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"SEVEN POWERS OF THE GOD GATE!" The world of martial arts was shocked by the emergence of a young man who inherited the legendary supernatural power of the highest level of the martial world. But not owned by a white sect figure, but by a young man who massacred in the name of revenge for his family who had been killed. A scandal involving most of the white sect figures. His actions earned him the title of Death Shadow Warrior, and people in the martial arts world regard him as a frightening specter and a pervert. Until finally he discovered the fact that the white sect figures were only trapped by the ambition of someone who wanted to rule the world of martial arts. Would the Death Shadow with his Seven Divine Gates still be a slayer? Or he will become a hero for the martial world, which is facing a great disaster caused by the evil mastermind.


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Chapter 1: The Death Island
The waves crashing against the reef alternated rapidly due to the strong winds on the coastline of Hongye suburb. The one remaining prominent rock on the shore was being battered by the waves. The scene was not much different from that of a child who was cornered by dozens of adults on the shoreline."Hahaha... where are you going kid? There's nowhere for you to escape from here. Behind you is the ocean. On the other side is Death Demon Island. And here we are ready to chop you up! The Liong family's lineage will end here!"An eight-year-old child, surrounded by dozens of sword-wielding adult men, was cornered on the shore. He was about to be finished off by those around him. The sea was the only way out. But the currents and winds of the moment must have brought him to a much-feared island, Death Demon Island.Liong Yun was the boy's name. He looked back, then sighed heavily. In his mind, no matter how small the chance of life, he would take it. His father's last words just before he
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Chapter 2. Threat In The God's Temple
Ten Years Later"Amitabha... What's wrong with you, Kaiming? Your name, which means enlightened, is inversely proportional to your gloomy face. You are the leader of this God's temple. The Sect Leader of the God Temple shouldn't have a gloomy face!""Temperature... I'm actually still reluctant to accept the responsibility of being your successor. Had it not been for your wish to resign from the martial world, I would have refused. The events of that time still haunt me; I feel very guilty."The conversation between the two monks took place in Monk Tian Kong's private room. The professor of a famous sect in the martial world A sect whose members were divine servants from a temple called the Temple of God on a mountain called Mount Shenshan. A sect of divine servants as well as a martial arts school called the God Temple Sect.In the private room of Tian Kong Monk, the retired grand master of the Temple of God, Kaiming Monk, appeared. The new head of the God Temple Sect replaced the nin
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Chapter 3: Targeting the Lim Family
It was an unusual morning in the city of Hong Sha. People from the martial world were going in and out of the city, which was known as a trading town. Today there will be an auction of antiques, heirlooms, and precious treasures. First-class merchants were arriving at the place to offer their wares.A large building right in the center of Hong Sha was named after the Lim Family Chamber of Commerce. A large family that was not only famous for its members' great martial arts skills but also their expertise in commerce The big market this time was held at the Lim family's chamber of commerce.The big market would be held in three days. But already many martial artists from both the black and white schools had come to visit. It was in this town that the warriors of the two sects met without engaging in combat. It was a rule that had been in place for a long time, and anyone who violated it would certainly become a common enemy of the two sects.It was not only people from the martial worl
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Chapter 4: Mysterious Youth
"I don't know how that guy got in; he really is a demon!" muttered the Southern Sword King.Everyone in the place fell silent. No one had seen the person who wrote the bloody message. Even though there were many martial arts experts with high cultivation levels in that place,"Mr. Lin, what happened to your arm?" said the northern Beggar King to the Sword King of the South.Everyone's eyes widened with a feeling of shock mixed with horror. No matter what happened, the Southern Sword King's left arm had now been cut off at the base of the arm. No one knew what had happened. Even the Southern Sword King himself didn't realize he had lost his left arm. He did not feel any pain."Heartless Swordsmanship!" exclaimed an old man dressed in all white, showing a pale and tense face, who had just come with his body-lightening science and landed beautifully on the floor of the Lim family residence."Te-Teacher!" The Sword King of the South kneeled down."Sword Angel!" exclaimed the Northern Begg
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Chapter 5. Lim Family Massacre
"You rotten bastard! A deformed youth like you dares to boast!" Iron Nail Wolf swore.The man dressed in wolf skin was infuriated by the words and demeanor of the young man dressed all in red. He thought the young man was blind, so he called him a cripple. He, who was already filled with rage, immediately moved to lunge.But to the surprise of everyone in the place, Before the Iron Hoof Wolf could attack, his body was instantly dismembered and scattered on the floor, with blood splattering."Hueekkk!"Several people immediately vomited blood upon seeing the Iron Hoof Wolf's horrible state. The young man didn't seem to move at all. But what happened was truly horrifying. A very fierce skill. A high-level swordsmanship called 'Heartless Swordsmanship'."How cruel!" said Leader Lim in horror.Then he shouted for the warriors and martial artists in the area to attack. They prepared to attack, even though fear was still thick in their hearts. But the will to live overcame that fear and mad
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Chapter 6. Fire Star Sect
Yan Chen furrowed his brow. It was actually a saying that a wandering warrior would often utter. But Yan Chen did not see those characteristics in Chia Yun. He did not even feel any power emanating from the young man's body. That meant Chia Yun had no cultivation base and indicated he was not a warrior but just an ordinary person with no martial arts skills.Indeed, it was not uncommon for someone with no martial arts skills to have a fondness for adventure and wandering. So that was the only answer Yan Chen could deduce. He thought that perhaps Chia Yun just wanted to enjoy life in a way that Yan Chen thought he could not see."Brother Chia, if I may advise you, you should leave this place immediately. This Xinghe city is facing a great threat. One of the great commanders of the Red Bear Sect is moving into this place to seize the leadership of the city. If they take control of this city, it will be hell," Yan Chen said."Isn't this city under the Fire Star Sect?" "Aren't they going
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Chapter 7. Red Bear Sect's Attack on Xianghe City
"Blood God Palm!"Chang Wutian could no longer hide his shock. The blood palm print on the wall just above the altar was a legendary punch mark that was greatly feared by both straight and cult people."Which fellow came to visit? I'm sorry we didn't give you a welcome," Chang Wu Tian greeted, trying to break the ice.Suddenly, the young man dressed all in red disappeared. No one knew how he left the place. Even Chang Wutian, who was one of the Angels of the Martial World, couldn't figure out how he left.All faces became tense. An inscription was now displayed under the red palm. The inscription read, 'In a week, behead those two, or the Fire Star Sect will be nothing but a name.'Master, carry out that person's will. If you can't bear it, we can do it ourselves."Chang Wutian sighed heavily. His once-fierce desire to fight back had now all but subsided. Putting up a fight against a young man who possessed immeasurable magic was certainly just foolishness that would cost him his life
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Chapter 8: The Slaughterer Intervenes
Four red-bear warlords darted toward Xiang He City. Seeing the formidable enemy attacking, the six main disciples and several auxiliaries of the Fire Star Sect immediately intervened. They intercepted the four rampaging bear lords and took a lot of casualties on Xiang He's side.The six main disciples of the Fire Star Sect directly confronted the four red bear commanders. Although the Fire Star Sect's side was still superior in numbers, it was far below the people it faced in terms of strength. So in a short period of time, their battle immediately showed who had the upper hand.The royal soldiers as well as the lower-level people on the Red Bear or Fire Star Sect side both pulled over. The fight between the two sides of their main people was indeed very dangerous if approached. Either way, they would fall victim to the misdirected attack power of both sides."Things don't seem to be in our favor! You signal the other warriors and the city soldiers to bring the people to safety. Let m
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Chapter 9. Saved by Revenge
Yuan Chao and Yuan Ming moved to help the Fire Star Sect's great master. Although they had previously been forbidden, they ignored their master's message. They were more willing to be punished than to lose their great master. It just so happened that Chang Wutian was really in a bind."Bastard!"The red bear sect leader cursed loudly because the punch he was about to throw at the fire star sect leader failed as he was attacked from behind by the two opposing disciples. The result had to be met immediately because the attacks thrown by the two main disciples of the Fire Star Sect were no laughing matter. They used all their strength to carry out the attack.Yuan Chao Dam and Yuan Ming looked limp after exerting all their strength to attack in order to save their teacher. Both of them couldn't make any movement immediately after releasing the attack. Both of them just stood there, as if waiting for death to come."It's good that you didn't interfere with our fight! But apparently you're
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Chapter 10. Chaos in Tian Yun Hill, the Fire Star Sect
"Never mind, brother Chia. Let's talk about something else," Yan Chen said.Chia Yun smiled. He knew his new friend was trying to change the subject. He himself actually disliked the subject that Yan Chen was talking about. Moreover, it was related to the young man's sect, which should not be said to others."Where are you going next, brother Cia?" "Are you going to stay here for a long time?" asked Yan Chen."I'm still in town for the next five days, Brother Yan! What is it? Do you want me to leave this city immediately like you said last time?" replied Chia Yun with a smile.Yan Chen became uneasy and confused at Chia Yun's words. His intentions were not what the young man had said. In fact, he is very happy that Chia Yun is still living in Xiang He City. It was because he was the only person he felt he could be friends with."I have no intention of asking you to leave this place. Last time, I wanted you to leave the city immediately because it was unsafe. Now that everything is und
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