Chapter 31

Sira's [P.O.V]

"Thousands of years has passed now" the new luna of the blue moon pack says sitting down.

"But they have been no sign of the hybrid the moon Goddess had created long ago, but they're signs that the moon Goddess has already prepared her fire werewolves who will cleanse all that she has created in order for her new breeds to come from her grandson" who will wake up from his sleeping curse, so the legends says" my mum, the pack luna says to we the girls who gathered around her in other to receive knowledge and learn.

"So you mean that one day some dude will just come out from somewhere and werewolf warriors made by the moon goddess… on fire will actually be a threat to our lives?" I asked in surprise because I just didn't understand why the moon Goddess will want to destroy her creation.

"Wait, I thought that the moon goddess loved us... Why wo

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