The Chronicles of a Mage God

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The Chronicles of a Mage God

By: Benjamin_Jnr OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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🏆["Silver Medal" in Fantasy Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"]🏆 Lukas Bellingham, a 21 year old youth dies from an illness that is dominant in males in their family. But that's not where it ends. He wakes up in the body of a boy, in a world where everything is the opposite of Earth. A world where Mortals become Gods. Will Lukas be swallowed in such a world or will he rise against all challenges and become a Deity which all mortals look up to?


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89 chapters
The Beginning
-St Paul Hospital; London, England.-In a rundown hospital in the slums of England, a young man with bald head and rough face lay down on a bed with his face facing the ceiling.Flies hovered around him and Mosquitoes sucked his blood. His skin was rough with festered wounds all over his body. The sheet used to cover his bed was dirty.A normal person would vomit on the spot on seeing such a sight but the young man didn't mind. His face was blank without any expression. The reason was simple. According to the Doctor, he would die this week.Lukas had been in this hospital for the past 5 months. He had been transferred from Major hospitals in the country to this rundown hospital.Pounds upon Pounds had been spent in order to heal him but to no avail. After exhausting all the funds his parents had to heal him, they died from stress and overworking.Lukas knew that there was no cure for the illness he was suffering from. He had already resigned to his fate. As a person who'd been sick f
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Lukas opened his eyes and found himself in a room. The room was spacious, the walls were painted white, the bed was soft and the sheets smelled nice. Lukas looked around the room and fixed his gaze on the door. There were voices behind the door. It sounded like a woman and a man were discussing something. Lukas removed his gaze from the door and looked outside. As he was admiring the view from the window the door pushed open and a person entered.The person who entered the room was a young woman who looked to be in her mid twenties. She wasn't tall, probably 5'2 with brown hair and green eyes. She was dressed in a gray camisole and gray slippers. She wasn't beautiful but her face was very pleasant to look at. She walked towards where Lukas lay before sitting on a chair opposite him. She and Lukas looked at each other for over a minute before he coughed and looked away."How is your arm?" She asked. Her voice was very soothing to the ears. Lukas found himself lost in her voice befor
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It has been 2 weeks since Lukas left with Tasha to join the military academy. The registration process was smooth. He was given a card with his details on it. Since he had no last name the name Lukas was the only thing printed on the card. His age was set to 10. After all the necessary procedures Tasha left him; she had her own business to attend to.Lukas was sitting on a chair in a classroom. There was a male teacher in front of him. There were also four children around the same age as him in the classroom. He was being taught how to read and write. The teacher was easygoing; he cracked jokes here and there to make the kids less tense. They had to be literates before they joined the main academy. All students in the academy had to be literate. Lukas paid serious attention to what was being taught. It was absolutely necessary for him to be literate. Information about this world was in the library, and he couldn't learn about them if he couldn't read; so he made literacy a priority.
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It has been 2 years since Lukas joined the academy. His life at the academy had been pretty straightforward. He woke up everyday and did a series of exercises, training his body; then went to school.He had made his way into the main academy after spending a year learning basic knowledge about this world. He was as knowledgeable as one could be at his age.Lukas wasn't a loner. He had made some friends in the academy during his first six months mainly because of his looks and smarts. He had topped the monthly exams as soon as he transferred into the main academy.During his stay here he found out that a lot of people were considering staying in the military for the rest of their lives. He had also figured that they were 3 types of people in the military. The first type included people whose parents had ties to the military or were in the military themselves and wanted their children to be placed in certain positions when they were of age.The second type were people who had suddenly
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Awakening (I)
-Zik Capital City, Aegis Empire-The capital city of the Aegis empire was bustling more than usual. The cars were 10 times the usual number that usually drove the roads. People of different races filled the streets walking in different directions.A middle aged man and his son were among the people walking on the streets. The usually vacant road they took home was filled to the brim. His son, no older than 7 years noticed the unusual bustling of the city and turned to his guardian."Papa, why are there so much people on the streets today?"The middle aged man smiled at his son and replied."It's the awakening test today.""Awakening? What's that?" The boy asked; his face filled with curiosity.The middle aged man frowned. Damn this son of his. Him asking this question meant that his son rarely paid attention in class. This was basic knowledge that should have been drilled into his son's brain. He made a mental note to meet with his teacher the next day."It's the test taken by most ki
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Awakening (II)
"Miss, we're here" the driver said to Ayleen as the car came to a stop. Ayleen and Bella alighted the car and came face to face with a skyscraper. The building was about 100 meters in height, and it had a majestic look to it. It was the Awakening center.The awakening center wasn't just for testing the children, it was the place were awakened gathered for different purposes. It housed everything that the awakened needed in the Aegis empire. It was more of a headquarters for the awakened.Ayleen and Bella made their way into the crowded building, getting looks from the people inside due to her looks and how expensively she dressed. She didn't let it distract her and walked with utmost confidence to the floor designated for awakening with Bella on her tail.At the awakening center they were many kids chattering to themselves, trying to get the nervousness out of their system. As Ayleen and Bella entered the wide room all eyes turned to them and the chattering died down. It was soon repl
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Awakening (III)
As Lukas walked towards the room, he could feel all eyes on him. Lukas paid them no mind and continued on his way to the room. He soon got to the room, disappearing from everyone's sight.Entering the room, Lukas found himself facing three people, 2 men and a woman. There was a table in the middle of the room; a transparent orb on it. One of the people seated broke the silence."Come forward, put your hands on the orb and try to feel the mana in it. The brighter the orb the higher your score. Go on, start."Lukas went and did as he was told, his heart pounding. He put his hand on the orb, closed his eyes and felt for mana.There. He could feel it. There were stars in the vast world he found himself in. Each of the stars were tied to each other by a thin white thread. Lukas started to untie the threads tied to the stars. As he untied one of the stars it let out a light in the space he was. 1 star, 3 stars, 7 stars. Lukas soon found himself lost in a trance as he kept untying the threa
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Lukas entered the room for the second time and saw the three judges still seated. The judges signaled him to go to the same table and put his hand on the orb. Lukas did as he was told and soon enough the orb started emitting a pale blue light."That's enough boy." One of the judges said. Lukas removed his hands from the orb and looked at the judges.The three judges looked at each other, discussed for over 2 minutes before nodding their heads. They had come to a conclusion. One of the judges cleared his throat before announcing."Lukas Kerr, you have successfully awakened as a Mage. You may leave now."Lukas nodded his head before exiting the room. His expression was stoic as he walked towards the exit but internally his heart was beating furiously! He was ecstatic. He had successfully awakened! It was taking everything he had not to burst out in joy. He held it in and walked towards the elevator. He wondered what had become of his friends in the military. Out of everyone who came t
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Leaving the Academy
Lukas woke up to the sound of his alarm ringing. He turned over and turned off the alarm before looking at the time on the clock. 7:20 am. Lukas lay on his bed for a while before taking off his nightwear. He put on his bathrobe and entered the bathroom to take his bath.He awakened as a Mage 2 days ago. Today was the day he was leaving the academy. He had been planning for this day since he entered the academy.He studied intensely and took 1st place in every monthly exams held. He had accumulated a total of 3 gold from the exams as he spent his money sparingly. 3 gold was 30,000 coppers. It was a huge sum for him. He had already packed all his clothes the yesterday. There wasn't much to pack though, just a couple of shirts, jeans and his shoes.Lukas exited the shower and dried himself off. He wore a black shirt, black jeans and white sneakers before grabbing his backpack. He took one last room at the dorm. It had been his home for the past 4 years. He felt grateful to the militar
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Aegis Imperial High School
"Thank you for using our services. Here is my card, you can contact us-"Lukas slammed the door before the cab driver could finish advertising his services. Services my foot! Lukas swore never to use their services again. The reason was fairly simple. During the journey, he fell asleep and dozed off for about 2 hours.When he woke up he found out that he had barely moved from the spot he dozed off! As if that wasn't enough, the whole ride was very bumpy and uncomfortable. Lukas regretted not using the train. The train t-fare was 200 copper notes, so he didn't consider boarding one.Needless to say he now understood the ancient proverb 'Penny wise, pound foolish'. Exorbitant prices and bumpy rides, he wasn't using their services ever again!Lukas walked towards the entrance, following the signboards to navigate himself. Soon enough he found himself at the entrance. He didn't move forward again, his mouth gaping wide. The first thing that came to his mind was huge.There was a very hu
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