Father of the primordials

The next day, the world witnessed the grandest wedding on Earth. It was the union of the man who had saved the world with his otherworldly power and might, the man who had prevented the world's destruction.

His wives were two beautiful women of high standing in the community: Shelly, the CEO of Silvermore Companies in Luxuria, and Qiao Lian, the CEO of Silvermore Companies in China.

Just the Silvermore company in Luxuria is currently worth more than ten trillion dollars.

The wedding was monumental; more than one million people attended, including the Chosens from other worlds and top government officials.

Shelly and Qiao Lian looked stunning in their gold-colored wedding gowns, while Ethan appeared godly in his finely tailored red suit that complemented his complexion perfectly.

In some countries, there was a famous belief that a man with worthy and loving wives was the luckiest person alive, especially when their spouses were deserving of all the love and drama.

Their wedding celebra
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