Chapter 250

"Wait... It is this baby!" I said with my reaction very amazed and calvina smiles looking at me with his already wrinkled old matured face.

"It happens to all pregnant female werewolves" he says and I was like "oh! Oh! I now understand! My baby is taking so much from me" I said to him and he walked closer to me.

"Okay you are such a nice person and I cannot hide this from you! Your child is a hybrid of a vampire, wizard and werewolf and not just that your child is a mixture of two grand rulers and that means that your child is stronger than you and your mate and it might result to your death during birth" he says to me and my stomach roared again in hunger.

"That is scary to hear but no matter what I will try my best to make sure I live through this! He has to see his mother!" I sai

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