Chapter 11

Cara's [P.O.V]

I came out of his Lamborghini and I stared at my immediate environment with a cool breeze greeting my whole body.

I turned to look at a female rogue called Alena and I turned to stare at her again, the so called_rogue of war was her... Wow!

I took a step forward only for a hand to grab me from behind.

I stayed still as alpha Brian walks together with me into what seemed to be the pack's mansion.

The whole place looked like a type of heaven on the earth and I could not wait to study the organisms and cute creatures living in the gardens.

"Oh, that's science mode again!" I said shaking my head.

"What did you say?" Alpha Brian asked me and I nodded a no sign to him.

He ignores my previous statement and I took a deep breath releasing it out as I was being introduced to the rogues who were present around.

Brian single-hand

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