Chapter 63 Shape Shift


The sun was obstructed, making the hell-like city much more terrifying, horrid, and gloomy.


Broken glasses, bloodstains, and scattered corpses laid a straw, the whispers of the deceased, the sound of screams, and steps.

The corrupted flesh yearns for the living to become one with them, but it desires only to devour. 

Even under the darkness, even the man of war would call the place a nightmare. Even though it was 16:00 pm, it was no different from the evening.

Manasi and Ben could be seen rushing. Their steps sounded like the splashing of water.

They did not mind the bad weather or slippery pavement that they walked on; they destroyed any corrupted corpses on their way and helped the civilians.

At the intersection, they have to part ways, and Ben will be going to the Sky Arc to operate it while Manasi will be going to the church orphanage.

"Boss, I will move in this way...." Ben said and first bumped i

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