Death's Narratives

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Death's Narratives

By: Lawliet_ OngoingParanormal

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Death, as the guide of all the souls leaving the physical world, takes the form of a human to speak with them. He has been wandering for a very long time that he, himself, doesn't know about his own existence. Ferrying billions of souls of humankind to the other side has been his job in a forever state that he can't escape. He considers himself a mere bystander, a storyteller—seeing histories unfold before his eyes, witnessing eras and wars end, watching humankind thriving. Endowed with a power of bringing deaths to humans upon touching them, he constantly seeks the feeling of physical human touch. Not until he meets Fivrelle, an immortal lady who desires death. The world is continuously evolving and growing. But to what extent? No matter what the world has become, Death will always be there, waiting.


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14 chapters
Where should I start? Certainly, not from the start. I don't even recall the time when I got here. It has been so long since I have been conscious, I already forgot all about my very own existence. Did I just appear out of nowhere like a thought popping in someone's mind? Or was I already here since the beginning of time? Perhaps time, itself, will be able to tell. But for now, I do not know. I have been existing ever since that I see no difference between days turning into years, or years forming a century or even a millennia. These are just passages of time which I have been wandering in endlessly. Oftentimes, I ask myself: what if the reason for my being here is to tell what actually happened out there? But to whom? People do not live long enough. In general, death is an imminent and an inevitable part of life. However, for the people who are about to die, it is always a scenario of acceptance and moving on to the other side. They al
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Chapter 1
The hospital hallways are a daily sight for me. The silence, which complements the whiteness of the surrounding and the solemn lighting, has always been there. Under the serenity that is bestowed by this ambience, there is always that crippling agitation. Usually, it is what people often call calm before the storm. Because the stillness does not last. Every day, I see people waiting on the seats trying to pacify themselves before hearing news from a doctor. And when the words come out, they would stand and face the wall, bowing their foreheads as they silently cry. I remember when someone said to me that hallways become disturbing around these times. Walls are being cramped and the floors are narrowing, causing them harder to breathe.  Sometimes, I think about what is in the doctors’ mind as they deliver the bad news to the patient's family or to the patients themselves. Are they used at saying things that would shatter dreams in an instant? How come they contin
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Chapter 2
The black hooded robe made of a thick kind of fabric covers my entire body. It has been torn and shredded by the corners due to the course of time. The hood just suspends over my pitch black face, which I kept hidden and decided to never show it to anyone. In my right hand is my great scythe I fervently grip with my long skeletal fingers. My silvery pale, featherless, sharp wings spanning the length of a hospital room if not folded. Evon's hourglass is now completely empty. Unlike ordinary hourglasses that can be rotated to restart the time, this hourglass doesn't serve the same purpose. Once all sands fall from the upper bulb to the lower bulb, they will vanish. This indicates that time is something that cannot be repeated—that is why it is important to let everyone know that their days are numbered. There are a few people in the hospital at the time which accentuates the echoing cries of Seya. The uneasiness caused by that makes me hover the floor to the exit. As I
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Chapter 3
The sun illuminates the whole of the city. An hour from now, it will happen. A bus and a cab will collide causing three casualties, the cab's passenger, the driver and one crossing pedestrian—Sands.Walking the streets of New York is always good for a change of pace. At this time in the morning, the avenues and boulevards are congested with people, especially around the Time Square where major streets intersect, also making it one of the world's busiest pedestrians. Massive billboards and live broadcasts or advertisements from a number of large digital screens are seen even from a distance, earning the title of one of the major centers for the entertainment industry globally.On a sidewalk, I await for the bus routing West 47th Street. I check my wristwatch. It's 07:43. Three more minutes.The cab's driver will be crushed between the wheels and the seat resulting in his instant death. The cab's passenger will survive the impact but will die arriving at the
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Chapter 4
I keep on wandering around the world to collect the souls of the dying, humans and nonhumans. As an omnipresent being, I am able to be anywhere at the same time. This helps me cater all souls that venture, souls who could not find their way to the other side. One second, I am somewhere in Asia talking to a woman who will lose her life by choking. Another second and I can be in Europe, dancing with a lady who will eventually get killed in a fire.Being omnipresent, transcending through space and time, does not mean that I am omniscient. I don't have an answer to everything. As eras end and centuries go by, I have learned to adapt to humankind's way of thinking and to behave like them if it fits me. Being exposed to different people with varying knowledge, being able to watch them all throughout is how I get the wisdom I possess. However, emotions, thoughts and intentions, or any other subjective matters are still abstruse and mystifying for me because these things vary from ev
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Chapter 5
Dawn emerges indicating the start of a new day. While the moon exits the firmament, the dark sky changes its shade to a glow of purple and orange. The fading city lights give way to the slowly surfacing sun. For some people, another day is a blessing that they are grateful for. Others consider it an affliction for it is one more day to be lived out. I belong to the others. Myriads of times, or possibly every single day, that I have been saying this but I am going to say it anyway. It's just another day. One more day of fetching souls. Thousands of souls. Again. Ah, this never ends.

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Chapter 6
The night watchmen did not even notice the loud thump when she hit the ground due to the northern soul song playing on the radio. Maybe they are preparing to end their shift, and loosening up after a whole night of guarding the establishment. They are different this time. I don't see the ones who were being interviewed the day of the last suicide case, which happened three months ago. They were terminated, obviously. Fortunately, the current guards would not be held liable for an incident without evidence.After walking a distance, the lady stands still at the rear of the building and leans her head on the glass partition. Unlike me, who cannot process everything just yet, she doesn't look like she is a bit bothered after what happened. Like she is already used to it. Like this had already happened before. That does not make any sense at all.She scans the surroundings before making a move. Because of the heightened security, cameras are all over the place. And if that
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Chapter 7
Possession is one of my prowesses as being the gatherer of souls. One at a time, I seized people's minds and bodies. To take control over them, merely for my selfish desire and curiosity. To know their thoughts and use it as a way to have a share of knowledge they acquired throughout their lifetime. Hundreds of thousands of people, with their flesh and bones, whom I manipulated in order to attain a fundament that I would use in forging my human form. Over the years, I succeeded.Seeing my reflection on the still water of Lake Baikal, I watched my body slowly materialize, naked and bewildered. Having my own human form, the envy I felt towards humans gradually dwindled. I was able to sympathize with them as their thought processes gushed like waves. However, the amassed contemplation all led to a terrifying, cryptic darkness. I saw myself in their pain and suffering as I knelt and begged for additional time.
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Chapter 8
CHAPTER 8 "Why didn't you ask for more?""Tomorrow, they'll kill me. What's the point of having a feast?""I see. May I join you?""Sure. Have a seat.""Here is your hourglass. The amount of sand on top is your remaining time. Slowly, all the sand will fall indicating the end of your life."In one of the rows of prison cells inside the Lyreace Correctional Facility in Georgia, Colton Thrusue dwells. The four sides of the three and a half square meter cell have been surrounding him for over three years now. The window for ventilation is not present but an exhaust fan on the corner of the ceiling provides proper air flow. The only opening is the detention door that has a vertical rectangular glass which guards use for daily checking. The bed is fixed on the gray wall by the side of the room and is opposite to the sink and toilet.Colton was sentenced to serve the rest of his life waiting on the death row.
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Chapter 9
My endless job lets me meet different kinds of people. Somewhere along these times, there are those who just want to be reborn, to start again after watching how their lives turn into shambles. Unfortunately, wishes aren't in anybody's command. They have to work for whatever their aspirations are no matter how hard their lives get. They only have an option to strive for it and be considered a winner, or give it up and be treated as a failure.This can be observed from how they are raised from a young age. People, primarily the parents, are instilling these thoughts inside a children's mind without considering what pressure it brings as they grow up. Children who are raised this way tend to fear failure. When the expectations are not met, disappointment comes after. Sometimes, this will weigh on them all the way until the path they once knew just becomes blurry, with them left in the middle—unsure of what directions they should take. And along these times of uncertainty,
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