Chapter 47

Sira's [P.O.V]

I can't faint now!

Oh yeah - I have magic.

I commanded the fault to leave and I woke up.

I looked at him carefully examining his body.

He was beautiful.

He looked perfect but there was something else about him...his eyes had glows of blue in it and the fear creeping into me was making me weak.

I struggled and stood on my feet as I pointed a stick at him to protect myself from him.

He walked a step closer to me and I could already tell of his intentions.

I could see the evil in his eyes together with the lust as he checked out my body.

Before I could move backward he held me by the arm carrying me over his body as he jumped so high running away with me over his shoulders.

I knew what was happening.

He was kidnapping me… on my birthday?

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