Chapter 24 - Mature

Cara's [P.O.V]

Brian looked me in the eye and I could see the need of what he wanted but it wasn't the full moon and that means that we would have to wait for the next full moon before we mate because our first mating must be done well.

And so that if I was to get pregnant for him it would be a son, a future heir of his pack.

His wolf marked me and now I am glad that it did, at least I am no longer the misfortune Luna anymore.

I walked into the house, heading back to my room as the witches had repaired all the broken pieces of furniture with their magics.

Brian follows me from behind and I tried not to make eye contact with my chocolate dude.

I had entered my room and was in a heist to close it before he reached but as I did he placed his leg in between the door and even so I tried my best to make sure that he leaves he still succeeded as he got in.

He grabbed me by

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