The Ambush
Bahukatso Dojo, Sheng Mountains, Cheena, Earth




“We are here!” Elaine exhaustedly said after hours of a trek along treacherous mountain cliffs.

She stood before a few ramshackle concrete columns that were half-covered with moss and plastered with ancient carvings. These six pairs of columns were sharply filed in two lines, in between them was a cobbled pathway that led to endless stairs seemingly reaching heaven.

Beyond the stone-piled steps were ruggedly strewn shrubs/bushes and wild mountain plants. The stairs were almost covered with dead leaves and some of them seemed slippery brought by the mountain rain.

The sun started to retire for maybe less than an hour. The worry of wolves again had sunk into Elaine’s thoughts. Dreygo would protect her at all costs, at least was what she convinced herself. She avoided the thought again of revisiting his father's death.

“We should keep going, at least we could reach the Dojo before dark. I am allergic to wolves,” Officer
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