Chapter 44

Sira's [P.O.V]

It was finally my birthday and I had woken up from the sleep but I was in cravings yesterday as I couldn't wait for today to happen.

Since it meant that I would be becoming a luna and would meet my mate.

So I quickly got up on the bed rushing back again into the bedroom to freshen up and put on the gown that I found by the side of my bed... Knowing that there's no how it won't be my mum then I left it for me.

She's the best ever!

After putting on my dress my door whines open and the next person that walks in was my mum with her holding a new cloth in her hands as she looks at me with a worried look over her face.

"Yes I know I'm kind of late for work but then I'll be going to see the person who would be assisting in the Police department for now" I replied to my mum but it seemed that wasn't what was in her mind or was bothering her.

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