Rise of the Desperate: Donald Carter's Zombie Survival Guide

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Rise of the Desperate: Donald Carter's Zombie Survival Guide

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Donald Carter never expected to see a colleague turn into a zombie and bite another co-worker on the first day of his first job. What he also didn't expect was stepping on an exposed cable and getting electrocuted trying to escape the zombies and obtaining lightning powers along with a system. With these new found powers and system, he was determined to survive the apocalypse no matter what. Mega Writing Prompt #003/MWP#003

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189 chapters
Chapter 1: First Day on the Job
"So, you're the new employee," the man said as he studied Donald up and down."Yes, sir," Donald said as he saluted the man.The man waved him off. "This isn't the military kid. There's no need for that."Donald lowered his arm. "Sorry, I'm just really excited to be here.""Yeah, yeah," the man said as he nodded his head and continued to wave at him. "Follow me."Eagerly following the man, Donald observed his surroundings with wide eyes. It took him several long years to get to this point, but he had finally gotten his dream job at his dream company. He secretly pumped a fist behind the supervisor's back as he thought about all the naysayers telling him that it was impossible for him to get here. Well, look at where he was now.Suddenly, the man turned around, and Donald quickly acted like nothing happened as the man asked, "So, you do know what you're supposed to do, kid?"Sheepishly, Donald shook his head and said, "No."His answer caused the man to scowl, and he muttered to himself
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Chapter 2: Waking Up With a System and Powers
Donald groaned as he opened his eyes. What happened? It felt like he had been zapped with electricity. As he sat up, memories from before he lost consciousness hit him like a truck. That had actually happened. It was a miracle that he hadn't died from being zapped with all that electricity. The thought that followed was of the zombie that had come after him.At the sight of the zombie lying mere inches away from him, he scrambled away to put some distance between them. When it didn't move, he grabbed his ax and poked it with it. It didn't even flinch, and he poked it even harder. Seeing it still frozen, Donald breathed a sigh of relief. The moment passed quickly as he slapped his cheek to knock some sense into him.Just because the one zombie in front of him wasn't moving didn't mean that he was safe yet. His head spun in all directions, searching for signs of other zombies, but there was not a single trace of them anywhere. Well, at least the moving ones. There were several bodies or
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Chapter 3: Leaving the Building (1)
[The power to manipulate electricity has been designated as the user's main power.][From now on, whenever the user defeats a zombie, the user will be able to earn points that can be used to boost the user's electricity powers.]That was both great and not so great news for him. Donald could become stronger by defeating zombies, but that also meant he had to actively seek out zombies to fight unless he chose to wait for them to come to him. He grimaced at both ideas, but the lesser of the two would be to confront the zombies himself. At least then it would be on his terms."What about my fire powers? Will I be able to boost them too?" he asked.Unfortunately, the user has chosen electricity to be their main power, so the user can't boost their fire powers.]Donald scowled at the lost opportunity. While he wanted to argue the fairness of the situation, he bit his tongue. The system did say he was lucky to even have two powers when everyone would only get one. On the bright side, he cou
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Chapter 4: Leaving the Building (2)
Donald didn't get a chance to complain about the results before the other two zombies came lumbering towards him. Raising his ax again, he swung at the closest one with the same result. However, he had to shut his eyes to prevent the bits of zombie flesh from getting into his eyes. Wiping it away from his flesh, he opened his eyes in time to see another message and the zombie about to bite him.In a panic, he stumbled back to get out of its range, only to trip over his feet. He fell on his back with a grunt as the zombie lumbered towards him. Donald scurried on all fours to put some distance between them. His ax had fallen out of his hands and was just out of his reach. Glancing between the zombie and ax, he took the risk of lunging for his weapon again.The zombie threw itself at him as he grabbed the ax. It crashed into his back, and he grunted from the weight. Thinking quickly, he managed to flip them over so the zombie was on its back with Donald crushing it on top. His actions sl
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Chapter 5: Meeting Another Survivor
Donald apparently lucked out, as there were no zombies on the next floor, or at least none he could see. He took a moment to survey the scene as he considered whether he should check the floor before moving on. It was the fourth floor, so he had to go down three more flights of stairs before he could leave the building. Then he could finally see how bad it was outside.He could try checking the situation by looking out the windows, but he had avoided them. While he would like to have a logical reason behind it, the truth was that he was just afraid of heights. As long as he didn't see how far away the ground was, he was fine. Deciding to forgo searching the floor, he headed straight for the stairs, heading for the third floor, when he heard noise.Immediately, he spun around with his ax swinging. His axe hit nothing but air. With a frown, he studied the surrounding area again. It might have been his imagination, but he didn't want to die just because he decided to ignore a possible th
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Chapter 6: Stuck
Teaming up with another person had been the right idea because, as soon as they got close to the third floor, they could hear a lot of movement ahead. Immediately, the duo stopped and covered their mouths to keep themselves from being heard. Hesitantly, they tiptoed to get a closer look and froze when they saw zombies everywhere. It was a literal death trap.The duo instantly rushed back up the stairs while keeping quiet. Since nothing came chasing after them, they must have escaped detection. However, this posed a huge problem for them. There was no way they could even attempt going through the third floor unless they had a death wish. From what they saw, there had to be at least over thirty zombies, and that was only what they could see."What do we do?" Amanda whispered in case the zombies might hear them."What's your power?" Donald asked back.At her confused look, he realized that she didn't know what he was talking about. That meant she didn't have any powers. Why? He got his p
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Chapter 7: End of First Wave
When the hour passed, Donald nearly breathed a sigh of relief. However, it was too soon to celebrate. It was just the first hurdle. They still had to see if Amanda received any powers. The two waited with bated breath to see if a system would pop up and inform her that she had powers. Several moments passed, and as time passed, their hopes got smaller and smaller.Amanda looked at him with a panicked expression. "Am I not going to get any powers?""You might have to do something to get them," he said."Like what?" she hissed. "You can't expect me to electrocute myself like you did."In response to her words, Donald stared blankly at her. She was immediately cowed by his expression and fell silent. While he understood she was frantic, she should know how to speak. He really shouldn't have teamed up with her, but there was no helping it. Maybe he could somehow ditch her somewhere and go solo or find someone else to work with."My system said that it's random," Donald started when a mess
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Chapter 8: Outside or Inside
The problem was that they might not be able to make it back up to the second floor without being seen unless they ran. Would the zombies hear them running back up the steps to go in from the second floor? Donald couldn't imagine their retreat would be quiet, especially as there weren't really any other noises nearby. There was a high chance the zombies would hear them if they didn't see them.However, staying on the steps wasn't an option. It was just asking for trouble if they remained out in the open. Even if these zombies couldn't see them, what if they decided to stop near the fire escape? Then they would be stuck, just like what happened on the fourth floor. There was also no guarantee that other zombies that could see wouldn't pass by right after.Descending the rest of the steps wasn't an option either. The zombies might still be far out, but they might not find a place to hide from the zombies before the zombies reach them. It was too risky to attempt going down the steps only
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Chapter 9: The First Floor
Donald rushed down the stairs just as he saw the first zombie reach the second floor. Luckily, the sounds of the zombies banging on the fire escape door drew their attention. However, he wasn't going to take the chance they might find him, and he hurried away quietly before they knew he was there. Reaching the first floor, he immediately scanned the area for any zombies.He should have checked before descending, but the zombies didn't exactly give him a choice. They didn't even give him a chance to pull out a backup weapon. While keeping an eye open for any zombies, he reached into his bag for one of the box cutters. As he rummaged through the bag, he couldn't help cursing himself for losing Amanda's bag.There was no way he could have saved it, but he still mourned the loss of all the supplies she carried. They could have helped him survive through this mess. Finally, finding the item, he pulled it out as he slowly inspected the area. Strangely, there were no zombies here either. The
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Chapter 10: Fighting Zombies For No Points
"What's going on?" Donald muttered to himself as he didn't fail to notice that he didn't get any notification about defeating the zombie. "Is there some kind of error?"[The system detects no errors.]The only possibility that Donald could think of was that some zombies weren't worth a point. What else could it be? He grumbled at the unfairness of the situation when he heard movement. Immediately, he spun around as his eyes darted around to pinpoint where it was coming from. It was silent, but Donald refused to accept it at face value.Donald got off the zombie while remaining in the squatting position. Holding the knife in front of him, he moved slowly away as he searched for the hidden figure. Since they weren't outright attacking him, it couldn't be a zombie. It had to be a survivor. The question was if they were on his side or not. He really hoped they weren't an enemy.Suddenly, he saw a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye. Snapping his head in that direction, he was sta
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