The Awaited One

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The Awaited One

By: Lawrence OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Lawrence Rosen, a past VR pro gamer, retired from playing after the incident which claims his son's life. He opened an hotel in Texas which is now the only 5 star hotel in Texas. His best friend Walker, who he has not seen for years came visiting, and informed him about the latest VR game in town "World 2". but he refused, his friend forced him to which he later agreed. On the day they were supposed to get their VR pod, and anomaly changed the world into a game world. Lawrence Rosen, unknown to him that he has been chosen by the creator, to become The legendary character in this new world. He was set on the part to become the strongest and to alter the storyline of the new world. Find out more about the new life of Lawrence Rosen, by reading the novel "THE AWAITED ONE".

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Lawrence Rosen
It was a bright sunny monday afternoon, in a well spacious and ventelated room, was a dark skinned man, sitting behind a large mahogany desk, with him was his office laptop just pressing the button on it. He was the manager of Fidels multi-million company one of the most affordable hotels in the wholeole of the United States, located in Texas. Picking up the phone he received a call from the receptionist at the ground floor. "Sir a man is here, he said he wants to see you, but he doesn't have an appointment with you today" a sweet female voice said from the other end of the land line. "What's his name please" Rosen asked politely. " His name is Mr Walker sir" The receptionist answered. "Let him in" He said. "Hello sir u can go" Turning to the man opposite her, addressed as Mr Walker. "Please how do I identify his office?" Mr Walker asked. "It's on the third floor sir,the room by your left sir". "Okay thank
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Getting a VR pod?
It was a pleasant Saturday morning, Mr Rosen,was dressed in a black splendid suit, having his breakfast. It was at that time, a knock came on the door. "Yes,who is there?" he asked, with a trace of excitement in his voice. "It's Walker" a voice answered from the other end. "Okay come in". A man dressed in a blue jeans and a white t-shirts, came into a well fornished apartment looked at Texas. "Hey, you look good today, are you going for a date?". Walked said. "Ah ah ha, yes am going for one". Rosen said jokingly. "May I know who the locky one is". Yes, You can, but that will be after the date". " Ah ah ha , you are still the old funny guy i used to know. Walker commented. "Okay now do you know the classes that are present in world 2?" Rosen asked. "Ohh I think I should know". "You think you should, or you know?" World 2 was one of the best VR games in the year 2050. It as three main calssesbwhich are Fighters class Rangers class an
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why Me?
After about twenty eight hours, Lawrence finally woke up. "Where am I?" he said weakingly. "Walker, is this a joke please stop it, I don't like you playing pranks on me" his voice getting serious. SYSTEM NOTIFICATION- "PLEASE ENTER PLAYER'S NAME". "What this? is it our turn already?" SYSTEM NOTIFICATION-"PLEASE ENTER PLAYER'S NAME" "Walker if this is a joke please stop it, or is this how world 2 works" SYSTEM NOTIFICATION- "PLEASE ENTER PLAYER'S NAME, OR A RANDOM NAME WILL BE CHOSEN ". Lawrence Rosen, past VR alias, was "Poker Rod". Even before today, he has made up his mind to choose another name, "EXTERNAL GLORY" SYSTEM NOTIFICATION- FOR THE LAST TIME PLEASE ENTER PLAYER'S NAME" "what the f**k, is this system kidding me? system if you can hear me don't you dear pick a name for me". "ETERNAL GLORY" SYSTEM NOTIFICATION- "HELLO ETERNAL GLORY, WELCOME TO WORLD 2." PLAYER'S NAME- "
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A Guide
[SYSTEM NOTIFICATION]- "YOU HAVE BEEN GRANTED ACCESS TO CHOOSE A SECOND CLASS". "What! so I can get a second class". He asked surprisingly. "Yes this is a gift from God Long". Libran said with a wide smile on his face. "Isn't this cheating, why will he be giving access to a second class?". Harun said angeryly."Are you the one been chosen by the creator?".Rosen said. "You this weakling, do you know i can kill you?". "How? and how did you know am a weakling". He asked weakingly. "Because, I can see your level and stat, and you are just a pitiful level one". "So what's your level"."Father, this man is a bumb a**, can't you use your inspect?". "If I may ask how do I?. he said weakingly. "Oh no, This is your limit, I can't answer any of your f***ing questions again". "Try staring at me for about three seconds and see for yourself". Libran said. "Okay, let me have a try". Rosen responded. [SYSTEM NOTIFICATION]-YOU HAVE UNLOCKED A NEW SKILL INS
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A new Beginning
"Wait"Libran said. "What is it again" Rosen said with a trace of disgust in his voice. "I forgot to inform you about something....."."What?".Rosen interrupted Libran. "What the f**k is wrong with you, I think I will have to do what my son asked me to do, as I can see you are a disrespectful fellow". "Gulp... I - I - am sorry". Rosen said. "That's okay, now listen, you will feel a lot of pains, both physical pain and mental pain, but under no circumstance must you stop the process mid way". Libran warned in a very serious tune. "Okay, I won't try to stop the process mid way, and thanks for the information". Rosen said happyly and brought out the divine artifact from his own inventory. "Activate the Ultimate AI". Rosen said.[SYSTEM NOTIFICATION] - PROCESS TAKES THREE HOURS TO COMPLETE, DO YOU STILL WISH TO CONTINUE?"An holographic screen popped up in from of Rosen which only him can see, he was bumfunded by and time it will take to link with the artifact."What the f**k, three hou
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A new World
[SYSTEM NOTIFICATION] "PROCESS COMPLETED"."Hello, master Eternal Glory". A sweet feminine voice sounded in Rosen's head."Who's that?". Rosen said feeling bumfunded. "It's me, your Altemate AI, Rosie."Ohh okay, The Linking process is complete Libran". Rosen said joyfully. "That's good let me call my son to come release you, so you can explore our world. With your AI you shouldn't encounter any difficulty". "Yeah, please go get that bastard to come release me". Rosen said confidently. "You know, he must not hear you, he can kill you with just the tip of his sword". Libran warned. "What level is he?". Rosen asked curiously". "He is a level fifty five mage warrior"."Okay, I think I will be more respectful to him when he arrives to free me then". Rosen said feeling intimidated. "Good, good he should be on his way". Libran said. "What! how did you contact him that was fast and how?". Rosen said surprisingly. "Well, he made a mental call with him, just like how I can with you" Rosie answ
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First Fight
Seeing this, he sneaked behind the rainbow snake to produce a sneak attack damage. "Critical hit". -30 "Sneak attack" "-20". It was at this moment, that the Rainbow snake, registered the presence of an intruder in its territory. "Shooh"."Shooh"."Shooh". The rainbow snake, beared out its fangs at Rosen.Because of his low reflex, he was just able to dorge two out of the three attacks. "Critical hit" -50[SYSTEM NOTIFICATION] "YOU HAVE BEEN POISED".EFFECTS: SPEED REDUCED BY 30%, AND DEFENSE BY 50%" Rosen could feel that his speed has reduced by a huge margin, having seeing this, he dicided to run in circles, in other to avoid being hit by the Rainbow snake's range attack. The Rainbow snake, noticed what he was up to, sudden stopped its range attack, an sprong on his feet to gain momentum and get near Rosen to be able to use its claws to produce damage on him. It was at the last minute, that Rosen had to use parry.
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The Mistery Village
As the night was fast approaching, Lawrence Rosen was wondering in the forest of luani, finding a safe place to spend the night which has less monster population. On his way,he stumbled across a village, with which its architecture looks strange to the eyes. It is composed of only fiveteen huts, with a gross calculation of six meters away from each other, and three of the building were much taller and bigger than the others. The first taller building was located at the right edge of the village with the other was located at the middle and the last one at the left wing of the village. The mistery of the place was also unknown to his AI. "Rosie, please what's this place called?". He asked feeling uncomfortable with the strangeness of the place. "Master, this place is not in my wide filled of knowledge". Rosie said, which even brought more discomfort to Rosen."Maybe we go check it out, as I can see that it must be a safe place, as there are not much mosters in this settleme
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"Who's there, come out or I find you and kill you". A very angry voice sounded from the inner part of the room.Rosen was shivering when he heard the voice, he had regrets in his mind for not listening for Rosie advice. "Shit, what have I brought upon myself".He complained. "Rosie, please you have to help me out here in planing an escape from this room". He sent his thought mentally to Rosie this time around, in other to avoid being heard by the strange voice who spoke earlier."Hmmm, I warned you earlier master didn't I, so you have to find a way all by yourself to escape from this place". Rosie yelled back at him angeryly for not listening to her advice earlier before embarking on his heist."Okay please am sorry for not listening to you please help me here, I don't want to lose my hard earned expirence points here". Rosen pleaded with a trace of regrets in in eyes. "Well even if I want to help you here, I don't even know the lay out of this place it's not stored in my memory". Rosi
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The strength of a lvl 2 Adventurer
"Okay lad, talks over it time for you to die and loss some experience". Having said so, he unshielded his sword. "Okay sir Ling". Rosen said with a bow. "What a vevel eight uncommon sword, nice thing you got there I will like to see if you can use it or I will have it". Rosen said in a rude manner. "What you have unlocked your inspect skill?". Ling asked surprisingly. "Yes yes sir Ling I have and what will you do about that?". Rosen resulted back. "You you you..." "What happened to you have you gone nuts or what can't you use that your sweet American ancent again". Rosen interrupted Ling in the middle of his sentence. "You tricked me, you imposter". Ling yelled angeryly at Rosen. "How did i tricked you sir Ling?". Rosen asked. "You still even have the balls to ask me such question". Ling responded with hot stem escaping from his ears. "You know you are one such fool to have thought that an adventurer like me will not have unlocked his inspect skill". Rosen explained. "But you are stil
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