Who Killed Grace

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Who Killed Grace

By: Kei OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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DEAD GIRLS TELL NO TALES. Rosewood Hall is an image of tradition and perfection. A school built upon a cliff where children go to excel at life in the most perfect ways possible. Until Grace Covey's lifeless body is found on the shore. For new girl Violet running from her own secrets in California, Grace's death was just another twisted feature of her new home. That along with vicious classmates and the dead people prowling around the halls. And Grace's demise is proven to be an act of violence when a single sentence is stuck all around school for everyone to see. I KNOW WHO KILLED GRACE AND ONE OF YOU IS NEXT.

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  • Enrique Chavez Zabala


    wufff cada capitulo fenomenal

    2022-06-25 07:21:45
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    nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in tpuch with y ? i have sth to discuss abt the book

    2022-03-25 18:01:42
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32 chapters
Chapter 1
Max | Before It doesn't take long for me to stop thinking of her as Grace and start thinking of her as Grace's body.  Grace's body is laid out on a long table in the Assembly Hall, flat on her back. She looks exactly as she had on the beach when we had found her about four hours ago. Back when she was Grace and not Grace's body.  She had been lying half in the sea and half out. Her hair was swaying in the water as the waves lapped around her. Sand clung to her damp legs, something she would never have allowed. She was always the image of perfection, like a model in a glossy magazine. She was on her front but her head was tilted to one side, her lips tinged an unnatural blue. It had taken me only a second to realise what had happened. She had drowned. Grace, the star swimmer who had taught me to swim when we were five, had drowned.  Everyone else who had been there
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Chapter 2
Max | After Exactly six weeks and one day ago, Grace Allison Covey died. Exactly six weeks and one day ago, my life fell to pieces. Exactly six weeks and one day ago, Max Enright officially went mad.  But thank God (and science) for letting me keep my good looks. For not having me look like the spiralling madman I am. Or— as Carlos would say— mad teenager because I'm not eighteen yet. For now, I still look like Max. Perfect hair, not too perfect uniform, perfectly blank expression. I stand in front of the mirror in our bathroom, examining myself.  Outside, rosy streaks have coloured the skies and a pale, watery sun shines through the glass of the window in a traditional English fashion. It's way too early for hardly anyone else to be up. At Rosewood Hall, you learn to cherish every minute of sleep you get. We're not like most boarding schools which keep you so busy you can't get a free minute to be
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Chapter 3
Max | After  We sit in Room Seven, an empty classroom. It's not a room I particularly like to be in. It was our Year Seven and Eight Maths classroom, so immediately associated with bad memories. Usually, I strangely love Maths. But the teacher I had those two years made me want to drive a knife through the subject. I have similar feelings towards Shakespeare. Only, I want to resurrect him with Grace's coven of witchcraft practicing highlighters just to kill him all over again.  "How did you become friends?" he asks. "If you remember." "Dad thought I was lonely. Her mum thought she was lonely. They brought us together for a play date and we were stuck with each other, I guess."  "Just best friends?" Davidson raises an eyebrow.  "Boys and girls can be friends, you know," I snap. "It's the twenty-first century."  "Did she have a boyfrien
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Chapter 4
Violet | After "What do you think of... Tristan?" Kaci asks as we move through the dining hall in House.  "Which one's he?" I ask.  "The dark one with the Edgar Allen Poe." She jerks her head to a boy reading while systematically putting forkfuls of pasta into his mouth.  "He's cute," I giggle. "Let me guess, he's claimed by some crazy boarding school girl." "Naw, we don't do that," she laughs. "But he is sorta off limits. Anyway, you get to meet Max tonight. He's the one with Fall Out Boy." Sitting at the table I've eaten breakfast and lunch at today is a boy with dark hair and headphones. He's one of the guys who was sitting on the stage with the rest of the important people in assembly this morning. If my memory serves right, he's the youngest prefect in history.  "How come he wasn't at breakfast or lunch?" Read more
Chapter 5
Max | Before  They look like us. Mr Kebran, Mr Covey, Mr Fell and Mr Salvatore all sit together and they look like us. I don't know where the women are, Kaci took them off about an hour ago and they are a no-show for lunch. My father is still in Paris, arriving in two days. It's the earliest he could arrange the trip for. I try not to resent the fact that the parents of all my friends got here within twenty-four hours of her death and mine couldn't. His absence is abundantly obvious to me, a gap between Nick Covey and Matteo Salvatore.  "This is creepy," Tristan says, also staring at the table of fathers. "Is he still carving that headstone?" Matteo Salvatore arrived while carving Grace's details into a slab of stone with a marble angle on the top. Carlos gets the talent with woodwork from him. Mr and Mrs Covey insisted he didn't have to, but he insisted that he did. "If I could do this whe
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Chapter 6
Violet | After  The days begin to become more bearable. A routine is established and I follow it like everyone else. Wake up, get ready for school, eat breakfast, go to school, eat lunch, finish school, do homework, do some kind of activity, go to bed, do it all again.  So it's a shock when Saturday comes and the alarm stays silent. Kaci is awake too, on her phone in bed. Her dark hair is fanned out across the pillow, black against the white and pink of the pillowcase.  "Cool," I answer. "Um, I kind of wanted to ask you something." "Shoot." She shuts up and runs a hand through her hair like a comb.  "Remember that girl you told me about? Your old roommate? Was her name Grace?" The words tumble out quickly.  "Yeah," she says. "Her name was Grace. Why?" "Just wondering. She's very popular online."  
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Chapter 7
Max | After If I had a pound every single damn time someone's told me to smile over this past week, I would be a goddamn millionaire. Everyone has been saying it. Mr Gilbert, my other teachers, Carlos, Zeph, Kaci, even Margie, one of the the cooks at school. Grief counselling isn't exactly how I'd love to spend my Sunday, but at least it buys me another free day from Viv. Thank God I don't share any lessons with her.  "Smile, Max," Dr Summers says with a sickening sweet one of her own.  "I'm guessing you're scared of the dentist, Max," she says.  "Who wants to look at people's dirty mouths all day for a living?" I mumble. "And I'm not scared of the dentist. He's kind of nice actually, gives me stickers even though I'm almost sixteen."  Dr Martha Summers smiles again. It doesn't reach her eyes. Her eyes are pale blue in colour. At first, I'd been painfully remi
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Chapter 8
Violet | Before It's the first time I've stepped into Jackson High for a month. No one asks where I've been or why I disappeared so suddenly. Everyone heard about Cassie. About the fire. About how we were hanging out when it happened. They must think we were watching a chick flick or something, not contacting her dead boyfriend from beyond the grave.  I walk through the cafeteria, head down as I carry my tray to the back of the room. But people are in my way, waiting for me to look up and talk to them. "Hi," one of them says.  I almost jump out of my skin. All my senses have been sharpened since that night, ghost senses and normal senses. When I walked past the cemetery on my way to school today, my head was filled with voices. And the old man resting on a bench reeked of death, like he's going to die soon. I look up to see Audrey, Bianca and Dana- Cassie's best friends. <
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Chapter 9
Max | Before I'm drowning. Water is filling my mouth as someone pushes me further under the surface of the cold and murky waters of the sea outside Rosewood. Panic fills me just as quickly as water as I struggle against them, trying to scream.  The hands fall away and I list my head above the water again, gasping for breath. In and out. In and out. In and out. But then they're back. They're back and this time they aren't leaving. It was a trick. A cruel, cruel trick. Letting me think of live just to kill me.  Before I can scream, I jolt into consciousness.  "I'm fine," I whisper to myself, hugging my knees to my chest. "I'm fine. I'm fine." "Max? You okay, mijo?" It's Dad, in a dark T-shirt and shorts at my door.  "I'm fine," I repeat for the dozenth time. "I'm fine, okay?" "What was the dream about?" &nbs
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Chapter 10
Violet | After  "What are we doing tonight?" Zeph asks, crunching on a bag of chips that seem to have materialised out of thin air.  "Prefect stuff," Max answers, shoving a book into his backpack. "I'll be busy till dinner." "Violin lesson and then dance practice," Kaci adds. "I'm out till dinner too." "I'm doing this club with the Year Sixes," Carlos says.  "Please don't say you're booked too, Violet." Zeph turns to me pleadingly, holding out the chip packet. "I'll split these with you." "Actually, I'm free," I answer, extracting a chip from the packet.  Zeph grins. "Great!" "Aw, Zeph's found a new best friend," Max says, nudging him laughingly.  It's the first time I've seen him smile, really smile. Usually, they're forced and pained. He has a nice smile, warm and friend
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