Heirs of Magic ( Book two )

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Heirs of Magic ( Book two )

By: Diane Darya OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The continuity of Heirs of Magic Book one ! *********** Magic is everywhere and within everyone's reach, wizards are the most prestigious people in the realm, and the academy of magic is everyone's dream. The magic academy opens its doors to new students, each one seeking their own dream and goal, but all with the certainty that difficult trials will come, only the best will be selected. But what will become of students in the near future? When the year of doom arrives, how many of them will be ready to face the darkness that devours the world? Begining of part two, when the demons takes over and wars begins between mages and demons !!

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Chapter One - Evidence and Corruption
(5th month of the year)"I'm going to pass on the test results now " said the teacher with her hands full of papers " I don't even need to say how disappointing you were.The teacher passed the tests to the students sitting in their seats, with each sheet handed out some sighed with relief, others cried, Murvo in her place prayed in silence for the result, when the sheet was deposited on her desk she was afraid to look, but when he opened his eyes to check the result and had a pleasant surprise."I got 10!! "She celebrated almost crying."Yes, a miracle considering your previous grade " said the teacher who was still nearby."But that test was impossible " she said " and it was still worth two notes, it was too much pressure!The Zod attack messed up the entire school schedule, the teachers took more than a week to recover, and Androuet was still incapacitated for a whole month, in view of this reality it was necessary to cancel the first test of the year, which takes place at the end
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Chapter Two - Retribution
"Did I hear right? Do you want both of us? " asked Merilda without understanding " what does that mean?"Do you know this figure? "Asked the girl showing a locket.The two present looked at the medallion she showed, it was divided into two equal parts of white and black, in the white half there was a black circle, and in the black half there was a white circle, moreover it gave the impression of something constantly changing. movement."In my country this medallion represents the onmyo, which in turn represents yin and yang " the girl said following her explanation " in her idiot and culture I would say that this represents light and darkness."I think I'm getting lost here," Derek was saying, scratching his head."I am the daughter of the priestess of the royal court, I came here with a mission " said Kuzoha " I seek the balance between light and darkness, and this balance is represented by you two."What makes you think that? Merilda asked."You are the white mage that has already b
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Chapter Three - Battlefield
"By the great Lord Vaectorfinay!! shouted several men.The war roar was followed by the sound of something similar to a stampede, hundreds of men riding bipedal lizards descended the hill at full speed, their objective was to break through the defense line of the imperial army.The mounted army lined up their shields, normally these shields wouldn't hold back such a terrible advance, but they were enchanted to be lighter to handle, and when lined up together formed a kind of firm barrier, it would be like having a wall mounted.But that wasn't enough, the dragon army's riding lizards were mighty, with the strength of the strongest bull and the speed of the fastest horses, on top of that receiving the benefit of the speed of descent, with all that they broke through the barrier easily.The men riding such beasts were equally impressive, clad in dragon scale armour, wielding mighty halberds and with all the fury of a beast, they tore the panicked men before them as if they were little l
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