Chapter 270

[Hilda's P.O.V]

Idiot! I made sure she was purely drunk before executing my plans! 

I hate Ella so much! I hate her! 

She thinks of me as a friend but I think of her as an enemy! 

She's taking everything away from me, the fame, the wealth.

Just everything! 

I become just a shadow anywhere she is. 

"Take her away and be fast about it." I told the four men waiting patiently! 

Ella is so drunk that she slept off here at the party. 

I did it though! That was one of my plans, to get her drunk! 

I want to destroy her! I don't want her to never have any self value! 

"Okay." They chorused as one of them picked her on his shoulder! 

If you must know, I want the four of them to take advantage of her! 

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