called in whenever they couldn’t figure out things on their own and they needed an extra eyes like his own to read the crime scene and find out things that only him would see. People knew him as the guy that worked with the investigation team but didn’t know what he specifically did for them.Johan shook his head, “ No, I don’t think I can do it Lucas, you know I don’t do fires..”, he told Lucas. Rea
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5. Overwhelmed by the darkness
Johan peered into the hidden cabinet but saw nothing except for containers of pills and drugs. The woman was using drugs, it probably was what she was trying to reach for but why was she panicking to reach for it, he thought.Turning around to study the room, he noticed that this was a woman’s bedroom. The position of the bed, the wardrobe, the shelves and even the wall paper on the wall that was burnt signified that the room belonged to the woman. He moved closer to the bed touching the drawers and only getting mild memories of the same woman, so obviously, this was her room.“There’s nothing here”, he concluded rising to his feet and walking out of the room into the hallway. Next was the kitchen. This was the sole place where fires usually originates from.He moved straight for the gas cooker and touched it’s switch. A lot’ of visions flooded his memory causing his head to start pounding. Seems like they used this kitchen a lot’, he thought.He placed his hand on the switch again and
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6. A warm shower
Johan groaned as he woke up. He had a serious headache that was threatening to open up his brain and his entire body ached with pain. He rolled to his side feeling that he was lying down on a soft bed not the ground he had collapsed in. Lucas probably had brought him home after that mishap. He whined at the light that was coming into the room through the opened window. It was too early for this. If he had slept through the rest of the previous day and through the night, it means that he had drained the last ounce of energy during the reading.During reading, he tried as much as possible not to go overboard but sometimes his inquisitive nature would push him towards the edge.Johan turned to the other side of the bed, opening his eyes once again and this time seeing the wall that told him that it was his room. He was relieved that he was lying down in his room and on his bed. He rose up and dragged himself out of bed making his way to the bathroom. Even moving his body was tiring.Joh
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7. The offer
Johan entered the café thirty minutes after leaving the house, the only reason was that he had driven the Porsche instead of the other car. He looked around the café and saw Lucas already seated in his favorite position with a cup of coffee in his hands. The man drank coffee like he couldn’t function without it. Johan shook his head as Lucas waved him over when he saw him standing by the door. Johan noticed that the café was unusually crowded that morning so he would have to be careful so as not to touch anything. He slipped his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket and walked towards Lucas. That way, he was going to restrain himself from touching anything.He reached Lucas, “Hey Lu…”, he greeted taking the seat on the opposite side facing the man.Lucas eyed him suspiciously, his eyes moving from his face to the hands in his pockets. He lifted his eyebrows, “what?”, he asked.Johan shrugged looking around the shop. Lucas followed his gaze and then understood what was going o
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8. A visit to the orphanage
Lucas had texted him the time and place for the meeting that evening, but before then, he decided to visit the orphanage. It had been a long time since he came to see them, he had been so busy with cases and he knew that if he didn’t come to see them now , then it would be when the case was resolved which he didn’t know when.Johan gently climbed the stairs leading to the front door and when he got in front of the large door, he pressed the bell and waited for the door to be answered.It didn’t take long for someone to open the door. The happiness of seeing him was evident in their eyes.“ my boy…”, sister Marge said, opening her arms and pulling him into a hug. Johan allowed her embrace him even though it was making him see some of her memories, especially the one he would always see, that had him in it the day Erik brought him to the orphanage.He smiled as he closed his eyes, of course she wasn’t aware of his ability and so didn’t know what she was doing.“ how have you been?, It’s
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9. Serial arsonist?
Isabella Pierce parked her car at the empty spot and rushed out of the car immediately. This was the second house that was burnt down within the space of three weeks, it was no coincidence that this had happened again.She lifted the yellow tape and bent slightly so she could pass. The officer standing guard at the crime scene moved to stop her from entering but paused when she flashed her identity card. “ SID … “, she hissed, walking past him over to the crime site. She heard him asking what the SID was doing here. Well, this was the second fire case in three weeks, so the force thought it wise to call in the special intelligence division.“ Who is in charge here!”, She asked, her voice a bit loud so everyone could hear her. The man who obviously was in charge walked towards her.The moment Isabella saw him, she groaned. Detective Hayden was not an easy man to work with. The police force had it’s finest and he was one of them.“ who’s asking?”, detective Hayden asked, approaching her
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10. Dragon's call
“ you’re fucking kidding me!”, Isabella cursed. Superior be damned, she didn’t care about what anybody was going to tell her about respect. They couldn’t possibly expect her to babysit a baby officer in the force just so he doesn’t go and injure himself.Her chief sighed, “ this is the only way we can solve this case. It’s both an arson case and a homicide case if you haven’t noticed and with the ways things are going, I think we have a serial arsonist on our hands too”, he informed her.There had been another fire just like the two that had happened a month ago , the same mode of operation and with the evidences that she was seeing, it looked like it had been committed by the same person.“ Christ!, You’re asking me to partner with a child because he could help us with the case?”, she repeated what he had told her earlier.He bit his inner cheek, staring intently at her. Isabella was among the best agents they had in their division. He had requested for her transfer three years ago af
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