[ETOEB1//53//] The Fancy Witch

Chapter 53

The Fancy Witch

 Krystelle's POV:

"Miss Haley Han!"

 The two of us looked at where all the members of the haventales were when Ms. showed up.  Halley Han in front of them and we didn’t expect him to trace the place we used for a fight that would do nothing.

 We were also surprised when Ms. turned around.  Halley Han in our direction where we were hiding.  She casted a powerful spell that parted aside all the bushes and tree leaves that were covering us apart from the rest of the group.

 Besides, everyone saw where we were after I put out the smoke screen.  I was surprised when Tashia's body moved spontaneously and then we suddenly floated in the air, without knowing that Ms.  Halley Han flicked her wand to telekinetically manipulate our bodies and bring us forth towards the magic circle then she dropped us down.

 "Do you think, I don't know what you're doing?"  its plunder

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