Chapter 41

Linda's [P.O.V]

After our Luna I talked to us about the fire werewolfs that will come and take away all the memories of everyone and all wolf packs.

Even the powers of Alpha's will be taken away making them vanish, I was a bit scared.

Could the legends be right?

Only a servant who happens to be a general can take away our powers and wolves to give as an offering to the moon goddess.

I had a vision immediately Sira had stood up.

Questioning her mother about the whole thing.

And in my vision, I could see Sira being given a sword to kill all the members of our Pack and she actually did it.

That was the most shocking thing to me, because my visions never lie and they are always exact and if so Sira will be the one to betray the pack then I can't be someone close to her even though I wish I could tell her about what I had seen

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