Supreme Guardian of Earth

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Supreme Guardian of Earth

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"I hate Hunters!" Dinan hates Hunters, they arrived late when their parents died and were killed by monsters that came out of the dimensional portal. Dinan lives in poverty with his brother, Dion. He has to take care of Dion and support his life. Dinan is always assisted by Agra's uncle who gives him a job and always helps him. After Uncle Agra died to protect Dinan from monsters. Dinan performed Hunter's power and took the test in the tower. Reaching the highest test floor, he met the Guardians of the Earth who made him the successor. Dinan was belittled by the Hunters, even by the National Hunters. However, Dinan kept his strength hidden. He was trusted by Aline to become part of the Hunter Association and save the world. The powerful Dinan must stop the monsters from the dimensional portal as well as from the invasion of Giganos and his army from the planet Cyprus.

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    Supreme Guardian Of Earth

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Latest Chapter
185 chapters
1. Monster Invasion
In 2030, Paris The streets looked deserted, and Dinan walked home from work. He worked for uncle Agra who single-handedly guarded a small Convenience Store on the banks of the Seine. The minimarket where Dinan works is near Les Deux Colombes Restaurant. He went home to bring the Bread given by Agra's uncle to his younger brother, Dion. His Brother is still young, still in junior high school. Dinan left him to work at a convenience store owned by Agra's uncle. It must be that at this time, Dinan had just returned home from school. Dinan brought a packet of bread and drinks, He would go home for a while to rest and prepare to go back to the convenience store to help uncle Agra. He continued to walk down the streets on the edge of large buildings. He walked into a small hallway, went into the alley, and found a small house that had been destroyed here and there. He walked into a rented house inhabited by many poor people. The rented house was already in sight, Dinan knocked on the do
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2. The Strongest Enemy
Appears A button on the counter, and Dinan presses it. A door opened from behind the armored wall. It turned out to be a cramped room, probably only enough for two people. Dinan put Dion in it. In the small room was wrapped food, enough for some time. Dinan felt that he was a troublesome person. He felt weak now, he remembered that his two people died because of protecting him and his brother. This must not be repeated. Uncle Agra has always helped him, even though he lives alone he often visits Dinan's house, and sometimes helps to give money to supplement his brother's tuition. No longer! Dinan must not continue to trouble others. Dinan now has to decide, he doesn't want to be a burden anymore. Dinan looked at his frightened brother, "Wait here, Brother will pick up uncle Agra. You can't go out at all. No matter what happens, don't go out and eat bread and drink here. Dion was frightened, but Dinan gave encouragement and for Dion to be brave. There was
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3. Beginning Hunter
Dinan watched the combat power of uncle Agra, Dinan did not expect uncle Agra had such great strength. Uncle Agra uses a large portable yellow magic shield, which resists the attack of the crab monster boss. However, the Shield was broken due to a powerful attack from the Monster Boss. Uncle Agra bounced along with Dinan who was bouncing along, they stared at the wall. Uncle Agra was injured, and Dinan was also injured because of the attack from the Monster Boss. Dinan woke up and saw uncle Agra struggling to get up. On the other side, the soldiers hid behind the car on the side of the road or the pole, they kept shooting at the big crab monster boss. Uncle Agra was more hurt by making shields for himself and Dinan. Dinan's back was sore, it seemed to be bruised. Dinan tried to get up, he headed towards Uncle Agra who was seriously injured. Dinan helped uncle Agra get up. "You're okay Uncle?" Dinan held under the shoulder of Uncle Agra's right hand. Helping Uncle Agra to wake up,
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4. Level
The tower exam started, and Dinan and Raymond together started their test in the first-floor exam. Prang! Brakk! The sound of guns clashing. Dinan so powerfully slammed his sword and collided with the wood belonging to the short green man. The green creature's wooden sword broke, and Dinan's weapon pierced the creature's shoulder. One Goblin was killed. So strong, Dinan's sword stuck in the creature's body and was difficult to lift. Raymond was shaking and couldn't even move. Raymond was so scared he fell. One of the green creatures hit Dinan. Dinan fell and a strong blow hit his head. Beepppp! Physical reinstall starts... 3... 2... 1... Ready! Dinan's eyes opened again. Dazzled. The light began to dim, there was an arched door and the glowing man with a cloth wrapped around his head greeted him back. "Welcome, Hunter Dinan!" The glowing man looked at Dinan. Dinan began to understand, he was revived. "You will be ready to start the revival, please go through this door." Th
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5. Important Secret
51st floor [You are in Middle Earth, a place separated from the world and tower dimensions] The guide man sat at the table, and Dinan was asked to sit down too. After going through 50 floors and fighting boss monsters from each floor. Dinan has got strong skills. The administrator was interested in Dinan, he brought him to Middle Earth. The administrator had been watching Dinan ever since he was alone on the 11th floor and was fighting alone against monsters. He exceeded the Administrator's expectations. Countless deaths from fighting powerful monsters. Dinan did not give up and did not care about the pain. "My name is Kasa. I appreciate your strong determination, Dinan. I'm going to give you two important pieces of information that will make you choose whether to hold on to the 100th floor or quit." Correct! So far, Dinan has experienced the pain of death and has been re-installed. Is there a secret that this exam tower is hiding? "Okay, Ka .., Kasa. I will listen to it!” Kasa
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6. Floor 99; Ten Million Uzain
The buildings fell apart like the apocalypse happened and there were no humans at all. Quiet. Dinan entered a city, skyscrapers filled his view. The streets were deserted and only cars could be seen stopping on the side of the road. Lonely and no people. [Defeat the King of Hell, Belial. The pinnacle of all evil! Defeat Belial, you will pass on the 99th floor and enter the 100th floor] King of Hell, Belial! The king of hell, it seems Dinan must prepare well. He put on strong armor and prepared to fight against Belial. I don't know what kind of enemy will come out and it must be a very strong enemy since this is the 99th floor. The enemy that will appear must be stronger than all the floors he has completed. Every monster that appears on the floor that goes up, is all enemies that are adapted to the floor. Higher rewards, higher achievements, and of course the level will increase. "Status!" Dinan wanted to see his status. Experience +50 Strength 79 Level 80 Death Strong Skills
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7. The King of Hell Appears!
The number of Uzain who continue to attack Dinan is endless. Dinan continued to carry out his powerful attacks and knocked out every Uzain who attacked him. Dinan didn't want to die anymore, he had found a way to strengthen the strength of the armor and the strength of the robe. Dinan buys in the shop and uses big points to raise the Defense Armor level to the top. Likewise, with his long robe, he increased his level because it was very strong against any kind of heat. The fight starts again. Uzain's troops continued to attack, but Dinan blocked them with his full sword strength. The Fire Dragon's sword even created a dragon shadow that was able to shoot out of its blade and devour all Uzain within its reach. [You killed 50 Uzain, 1,500,000/10,000,000] Blaarrr! A huge explosion occurred from the pile of Uzain that had already mounted high above Dinan. Dinan was hit by a fire that was as big as a large nuclear explosion and destroyed an island at a time. [You resisted King of Hell
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8. Belial and Hundredth Floor
Dinan survived the Fire that exploded all over the place, Belial's strength was extraordinary with his blazing fire. [Defense Armor resists fire from Belial! 20 percent damage] The Defense Armor has been upgraded to the highest level but can still be penetrated by Belial's power. It was incredible the power of the fire that was emitted from Belial's explosion. Dinan felt a tremendous heat, He came within the range of Belial's huge explosion. Belial shouted again and saw Dinan who was blown away by the explosion of the fire earlier. "Ever since I was created, I've been waiting for this moment. I'm waiting for a human to come for me to kill. I was created to block humans who would pass through this dimension. Since then I waited until now, I'm bored! You came too, Human!” Dinan was surprised, this was the first time he had found a monster that could talk to humans. And he said that all this time it was created? This means that he was specially created in this tower to become a barri
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9. Kasa from Planet Ahkasa
The 100th floor will soon be entered by Dinan, he doesn't know what kind of enemy he will face. Just one more step to complete the tower. Dinan just wants to graduate and meet his younger brother. Then, the secret to changing the world could be revealed if he cleared the 100th floor. What secret was there in it? Is that possible? [ Rewards and achievements are being counted ] Dinan sat down and stabbed his sword at Belial's back who was already motionless. Dinan also thought that in front of him there was still the 100th floor. One more step to complete the tower and get information about resetting the world. Bring back his parents' lives? Was his parents' death related to the test tower? Question after question entered Dinan's mind. Dinan feels that he is strong enough to protect his family at this time. Before entering the 100th floor, Dinan wanted to rest for a while and enjoy the air on the 99th floor. From the first floor until now, Dinan never rested and always struggled to
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10. The Cyprus
[ Hunter Dinan, welcome to the 100th floor ] Dinan was moved like a shard of light separating his body. Splash! [ Abras, Creator of towers around the world awaits you ] Floor 100? And here is where the creator of the tower's power? His name is Abras. Will Dinan fight against the creator of the tower? The figure who created the test tower, must be a very strong person since he has produced many humans with high abilities. They become Hunters and have abilities with their respective strength criteria. The room that Dinan now sees is like being in space with sparkling stars and galaxies that look dazzling. A creature like a human was turning his back on Dinan. He wears a look wearing armor on his head. A long robe covered the man's back. The figure in front of Dinan turned around and a man with a face covered by a helmet armor. All over his body, he also wore armor that covered his entire body. The armor looked very strong and shiny. No warning like status visible. Dinan feels this
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