Chapter 17

Cara's [P.O.V]

Brian carried me up in a swipe of his arms and I fell over his shoulders enjoying his scent but as well afraid of what was about to happen.

We had now reached the gathering where my parents were having drinks together with other alphas who were present for my claiming ceremony but the sight looked horribly bad as everything together with some people's lives were destroyed.

Fear crept into me as he dropped me to the ground but remembering that I had my Luna powers made me feel a bit safe.

I glared at Alena as she rushed into my mate with her next words a mind storm.

"Cave! He has broken his chains" she says to him and he instantly transforms to his werewolf self as he jumps over the mansion with his landing sound being heard by me and the bitch_Alena.

But then "Boom!" A hard hit was heard and then came my mat

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