Early Access System Volume 2: Age Of The New Behemoth
Early Access System Volume 2: Age Of The New Behemoth
Author: ChadGuy45
Chapter 1: Back Again

(This book is a sequel to "Early Access System Volume 1". Please read that book before you read this one.)

The Tower Of Deos, a mysterious building in the center of the universe, created by the universe to give power to every humanoids in the universe.

Trillions of galaxy moving around in the universe with an unlimited amount of creatures in them.

The 3rd level galaxies that consists of only normal humanoids and no magic.

The 2nd level galaxies that consists of multiple humanoids and where magic is used to make the individuals stronger.

And the 1st world galaxies that are homes to the ones below the demigods, The Titans. Humanoids so powerful that one of them could conquer a whole 3rd galaxy planet in a matter of seconds.

But that is not all. Through all the creations, the universe has broken itself creating new life, ones that have power that resembles the one of the universe, they are called the constellations, and mostly known by 3rd world galaxy inhabitants, demigods.

Although they do have the power to create and to destroy, they are limited by the rules of the universe. However, some of them managed to break it, without facing the consequences resulting in the death of galaxy humanoids.

And so the universe with all of its knowledge decided to give everyone a fair chance to earn power.

And all they had to do was to be brave.

And so upon the creation of the Tower Of Deos, one man stood from the rest, despite initially being weaker than the others, he became the strongest and became a threat to the demigods.

He climbed the tower and even cleared it. He shared his power with his friends and the people that he loved and trust.

But little did he know, the ones that he trust, and the ones that he dearly loved, stabbed him from the back.

They took away his power by using a system blocker, reducing his power to 1%.

However, with a dying rage he brought his son out of the tower back to Arth, his original planet and raised his son till the day he died.

This is the story of revenge. One that will be taken by his son, Arthur Behemoth II, in the name of Arthur Behemoth I.

He entered the tower and named himself Arthur Behemoth I and used the identity of his father. Making him feared amongst everyone.

Arthur Behemoth II had already fought in the tower from the tutorial itself and was climbing the tower faster than anyone has ever done. Even faster than his father. But he did it through the power that his father left him and through blood.

To make it even worse, the guild that betrayed his father was now openly showing their betrayal and doing everything that they can to stop Arthur.

But now, he had multiple guilds and powerful humanoids under him.

But the question is, will he be strong enough to defeat the people that managed to drive his father out of the tower in fear.

In the 19th floor locus,

Arthur was standing right in front of the Gate of the 20th floor with the Information Guild members standing back and blocking the people trying to get through them to meet the Behemoth.

He could feel the mana coming from the gate and knew that it wouldn't be easy, but since when was it easy? He then took his armor and weapons from his inventory and equipped it.

Being fully prepared he stepped into the gate with the sole of his armor stratching against the floor.

As he entered he could feel the mana covering him with cool air and transporting him to the realm of the gate.

He looked around and knew immediately that he was in a cave. After all, it wasn't his first time in one. From the very beginning of his entrance in the tower, most of the missions was held in a cave.

He could smell the mossy and wet smell that was probably from a wet and weak part of the cave.

He started walking inside with his longsword his right hand and his unbreakable kite shield in his left hand.

All of a sudden, a system notification appeared in front of him.


"Hmm, this is bad..." Arthur said. He knew how to fight in a cave, and move in it, but he didn't know how to get out of it as he never needed to, the system would just teleport him to the locus of the next floor. But his mood changed back to normal when he remembered that he didn't need to be an expert in caving to escape, he just needed to use the mana to give himself X-ray vision.

He smiled while using the mana and covered his eyes in mana. "Suddenly, his vision turned blue and he could see through the walls of the cave.

However the closest thing to an exit he could find through the X-ray vision was a light source above him.

He tried punching through the cave walls to get through it more easily, only to have his hands broken. "Ah, this is bullcrap! If I was in a normal cave I would be able to destroy this wall with no problem!" He shouted while pouring health potions on his hand.

It seems that the tower had either blocked Arthur from using his full power or used a strong material to construct the cave, making him unable to break through and forcing him to use the traditional way of exiting the cave.

He sighed and started walking through the caves only to get stuck at a dead end or coming back to where he was at.

He started realizing that there was something wrong with this cave. "Wait, this isn't a cave, this is a maze!" He shouted as he realized.

He touched the wall that was on his left and walked while continue walking on at the front and no matter how he walked he touched the left side of the wall.

He quickly managed to find one of the paths that led above. Knowing very well he could get lost easily he kept his hand on the left wall and walked up while feeling the gauntlet that was on his hand brushing against the wall of the cave.

His steps was heavy and created vibration all throughout to the cave to the point that his gauntlet that was brushing against the wall could feel it.

He walked further up and he could see the light getting closer and closer.

It was orange and as it touched the floor of the cave it became yellow.

A faint heat could be felt on Arthur's armor as his body touched the light. "Hmm, it seems to be like natural sunlight." Arthur said knowing that he could escape the cave in a few more seconds.

As he raised his head coming out of the cave he could see the sky which was yellow and it seems that the sun was setting.

As he got out of the cave he could see campfire that looked like it had been there for a few days, meaning that anyone who was there had gone away a few days ago.


He saw the system notification that had just appeared in front of him and looked at the campfire.

"This campfire must be from the goblins..." Arthur said as he walked closer to the campfire as he could see the footsteps. "Goblin footsteps..." He said immediately recognizing the steps.

The then touched the footsteps and imbedded it with mana and pulling the mana back out and had it covering his eyes.

He know the goblin tracks and saw that they headed east.

He bent down with his legs touching to the ground and jumped with all of his might. The strength that was in his legs was a lot and allowed him to jump high in the sky.

As he flew to the top he could feel the air brushing against his armor heating up a bit.

As he fell down from the pull of gravity he opened his glider that was built in his suit. He then followed the trace from the sky while gliding down.

He saw from the sky that nature was still a big part of this cloned world.

But he could see small buildings that made from wood and bamboo. The goblins that was near the building looked up a and saw Arthur flying and many were staring above as only birds, dragons and wizards were known to fly in that planet.

However, Arthur just flew pass them and followed the traces of his target.

Eventually, he flew towards wall so white and so tall, that it could be seen from a distance and it looks like there were guards covering the walls of the city.

"Humans? I thought that this is a world filled with goblin's?" Arthur asked himself.

He then glided down near the wall and tried finding the trace of the goblin.

He eventually found the trace of the goblin using mana but the guards that were guarding the wall noticed Arthur and ran towards him.

The trace of the goblin lead to the entrance of the wall, and that was where the guards were mainly guarding.

Seeing that a man with a unusual design of armor walking closer to the gate, they couldn't help but to be careful.

Arthur's armor is based on the design of the Knights Templar Crusader, and that design, although popular in the 3rd galaxy planets, it was pretty much unknown in the place that he was in.

And to the guards, a armor represented which country or which organization a knight is from, and since Arthur was using a armor that they have never seen before, he might as well be the enemy of the country.

The guards in gambeson armor took out their spears and pointed it to Arthur while surrounding him. "Halt! State your name and reason for visit!" One of the guards said while he sweated.

Even though Arthur's exoskeleton was big and bulky, that wasn't the reason why the guards were scared.

Arthur had a skill that made him look more powerful than he really is. So to the guards, he looked like the most powerful wizard or a high priest. But to some, they thought he had the power of god.

"I am Arthur Behemoth. I came here to apprehend a criminal. Allow me to enter this walls, or else." Arthur said while pulling out his longsword.


Despite seeing the system notification, Arthur had his longsword in his hand just to look more intimidating.

The captain in charge of the squad of guards that was surrounding Arthur run over and threw his beer away as soon as he saw what was happening.

"My Lord! We are sorry for blocking your entrance! We don't mean to make enemies with you but before we let you enter we need some kind of certificate that shows your identity." The drunk captain said.

He might have been drunk, but he knew from Arthur's aura, that he was someone that not even the King could offend.

Arthur, seeing that the guards meant no threat to him, decided to put away his sword and took out something from his inventory and handed it to captain.

The drunk captain became sober after being exposed to Arthur's aura took what Arthur handed to him. It was the Behemoth Dollar that Arthur had created.

Arthur then took off his helmet and showed his face. The captain saw Arthur's face and compared it with the picture in the dollar bill and saw that it matches completely. "Will that be enough?" Arthur asked.

"Y-yes..." The captain said as he looked at the bill confusedly. He then tried giving Arthur back the bill.

"No thanks, you can keep it." Arthur sad while entering the border of the walls. The guards looked at him entering the country and started praying that he wouldn't be a threat to the country.

Arthur kept on following the tracks.

Meanwhile the guards immediately reported this to the Head Of Defense in their country.

"You're telling me that you let a powerful knight in a unidentified armor in the country????" A knight in a silver armor shouted while slapping the captains face.

"If you were there, you would have did the same as I did!" The captain shouted while grabbing the armor of the knight.

"I told you to keep away from the booze when you're on duty!" The knight shouted.

"There were more than a dozen of witness. His power is nothing like I have seen before!" The captain shouted before the knight started laughing.

"Hahahah! Captain Enstek! You're saying a random man that appears in front of the wall is more powerful than me? Are you forgetting who you are talking to? I am the Ranked 2 fighter in the whole kingdom!" The knight laughed.

Captain Enstek sighed and pulled out the dollar bill that Arthur handed to him previously and gave it to the knight.

"What's this?" The knight asked while inspecting the bill.

"It seems like some kind of currency. I want you to check the details properly." Captain Enstek said while pointing towards the money.

The knight started scratching the bill with his fingernails and nodded his head. "It seems like a currency that I have never seen before, but there are a lot of security on it to avoid it being replicated. It looks like a real currency to me, but I don't know what country it is from. But it is certainly from a powerful one considering the security that this currency has." He said.

"Now look at the face. Who do you think that is?" Captain Enstek said while pointing on Arthur's face that was on the bill.

"It must be the leader of the country, from how he looks, he must be a King." The Knight said.

The captain's jaw dropped and his eyes widened as he heard what the knight said. "Oh crap!" He shouted. "The guy that we stopped is the guy in the bill!" The captain shouted.

The knight started sweating as he realized that they were close to making a foreign king a enemy.

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