Age of the Dragons: Shouken's restoration #1

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Age of the Dragons: Shouken's restoration #1

By: Bored Panda 🐼 OngoingParanormal

Language: English

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Shouken was torn apart by the feud between lords and brothers and it's fate now lies in the hands of the upcoming generation, Chory as the dragon lord and offspring of Lord Mugen upholds these responsibilities, along the line he had to travel round Shouken to revive it's crystals and unite the Guardians, the question is. . .will he succeed?


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7 chapters
Episode 1
Late Evening:Old Sidel: The Crimson woods        "Great! You let it escape" Mako yelled. Mako happens to be Choryrth's 19 years old older brother and the son of Sareena a well respected woman from the Dallas tribe.         "Me? I wasn't the one running around in circles!" Choryrth retorted, -actually I'm glad it got away -he thought                "Tch! Guess we're having mountain beans for dinner" he stormed off,  "again!" His voice echoed from a distance. Choryrth chuckled, he turned to a hollow rock by the fruit tree where he stood. His eyes flashed white with his hand outstretched towards the rock which levitated, following his hand movement and almost immediately a small brown fuzzy rabbog jumped off and into the bushes.         "You're safe now" he smiled. Choryrth is a sixteen years old boy from the hidden Dallas clan, he was brought to
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Episode 2
The Outpost:He hid behind the bushes but all he could see were red dragon patrols surrounding the area -could he be overthinking things? Maybe Mako didn't come here, the patrol here was tighter than Elder Sharman's robe lacing for a fact -he thought. Just then he felt a light tap on his back causing him to turn around very swiftly, his mouth was immediately covered by gloved arms just before he could release a gasp.         "Shh! It's me" Mako replied and took off the Red Dragon helmet, yes he was in a Red Dragon soldier's attire to blend in, smart move right!         "What are you. . ."         "Shhh! Do want to get me caught?" Mako whispered aggressively.         "No. . . What you're doing is risky" Choryrth whispered back.        "Not if I look like one of them" He smiled "see that ship by the docks? That's where they're awaiting General
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Episode 3
  "Let me go and we'll all forget this happened" Choryrth negotiated.         "Be quiet!" A soldier yelled and shoved him in the stomach, luckily his armour took most of the hit.         "Lock him up! The General will be happy we caught a bigger fish" the captain ordered.         "Bigger f. . ." He could barely complete his statement before he was knocked out with a rod and at the same time the walls had retracted themselves but Mako wasn't there -he ran away. . .that was the plan right? But why do I feel hurt? -Choryrth thought several seconds before everything became pitch black. Noon: The Dallas tribe camp:Sareena's hut:        Slam~         "Mum! Mum!" Mako yelled.         "What is it!" Sareena rushed out of the room, Mako was angry but his hands couldn't stop shaking.       &nb
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Episode 4
         "Who's Kamren mum. . . And what's the Real meaning of this tattoo? You said it was a birth mark" Choryrth said softly.        "Just so you know, I can never accept an Elemental as my brother!" Mako retorted before running off.        "MAKO!" Sareena yelled.        "Go after him, come with me Choryrth" Elder Sharman said.        "Chory y. . ." She paused as Choryrth stepped away from her. Elder Sharman didn't waste any more time, he turned around heading towards his hut while Choryrth followed.Sareena's hut:        "Have you gone mad Mako! How could you do that to your brother!" Sareena yelled        "He lied to me! You two did!" Mako yelled.       "We did it to protect Chory!" She cried.        "That's the problem! All
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Episode 5
"No way! So if she's some kind of witch I'd die first!" "Who's a witch?" "Ahhh!" Both boys exclaimed and turned around immediately."What are you two dimwits looking for in these parts? Are you lost?" A shriveled up old lady asked."Umm. . .no, we we're just. . .""Passing by. . ." Choryrth muttered."Well you better get going cause crimson woods ain't a place for you two" she retorted and pushed past them, heading for the cottage."Hold on. . .does she live there?" Mako whispered to Choryrth."That's gotta be her" Choryrth whispered "excuse me! Old lady ma'am!" Choryrth stuttered."What'd ya want?" She paused."I'm supposed to meet the owner of this . . .nice. . .cottage? I was sent by Elder Sharman" he had blinked while talking and the old woman was no longer away from him but right in front of him."Oh lord!" Mako froze on the spot while Choryrth couldn't stop panting."Elder Sharman. . . It's been eleven yea
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Episode 6
Same thing happened with the guardian of the nature crystal  but the Earth elemental guardian swore to fight for Pasiap by Mugen's side.Lords Mela, Daana'd and Shiath luckily made their peaceful return to the lower heaven after deciding not to take matters into their hands like Mugen did. Imai sealed both brothers successfully and won the battle but lost more than he could ever bargain; the Crystal palace, his family, his people and he lost his life as well but there was peace at last. The entire Earth tribe was wiped away during the cause and the Dallas tribe lived in hiding from the wrath of Cadigen for betraying their mother tribe. And slowly sought to continue from where lord Heisiesh stopped until Kilgharra was of age. This is as much as I know" she sighed, heavily."This Kilgharra sounds like some cool kid, I mean his heart has been replaced with that of a three thousand years old demon" Mako said."So the new generation had been cursed to right the wron
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Chapter 7
Dawn__Old Sidel woods__"What do you think happened here?" A Red Dragon soldier asked his comrade, both on horseback as they examined the dented tree and the boulder that may have caused the dent."A rock slide?" His comrade replied, confused as to what exactly could have caused the dent."There are no nearby cliffs or small hills, rocks don't move on their own you know" he replied."Hey! You're right! Could this be related to the letter the captain sent to our division?" His comrade asked."Possibly" he replied and dismounted his horse and lit his torch to search for any possible clues until he waved the torch over some stray tracks "there! Horse tracks" he yelled."I'll send word back to the captain" his comrade replied."Not yet, let's follow the tracks and see what we find" he replied, put of the torch and mounted the horse again "hya!" He commanded with a whip around the horses rein, his Comrade followed suite as they rode up ahead following the horse track
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