Chapter 32

Sira's [P.O.V]

I got up from my bowing position and I held the hand of Linda as we both walked out of the Chambers where my mom who happens to be the Luna always comes to give us more lessons and tell us strange things that we don't know everyday.

Linda happens to have a change in behavior Just after my mom had talked about the sleeping alpha who was caused by his evil uncle immediately after he was giving birth.

Or... I would want to believe that because she was afraid of the fire werewolf When she heard of it.

"Linda are you still here?" I asked as I stared at her, while she was looking into the forest that wasn't so far from the park mansion with her eyes not even flinching but a physical reaction seeming strong and her body movements still.

"Sira, I am afraid that I might just become a fire Werewolf one day and be the one to dishonor our park by acting according to how my pow

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