Baby Of The Dead

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Baby Of The Dead

By: Zuxian CompletedParanormal

Language: English

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In an urban city with dark pasts, on the night of a full lunar moon, a pregnant maid returning from work was raped to death by three drunk men. Her death was enough to nudge them to their senses... They buried her. A day after the corpse had tasted moistures and gloom, a snake crawled its way into the shabbily covered pit. And seven minutes later, out of the pit crawled out a pumpkin eating cute baby; A dark spirit of the past that haunted the land many centuries ago had found an excuse to be reborn; The body of an unborn child... the cuter, the bloodier, it'd thought!

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  • Zuxian


    Do not say you weren't warned. It's pretty dark in here and SINISTER!

    2021-11-07 04:34:48
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October 22, 1412. Wintanceaster. "Help me!" Her loud but muffled voice rang through the dark clusters of trees as the nocturnal hood gave back to her what she said. Her light legs not light enough to carry her body in the swiftness her heart craved. Her long sleek hair floating to the rhythm of the wheezing wind crashing against her wild body. Her two years old baby clasped to her breasts with the left hand, the right aiding the race. The constant rustles and slithering and hisses kept coming behind her but she had no idea what was after her nor what she was running away from.  She stopped running again, like she had done five minutes earlier. She could feel darkness crawling up her skin. Every movement around her got to her. She heard a sharp sound in the undergrowth beside her. She flinched and fell on her back, gentle sobs wielding.  "Oh... by heaven!" She muttered.
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Chapter 1
    Present Day. October 22, 2017. Winchester.A day ago. HOOT HOOTThe constant call of the black owl on the zenith branch of the hickory rang through the substratosphere, lending the whooshing winds some rhythm to play upon. The thickness of the gloom sweeping past the night, leeched off the writhing body of dark clouds in the sky. A cone-like dark cloud drifted by, and shielded the splattered orange silhouette of the moon staking its lofty claim. The lunar moon!Few metres away from the thick, dark forest was an assembly of tombstones, a cemetery. And out of the forest crawled a large winged snake, eyes toned red, towards the cemetery. Slithering cum hissing. The slithering snake seemed to have a motive as its red eyes sent a one metre shade of red light at its front, leading it to the direction it craved. The scaly but sticky body tossing to'n'fro to dark wants of the eyes. Gentle breeze crashed a
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Chapter 2
      October 21, 2017. Winchester. Two days ago. "Show is over, fuckers, you can start going now."A plumpy blonde stood over the table of the three middle-aged drinking men. One of them with scanty beards looked up at the woman in disgust, slurring the words,"What in the world is wrong with waitresses of these days. You live off us and yet you think you can be the master of whatever words you deem fit?"The blonde wielding a recent glare scoffed,"Tell you what, asshat, I don't have to answer your dimwitted question. All I know is, when I'm back, you'll wish you were gone. At least look around and see that you're the only miserable lots littering this bar."She scorned as she walked away,"As though they could pay all they debts."The asshat pushed his chair back in rage to make for the woman, staggering, almost losing his stance and falling off. But the plain faced of them with dirty curls
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Chapter 3 - 2/3
      A week Later. A worksite. "Just this one last time and I wouldn't pick up your calls, unless it's a call for your funeral."The last of the men shot at the scanty bearded. It's been over a week now and work had brought them together again. "But you'll answer the call won't you? The call of a corpse?"The scanty bearded laughed to his own joke, fixing the long iron pipe in the wall. The person he was addressing was behind the other wall. "Why me? I bet you had no guts to call Jacob. It's been all mouth, hasn't it?"He teased the scanty bearded, who pushed the pipe deliberately and almost pierced the chest of the fellow with the edge. "Lucky you. I should gut your throat. Jacob holds no place around me anymore. That coward."The other fellow was quick to toss the odds behind as they moved to the other hole in the wall, few steps ahead. They only had three more to go. "What
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Chapter 4 - 3/3
             The Next Day. Jacob's."I'm on my way, now."Iseult, Jacob's wife, the lady from the day of the truck accident, and a door-to-door nurse said over the phone, picking up her purse. Unlike the other night, the parlour was tidy and things in place. She live in a fairly new bungalow they recently saved their asses off to buy. "Jacob isn't home. He should be back anytime from now. I should talk to you when I get there, I think he's hiding something from me. I can feel it. And now he wants me out of his house. I'm staying here at the detriment of my life. Today's the last he gave me to stay."She hurried towards the door still over the phone. The voice over the phone came,"For how long will you take his abuse? Come stay with me till you save up for rent or stuff. Andrew won't mind.""I love him, Kate. I do wish to run away, I should had. But he needs help. Everyone runs away from
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Chapter 5 - Evelyn
       Detroit. Michigan. A Highschool.~History Class~"What happens when you come to the realization of a disturbing fact you've never thought possible. Things you only see in the movies."The substitute history teacher started. The tempo of his voice at the average, his eyes picking one student to drop on another. His beards scanty, full moustache, child's face but stern stare. "Like our substitute teacher walking on his head?"One of the male students made a joke and the rest of the class laughed. He seemed popular enough to weigh the interest of all. The substitute teacher smiled too and added,"Or a two faced man like Edward Mordrake.""Gross!"A blonde ughed. She looked 16 like several other 11th grade students in the classroom. "But not for Evelyn."The troublemaker called again, looking in the direction of a shy nerdy girl seated at the extreme end of the class
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Chapter 6
        Jacob's Bungalow. ~Iseult~"How are you holding up?"Devin asked, staring at her across the room. She was seated opposite him on another sofa. He had come to pay a visit to her. He was just a neighbor next door. A neighbor who was always indoor with an unknown identity. But what he didn't hide was his admiration for Iseult, and she knew that too. He had learnt to keep his distance from her when Jacob was alive, but now that he's dead, he probably would shoot his shot. But not today. Not four days after the horrific death of her husband. All he could do was sit with her there and help her through the grief. And that was what he was doing at the moment. He was 6"1, broad shoulders, great proportion, firm, handsome, manly face. Well kept beards, not full, not too low, but low; a complement of his full lips. She sighed looking up at him. Her fingers had been her play toy ever since he arrived.&
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Chapter 7 - Father Beocca
     Two days later. A Cathedral. ~Father Beocca~"And so does time go by and by, yet those who had been liquefied by lust and flesh finds their paths no more. All they do is fill in the empty barrel till it's overflowing. And when it overflows continuously, it becomes a rill of sin. Just a gaunt path of desires. Yet, if the sinner persists in this sin, the rill becomes a lake, then a river, then an ocean. In which the poor lost soul drowns."Father Beocca took a pause. He was the priest in charge of the only Catholic in the area. The St. Agnus, Memorial Cathedral. Three miles away from Iseult's place.He was dressed in a long black robe with a white collar fixed into the two openings of the robe at the neck region. He has a smooth face, young, 5"8.His eyes were keen on the thick young lady, who's dressed in a red skimpy gown which canvassed the swell of her hips, her fresh thighs and fair cleavages. Her busts handful. Read more
Chapter 9 - Devil in your house.
         Jacob's. Next Day. Saturday. ~Evelyn~"History of the past."She muttered, under her breath as she opened the laptop. The laptop she had made her parents pay for at all cost. Twas just a day into living with her sister and there hadn't been any cause of alarm. Aside last night when the both of them had to fight over who should prepare the meal and wash the dishes, immediately after the Devin had left.  It went like this. ******************"Mom and Dad sent you here to take care of me and make me strong and not suck the remaining strength out of me."Evelyn had scoffed, stepping forward,"I'm the guest here. Do you have an idea what I left hanging back at home while coming to this place? You should treat me like as guest at least for the first day, then if I wish, I could help out later.  By the way, before now, weren't you Jacob's maid?"Iseult's eyes had widened,
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Chapter 10 - Devil and its adversary
       Getting Home.  ~Iseult and Evelyn~ "Where did you see a baby?" Evelyn barked at her sister, Iseult, as soon the latter stepped into the house. Twas 8:45 PM. Iseult had stopped quickly at the kid stores to get a pair of clothes for the closely naked baby. Since she discovered that she was a girl, she'd bought a small gown for the infant. Iseult stepped into the sitting room, striding towards the sofa, the baby clutched to her breasts, her left arm pushing the baby's bum up.  "Have you eaten?" She tried to dismiss the question. But Evelyn wouldn't take the bait, "Don't give me that bullshit, Iseult. Where did you see a baby. Did you give birth to any child when Shit-cob was alive? Why didn't you tell any of us, not even mom or dad know about it." Iseult went to sit on the one-seater sofa, but Evelyn strutted towards her and stood at her front, in akimbo.  "I don't have the
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