Living With The System

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Living With The System

By: Jajajuba CompletedSystem

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He is David Lewis, a young man who wants to stand high above the top of the world. Is it possible that he can make it happen with the support provided by the system. Follow the fun, don't forget to like and support, and make good comments. to build a good work...


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  • Sumvit Prasad


    dude try to do proof reading, very poorly written, what is the point even if content is good

    2023-09-14 00:42:00
  • JD


    You need to make sure he, she, her, him, brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter, boy, girl, boyfriend, and girlfriend is used properly. 3/4 of the time it says he when it should be she and so on

    2023-06-30 11:11:51
  • Sivaprakash


    Grammar is poor need to fix that or people will not read even if the storyline is good

    2023-06-25 17:06:06
  • Polsen Desire


    dude you need to do some fixing

    2023-06-21 23:11:10
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274 chapters
Bab 01
A young man was being tortured by a group of people who looked quite well dressed. He was hit and kicked even though his hand was brokenBecause stepped on loudly by one of them. They often tortured the young man. But tonight was the worst, maybe they were tired of torturing them, so they immediately wanted to destroy them. And finally one of them stepped on the young man’s foot,Kretek... heard the sound of a broken leg. They all laughed after torturing the young man, It’s like they no longer have any sense of humanity. The young man didn’t scream, even though his arms and legs were broken and his face was swollen like a pig’s head, even though the pain was really excruciating. He promised in his heart. If one day there is a chance. He will avenge everything he experienced 2x fold. The young man returned to his small house on the bank of the river in a shabby looking settlementBecause his arms and legs were broken. And he looked up at the calm sky, clenched his other fist and hit th
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BAB 02
David felt that her body was more powerful and the bones in her body felt stronger. He raised his broken left hand, “I can feel it,” he was very happy. his leg returned and found healing there as well. He is very happy. David jumped up and down on the low grass. Then he walked towards the river after touching the changes in his facial bones. The river that reflected the light of the full moon was able to reflect his now handsome face. “I’m also more handsome” now he is very sure about this system. Then he hurriedly ran inside into the small hut left by his deceased parents. He took a few pieces of rag and threw the sheath and tied her there, after that sheshoulder with his hand on her shoulder while holding her. Then he sang a song he often heard on the battered radio in the shack. *Today I will sing. Remember all the memories that I have beenI experienced..* "System, please help me find a shortcut to the apartment"(Ding... shortcut found) Be plastered The GPS on the blue scr
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BAB 03
Located in the integrated area of Mayapada Banua Center, Sky Pavilion is an apartment that is surrounded by Malls, Offices, Cinemas, Hotels, and Convention Centers, Enjoying the convenience of Urban Lifestyle for every family or couple.. Sky Pavilion is an exclusive residence with five-star facilities that provide comfort for business or family events. Manager Sky Pavilion ran hurriedly. Everyone looked and wondered in their minds, Do you know who can make a manager walk like that? Are we having a big boss?" said the receptionist, starting a gossip with the person next to her. "Maybe, we have to dress up pretty who knows he has a handsome boy" said the woman next to him The Security Commander whose name is Joni is waiting at the entrance of the Pavilion. After seeing Mr. Handoko running, he immediately approached and a voice was immediately heard with irregular breathing. "Is what you say true, Joni!?" Ask Mr. Handoko asmanager Sky Pavilion "I've confirmed it, sir. Let's see if m
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BAB 04
Help...A woman screamed and sobbed from inside the toilet. He couldn't move anymore as his hands were tied and the old man was sitting on his thigh.But when the man was about to take off his pants suddenly heard a kick...!!The door leaf directly hit the old man's back and made him unable to move anymore.The woman immediately stood up and untied him with the help of her teeth and jumped into the arms of her savior. He had yet to clearly see the figure that was helping him."What's your situation?" When a voice sounded in her ears, she realized that what she was hugging was a man and she hastily released the Hug.He found a handsome man there. Stand up bravely. Like a painting of a god that makes women's hearts sink when they see it.The woman subconsciously touched David's face, she also enjoyed his touch. This is the first experience for him. When she saw the smile on David's face, the woman looked down in embarrassment and immediately withdrew her hand.“T-thanks for helping me. I
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BAB 05
David went down to the parking lot and pressed the button on the car lock.[BEEP BEEP] A sound is heard in the distance and flashing lights are seen. He once again confirmed by pressing a button.[BEEP BEEP] and the headlights turn on again."Wow, this car is very cool" he said while touching the car body with his fingertips.David tugged on the doorknob and looked into the shades of wealth. So elegant. Then he sat down and tried to press the Power button while the engine was running and the roar of the exhaust sounded happy when he stepped on the accelerator. "Really the life of the rich is different" he muttered happily.That car is a Lamborghini Aventador that only a few people in the city own.The car drove slowly down the road. David also turned on music while singing on the busy highway, because in the afternoon many people came home from work or school.(Ding.... A new task was triggered.Helping a lost grandmother.The penalty would be losing a leg for failing to do so. Because
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BAB 06
David continued walking down the aisle, the entrance to the hospital and when he saw the registration counter, he walked over to it and took it down, then asked the grandmother to sit down to wait for the grandson who he said took the queue number.Long enough to wait there, and waiting is tiring. But still no grandson's grandson's nose was visible. But he tried to be patient. “Do I have to go inside to ask huh” he muttered, but he didn't after thinking for a long time.David took out his phone and looked at the clock which showed 12:30.Instantly a scream was heard!"Grandmother!" Shouted a woman while running from a distance. Slowly the woman approached and immediately hugged the grandmother she had been looking for for a long time. "Grandma, where have you been? I've been looking everywhere!” She said while wiping her tears."I'm sorry my grandson, I'm tired of waiting so I want to go for a walk. But I forgot the way back here. Luckily I met a young man, besides being handsome he is
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BAB 07
"Ehemmm.... Mr. David" called Juli who immediately woke David from his reverie.David immediately let go of his handshake. "Sorry Miss Juli, I was fascinated by your beauty," he said honestly.Hear that simple word. Juli's face immediately turned red. It had been a long time since someone dared tease him like this. Maybe Since the death of her husband five years ago. He even forgot the romantic line."Don't flatter me. We are not here for seduction. But for business" he replied with a cold face. although in his heart he was very happy to be praised by handsome and rich people like David.But even without a smile, her face is still beautiful. Because those who are born beautiful don't need to polish with skin care to look beautiful..Juli immediately issued the necessary paperwork for David's signature, he also instructed where to sign it."I'll just leave it all to you Miss Juli, I'll only receive dividends, that's all" said David. Because he doesn't really understand stocks.After com
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BAB 08
"Please sit down. What do you want to drink, Larissa?""Let me make it myself David," said Larissa, who immediately stood up and asked "Which way is the kitchen?""That" David pointed, he took the remote and immediately turned on the television. Then he took the stick and turned on the Sony Playstation 5 PS that was there. After that he sat while waiting for Larissa who was preparing drinks.“System buy me Skills to play Game”(Game playing skill detected. Does the host want to activate it immediately?)Yes, system(Game skill purchase has been confirmed. The installation process will take two seconds)Two second pause..(The process of installing and activating Game skills has been completed, happy playing host)"Thanks system, you are very good" flattered David. But there are no gifts for him.(Learn to flatter sincerely without expecting anything in return) The system said in an even tone.That sentence made David smile wryly. Luckily, Larissa arrived just in time to bring her good
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BAB 09
David took his cellphone and looked for Handoko's contacts. Then call him. After ringing twice. A low voice sounded back, "hello...does the young boss need any help?""You're right. Yesterday morning, I had a little problem. Can you handle it for me?""Just tell me, Boss. I'll take good care of it" Handoko replied in a serious tone.“Just a small matter, I need you to check the CCTV footage of the women's restroom on the third floor. For more details, you can just ask Joni about the problem I'm having." David immediately hung up. Without the need to hear answers from Handoko. Because it's an order.Then he returned to work as a merchant. Gang Unemployment."System, can I use you with just a thought?"(The system will adjust according to user convenience)"Show status" he said to himself(Ding...)Full name: David LewisCharm : 13Pros: 15Speed: 15Intelligence: 15Skill : Ancient Martial (Active) Super Medical (Active) Super Racer Skill (Active) All Game Skill (Active)Shop : Accessib
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BAB 10
Walked away with a feeling of embarrassment that felt very warm on her face. David had to enter HYPERMART to get sanitary pads and clothes quickly without being picky. Then queue to pay.Many smiled at him. Some were whispering, I don't know what they were whispering. But they were seen laughing at David.After a long queue it was finally David's turn to hand over sanitary pads, women's clothing, drinking water and cloth as well as an ATM card. "Don't just look at it" said David annoyed with the cashier then he said again. "This is for my boyfriend in the car over there" he pointed at the car parked in front.."Here's a pack of cards along with the receipt... Thank you for shopping at our place," he said, cupping his hands and smiling sweetly.David quickly took it and nodded his head at the till.Then got in the car and handed over the woman's gear.The car rocked by itself. But not the person who was riding But the policewoman changed her clothes "Thank you for helping, even though t
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