Ensorcellors: The Tales of Encrest

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Ensorcellors: The Tales of Encrest

By: Suconcious CompletedFantasy

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Carter and his family moved into the mansions of meverly - which was said and rumored as the "home of the lost peculiars" One night, he and his siblings found out amidst a secret enchanted garden which was a gateway to a different dimension that led them into the lands of Encrest - a world where fantasy and magic itself is real; wherein elves, fairies, and other mythical and mystical beings exist, also a kingdom which he didn't know it exists behind the very door they discovered, a world that would finally accept him as to who he is. As they delve deep into it out of curiosity, Carter and his siblings got separated as they got inside the portal - which was the only gateway between the real world and the realm of Encrest. It got destroyed because of the infiltration of the bandit of elves - also known as the Kages, that steals precious gems and pieces of jewelry for their wicked schemes. Fortunately, He met Raven and saved him from one giant boulder of rock that was almost about to hit Carter. That is where his tale and adventure begins as he was invited to a prestigious school by Krystelle and met more friends along the way and there he learned sorcery and magic to fight evil peculiars, to find his siblings, and to find a way back to their real world.

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  • tiramisyu


    hii this is great.. please keep going! 👍🏻 do you have any social media to discuss your story further?

    2021-07-22 16:18:07
  • Suconcious


    My work! pls support!

    2021-05-26 21:50:57
  • JGayle Bobo


    looking forward to a good read

    2022-06-01 00:29:41
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80 chapters
[ETOEB1//01//] Caught up in a Nightmare
Chapter 01 Caught up in a Nightmare Carter's POV:   "Azerin... Azerin... Azerin..."   Strange voices from unknown creatures were calling out to me, whispering to me. Everything was dark and blurry, not even seeing a glimpse of their faces as though they were without form, but only their very existence surrounded me.   Suddenly, a flash of light focused on my face from above as those evil creatures out of the light tried to approach me.   My heart was pounding loudly, and I wanted to scream, but my lip was frozen, and something was holding my mouth shut.   I suddenly became aware that I was lying on a rough, flat surface. I also felt that my body was paralyzed and that my eyes were the only organ I could move to this dark and lurking place. I didn't have a clue where I was.   "Azerin... Azerin... Azerin..."   As they keep c
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[ETOEB1//02//] Welcome to Meverly!
Chapter 02 Welcome to Meverly! Carter's POV:   "I told you, Carter, this is a shortcut!" Auselle, my Step-Mom's voice rose upward as if she was singing with a constant tone added with a hum as she happily gave out her statement, glancing back to assure herself that we were listening.   You heard me loud and clear. She is not my real mother. And that is to say...   Yes. You probably figured that out.   A newborn orphan, a homeless child who looked like a sheepskin, lying in a warm basket, covering my fragile, bare, pinkish skin with large banana leaves.   By the time I was nine, my mother had already enlightened me and told me about my unknown past. She found me outside their house. She felt bad seeing me at the time, so she had no choice but to embrace me.   And yet here I stand, Living my life to this day!   What about Ri
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[ETOEB1//03//] Wellhouse and the Enchanted Garden
Chapter 03Wellhouse and The Enchanted GardenCarter's POV:"From now on, we'll stay here." said Mother.Sandra was thrilled to hear it. Since it was also our first time living in the manor.But as for me? Believe me. I'm exactly the other way around"Why here, mother?" Isn't this manor house too big for a family like ours? I mean, since it's just the four of us!" I objected, and I made my complaint as an implicit suggestion."I know. Aren't you even excited to live and roam through this beautiful home that I inherited from my great-great-grandmother?"As I gaze around, I can say that it was wide and spacious even though there were a lot of old items and sentimental objects that occupied the interior space of the room. I still didn't know why mom made the decision to move here.The place did not satisfy my taste, even though it had all the good characteristics and q
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[ETOEB1//04//] The Long Lost Key of Lincoln
Chapter 04The Long Lost Key of LincolnCarter's POV: The galvanized iron roof was already chipped; mosses were growing on the paved walls. The bell was suspended under iron, and the pigments of its outer convex surface were rusted and withered. Even the old rope appeared severed and worn. I attempted to look into the well. It seemed deep, as the walls of the concave interior paving stones that advanced towards the end were enveloped in darkness. "Hello?" That was a dumb idea of me calling for someone in the well. My voice rang out. I could hear my voice bounce out of a deep well. I took one cent out of my pocket and threw it into the well. I expected to hear a coin fall on the water or on the ground, but it did not. Weird. How far is this thing headed? I- "Hmm, looks like you're having some fun..." My heart almost dropped as I heard someone talking from behind. I gasped. "Lincoln, You scared me! I thought I would fall into that pit out of fear! Jeez..." "I am sorry. I had no
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[ETOEB1//05//] The Getaway Housekeeper
Chapter 05The Getaway HousekeeperCarter's POV:"I just found this key in the woods," Ricky asserted when Auselle undressed him."But it appears odd, as a partial half of it is missing." He added, but his voice was mutilated by the turned dress he was bred to remove. As soon as she got Ricky's clothes, she went to the laundry and put the stained clothes on the basket.It might be better for me to keep this key temporarily! You never know what this key might open." His way of speaking was tainted with intention.He then placed the key in his side pocket and left Ricky, Sandra and Carter uncertain.Lincoln, without a flaw, graciously turned his back around, but before he even dared to walk out and flee, I pulled his arm to rotate his body back to face us."Hey!" I halted Lincoln."You cannot take what my brother had-" I
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[ETOEB1//06//] The Curious Minds
Chapter 06The Curious MindsCarter's POV: When I reached the garden, I hid on the side where there were large bushy leaves, so I would not be easily noticed. I carefully kept my distance as far as possible and restrained my steps to make no unnecessary noise of rustling on the ground. The rhythm of the bell was still strong and continual. It was making a noise, but as I was getting closer to the spot to take a look, it became deafening, and I could hear it even louder. I covered my ears, but it didn't serve any purpose. The sound continued to flutter through my eardrums. I just had to stand for it. I tried to look through the brush leaves to see what Lincoln intended to do. First, he pulled the key out of the lace that was around her neck. Second, he approached the edge of the well. He knelt and bent his body to match the height of the well wall.

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[ETOEB1//07//] Temporarily Ordinary
Chapter 07Temporary OrdinaryCarter's POV:"Have you come across Lincoln? It looks like he wasn't here last night," Mom said after sipping her caramel latte.I made my way to the table where Sandra and Ricky were having breakfast."He never even said goodbye. If he was leaving or anything, he should have let us know."We turn our heads toward each other with a serious and thoughtful look, as if we were transmitting signals or messages that we could only understand.It was like our minds were united during these moments. We saw what happened yesterday evening."What have you three been up to?" Mom got skeptical. She placed her cup of coffee at the table, then began to narrow her eyes, and her gaze appeared to sting."It's nothing, mom," Ricky did his best to act normal, but I could see his nose begin to sweat as he repl
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[ETOEB1//08//] Fallacy
Chapter 08FallacyCarter's POV: "Mr. Wister!" Call from the professor. I did not realize the time that I slept in oblivion in my chair, waiting. I quickly raised my head, stood up and saw everyone looking at me, and they were all waiting for a response. "Present, Ma'am! Err... Sir," Most of the students laughed in derision at my error. I immediately removed my hood, unplugged my earphones and confronted the professor with vigilance. "How about you? If you were given a chance at a superpower, what would it be?" What? I do
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[ETOEB1//09//] Call for an Adventure
Chapter 09Call for an AdventureCarter's POV: The minute I got off the bus, I ran and chased Lincoln. Upon my arrival, he vanished. He was not there and I was not able to find him or any trace of his existence. He just magically disappeared out of thin air like a bubble. Did he just teleport himself out to escape? Not only was it just to think about as a blink of an eye, but I'm certain it was Lincoln! First, he took Ricky's key that he found in the woods; second, he jumped into the well from the garden; and now this? Jeez, I no longer know what to think! I don't know what Lincoln was planni
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[ETOEB1//10//] The Siblings' Scheme
Chapter 10The Siblings' SchemeCarter's POV: "The unknown awaits and its calling for us, so let's delve into the depths of the mystery, unfolding the secrets that lie beyond our sight. I reckon," she answered in a sinister and poetic tone. "Now that is what I call fun! We have a mission! Yipee!" said Ricky with a cheerful voice. He jumped hysterically, and his enthusiasm was greater than I imagined."Uh, What did you just say?" I was taken aback by the confusion."There's no denying that you're as curious as I am. You wouldn't let a day go by with no answers. Would you, Carter?" said Sandra.She then smirked, raised her left eyebrow towards me, indicating a sign to seek my concurrence with what she was trying to determine."What's going on up there? Come down for dinner, children!" Mother ca
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