[ETOEB1//48//] Fortune Telling

Chapter 48

Fortune Telling

Carter's POV:

"Hey, Carter !? Are you alright?"  Trax asked with much concern.

"Yeah, I'm good."  I plainfully answered.

"Well, it seems to me that you are not. It wasn't like you back there when you fought Wizberth? You were almost about to kill him."  He said.

"Did I?!"  I asked him confusingly.

"Are you out of your mind?! Unbelievable."  Sei then scoffed.

"We were looking everywhere for you and Flare! Where were you?" 

The Ensorcellor with a tied Dreadlocks hair at the end and a chocolate colored skin tone, asked Wizberth when he got up from his crutch. You can see he has almost more scars than me from the fight we won.

"I was at my dorm, together with Flarion."  Wizberth answered.

"I told you Ly," another Ensorcellor proclaimed his assumption. His hair was gray. Same as his eyes.  He has a band on his forehead with a written sign or sym

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