Early Access System Volume 2: Age Of The New Behemoth

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Early Access System Volume 2: Age Of The New Behemoth

By: ChadGuy45 OngoingSystem

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After being summoned to the Tower Of Deos and getting the diary tagt his father has left him, Arthur Behemoth II has used the identity of his father to to take over half of the lower floors in the tower. But now, he wants more. He wants take over the tower and exact his revenge for his father! This novel is the second volume of the first Early Access System novel. Please read the first novel before this novel. Donation: PayPal.me/ChadGuy45 (The link is case sensitive)

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73 chapters
Chapter 1: Back Again
(This book is a sequel to "Early Access System Volume 1". Please read that book before you read this one.)The Tower Of Deos, a mysterious building in the center of the universe, created by the universe to give power to every humanoids in the universe.Trillions of galaxy moving around in the universe with an unlimited amount of creatures in them.The 3rd level galaxies that consists of only normal humanoids and no magic.The 2nd level galaxies that consists of multiple humanoids and where magic is used to make the individuals stronger.And the 1st world galaxies that are homes to the ones below the demigods, The Titans. Humanoids so powerful that one of them could conquer a whole 3rd galaxy planet in a matter of seconds.But that is not all. Through all the creations, the universe has broken itself creating new life, ones that have power that resembles the one of the universe, they are called the constellations, and mostly known by 3rd world galaxy inhabitants, demigods.Although the
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Chapter 2: Honorary Citizen
Arthur was still following the trace of the goblin criminal, he saw many other goblin's in the walls of the kingdom, but most of them looked elegant and didn't carry the trace of the criminals.The place he was currently walking was still looking like a city with horses and carriage and people here looked decent, however the path that Arthur was walking to was very different. There were no brick roads, no proper buildings, in fact, the place he was going to, is no different from a jungle."A jungle inside a kingdom like this?" Arthur asked himself. "Well, I guess they still need a source of clean oxygen." He added.He could hear his sole crushing the leaf under him, and with the mana enhcancing his realization of his surroundings, the sound of the crush was loud.But he kept on walking through the green woods. "Kahhh!" Arthur could hear a kid scream. "The goblins!" He shouted knowing that whatever that he heard must he the work of the goblins.Instead of walking, he started running
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Chapter 3: Bread
[MISSION 3 COMPLETE! CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING AN HONORARY CITIZENSHIP! PLEASE HEAD TO AN INN AND STAY THERE FOR A WHOLE DAY!]Arthur saw the system notification and started getting tired and realized that this gate might take longer to clear. Arthur saw one if the guards that was right in front of the building that he just came out from and walked towards him. "I am new here so would you mind leading me to a inn to stay at?" Arthur asked.The guard that was approached stood still with the suffocating aura that Arthur didn't meant to realease and nodded.As Arthur arrived at the Inn another system notification popped up,[PLEASE STAY AT THIS INN FOR ONE NIGHT AND LEAVE IN THE MORNING]Arthur sighed and went to the counter, "I would like a full course lunch, and get me a room for the night." Arthur said while taking out his Behemoth Bills to pay."That will be 5 large copper coins." The waitress at the counter said with a smile.Arthur then froze as heard this. '5 large copper coins.
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Chapter 4: Manifesto
Just beside the captain was the knight in silver armor, the knight looked shocked as he saw the armored Arthur barging in the room.The captain stood still and immediately took his medicine to stop shaking in front of Arthur."I need you to distribute all of this breads to all of the orphans and everyone in need." Arthur said before taking out one percent of the bread that he had in his inventory.The room was almost filled with bread and Arthur had to put all of the bread back in his inventory. "Uhh, yes sir. But I'm afraid that might cause you a few silver for the transportation." The captain said.Arthur then took out a gold coin and put it on the captains table. "That should cover it. And that is not the only bread that I have. I will pile everything outside the building." Arthur said before walking out of the building and leaving all of his bread right in front of it.As the captain came out of the building he saw the mountain of bread covering the sun from shining on him. The k
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Chapter 5: The Plan
The royal knights, guards and even soldiers have been dispatched by the King in the name of national security and were tasked to dispose of all the posters that was in the city. However, Arthur wasn't just in the city, he was spreading the posters throughout everywhere in the kingdom.And he started getting more aggressive and used all of the magical skills that he could to get everyone in the kingdom to see his posters.And with the old man back in the library printing those posters non-stop, Arthur was already known in the whole city.And since the message in the poster resonated with the people, he started getting a lot of attention while the people of the kingdom started rebelling against the establishment of the kingdom.As the king walked to his balcony, but all he could see was angry protestors that was crowding the gates of his castle. "What the heck is happening???" He asked the guard that was just beside him."Sir, it seems that the posters that the mysterious man have star
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Chapter 6: My Sacrifice to Bear
The guards looked at each other and took out their spears to start spearing the protestors.Arthur saw this and using his superspeed stats he stopped all of the spears from being driven into the bodies of the protestors that followed him and threw the guards away."People! Look at the guards that were meant to protect you! They are now just pawns of the king to stop all of you! It is clear that the king does not care for you, nor will he do anything for you!" He shouted and making his voices be heard amongst the crowd.The people couldn't believe that the guards that were always protecting them have already turned against them. But the most unbelievable part was Arthur stopping all of the attacks in a blink of an eye."Hero!" One of the protestors shouted. It was obvious. Arthur had levitated in the sky with the light of the sun making him look divine, he had stopped the guards at a speed inconceivable to the naked eye, all of this points to only one thing, Arthur is a being sent by
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Chapter 7: Interference?
[CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE MADE YOUR NAME KNOWN ACROSS THE KINGDOM! MISSION 4 COMPLETE! PROCEED TO LOCUS?]Arthur smiled, "Proceed to locus," He said before he was teleported to the spawn area.He was expecting to arrive at the 20th floor spawn area, but as he look at the signboard that was beside him, his jaw dropped to the floor."The 24th floor???" He shouted before everyone around him noticed Arthur Behemoth. The players that were in the spawn area didn't crowd him but we're using their mana cameras to take pictures of him and were calling using their mana phone.Arthur then teleported to the 10th floor of the Information Guild branch. As he arrived at the building, Sun Wukong shook Arthur's hand. "Well, I knew that you could clear a gate easily but I didn't know it was this easy for you." Sun Wukong said."What do you mean?" Arthur asked."You cleared 4 floors in a day, right?" Sun Wukong asked while raising an eyebrow."In a day???" Arthur asked as he took a step back and thoug
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Chapter 8: Sun Wukong
"I understand, but the the members of this Guild has found something very interesting, and that is the Pro-Behemoth Guild has receive something from the Behemoth Guild. So it's best that we be wary of what they might bring in the battlefield since they won't be the same people that we fought few days ago." Arthur said while took out the report that the Information Guild investigators has given him."I agree, and it is very important to us that we get the most support that we can for this war." Thor said while handing over a paper that contains a list of what the Hammer Guild needs.Arthur then took the paper and read the list, it wasn't much, they just needed some mid-tier quality armor and weapons considering that the previous faction war has broken a lot of the armor that they used to have."I can supply you this much. But I won't be giving you mid-tier quality armor and weapons, instead I will be giving you cold iron armor, it's the best that the Murim Player Alliance could provide
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Chapter 9: Stealth
After dealing with much of the problems back at the 10th floor, Arthur decided to continue his journey in climbing the tower.Although his plan to transport all of the players from the 10th floor to 9th floor doesn't seem plausible anymore, since he had gotten a report that the guild wouldn't be able to afford that and will only be able to spread the message to all the players in the tower to go the 9th floor.Arthur then teleported to the 25th floor, he was just 5 floor away from the 30th floor which was the floor that the Behemoth Guild was trying so hard to block.He jumped above the roof of the buildings and jumped across one after the other, running around at high speeds wouldn't work anymore, if he was caught by any members of the Behemoth Guild, only God knows what might happen to him.He finally arrived at one of the buildings that was just near the portal gate of the 26th floor. He stood on the roof and looked at he portal, it was guarded by a few Behemoth Guild members. 'Hmm
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Chapter 10: The 25th Floor
Arthur has successfully entered the gate, he was expecting it to be much different as the previous gate since that was the norm, but this one feels similar, too familiar.He was inside the library of the old man of the previous gate he went to. "What the heck is going on..." He said before realizing that his clothing's was also changed to the ones that he wore to attend the protest, he was in his navy blue suit.And he could hear that the library was surrounded. But before he could get out of the building the old man walked up to him."You're not gonna keep them waiting aren't you?" The old man asked."Who are talking about?" Arthur asked while looking around."For god sake, your supporters are outside of this library shouting out your name but you haven't realized it yet?" The old man asked.Arthur shook his head and slapped both of his own cheeks, "Sorry, I've gotten a bad headache. What do that want?" Arthur asked before sitting down on one of the sofa at the library."What else? T
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