Doomsday Supreme: I Have An SSS Grade Talent

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Doomsday Supreme: I Have An SSS Grade Talent

By: Lady Nine Tails OngoingSystem

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[ Doomsday finally befalls the world, and a global announcement resounds throughout the earth, declaring that all humans from age 13 to 65 should participate in a Universal Survival Game to save the earth from being erased entirely. If all humans fail, their home planet will be turned into another hunting ground with all living beings on it degenerating into prey, like any other world and their inhabitants that failed before them. ] In a university dormitory, a 19-year-old young man, Jason Shemrite, also hears the announcement that rang directly in his ears. And before he could express his astonishment and discuss it with his roommates, he was dragged into a new space within a blink of an eye. When he re-opens his eyes, he finds himself in a small, simple and nearly empty room with only a door inserted into a wall. To his relief, he finds a metal axe at the corner of the room. Yet that is not all. Everyone awakens an initial Talent to help them survive the coming Doomsday, and Jason was one of the lucky few to obtain a high grade Talent. [ TING!! ] [ Congratulations to Player ****** for having awakened an SSS grade Talent - Infinite Extraction ] "What? SSS grade?" Join Jason as he explores the coming Doomsday with his SSS grade Talent, and watch how he uses it to the best of his abilities. To lengths no human mind, nor paranormal could imagine. Watch as he sets on a journey where he either becomes Supreme over Doomsday, or proves whether Doomsday is truly Supreme over All.

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  • Dan


    Similar to others but a good story so far regardless. Few errors/typos, good story development. Keep up the good work author!

    2023-04-14 07:22:03
  • Terry Wong


    potentially one of the best system themed books on this site.

    2023-01-22 08:14:44
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146 chapters
Doomsday Experience
[ TING!!! ] [ Greetings to all living beings of this planet, I welcome you all to a new Era ] "Huh..??" Jason was startled awake, by the cryptic message flashing before him. He froze in shock, and stared at the two screens of light floating before his eyes incredulously. 'What the hell?' He thought, believing that he was most likely hallucinating due to lack of sleep. It was an unbelievable experience, yet that was not all that woke him up. [ The Era of Doomsday... I, for one, am the Doomsday Administrator, and I welcome you all to the Doomsday Ruins ] Jason froze in stupor. 'This... can't can't real. I must be too fucking tired.' He thought to himself, attempting to sleep it off. 'Never pulling an all-nighter ever again.' Unfortunately for him, he thought wrong. [ Here are the two rules of the Doomsday Era ] [ 1. Your only purpose is to survive and prosper. Band together, fight against the corruption, and raise the banner of Humanity. Everything else is second-hand matters. S
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Infinite Extraction
Note: I-grade is the lowest ranked talent a candidate can obtain, and SSS-grade is the highest talent that can be obtained. Anything from A-grade to above is considered Unique and one of a kind ] "...Seriously?" Jason's calm was immediately toppled down as he slightly became nervous. It was not only him, every other candidate was nervous and curios. The [Chat Room] already had +200 new messages in just seconds. These people were really hyped up for the talent. And so was he. [ XXX45: Damn!! There's such a thing?! ] [ XXX15: Hahaha, even if I start off as Rank 0, if I obtain a very high ranked talent, I'll still f*ck you all up ] [ XXX19: Wishful thinking ] [ XXX15: Why you..!! ] [ XXX19: Oh!! Would you look at that, an SS-grade talent. Along with a Rank 1 starting point. What did you get, champ? ] [ XXX15: ... ] [ XXX855: F*CK!! A B-grade? ] [ XX136: ... ] Jason ran through most of the notification and realized a trend. The so called Unique Talents, A-grade and above, were
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The Game Ensures
And more importantly, there were transparent walls separating them from one another, like rooms. While ahead, there was a gigantic gate with a large length and width standing tall. Like a mouth of a prehistoric beast. "..." Jason fell silent, and only surveyed the environment around him. As he did so, the barriers separating everyone disappeared, and instead appeared behind them, as if trapping them within. The only entrance now was the gate. Everyone realized this too, and hurriedly hurdled together, and began discussing what to do. None daring to take even a single step forward. 'It seems like... nobody dares to go out. Well, I know you won't.' He thought to himself. From his observation, everyone had a weapon on them. Some were knives, some were axes like him, some were hammers, and some were even bowls. 'The range is various. So not only Talents and Ranks, there's also variation in weapons? I guess my luck is quite high then.' He thought. Amidst his thought, a single man,
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Jason's First Kill (I)
Moments later, she was no longer the center of attention, and everyone shifted back to what they had been doing; forming groups. They grouped around the high Talent players, mainly those with Talents leveled A and B, in some cases, even those with C leveled Talents. Mind you, altogether there were only twelve with C leveled and above Talents within this game sever, hence it showed their importance. Meanwhile, Jason himself stood afar and decide to be a spectator. He and a few others chose the path of solitude, and did not join any parties or groups. His reason for staying solo was still the same, to hide his SSS Level Talent until he was strong enough to fend for himself. As for the other solo riders, he did not care about them. They had their own reasons, and that's what mattered. 'Every man for himself. We barely know one another after all.' He thought, understanding their actions. His other reason for staying solo was trust. He did not trust anyone here, regardless of their c
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Jason's First Kill (II)
His index before then was like this; [ Distributable Points: 0 ] [ STR: 6 + ] [ AGI: 9 + ] [ VIT: 7 + ] [ ERG: 30 + ] [ INT: 30 + ] His strength had increased by two, and his speed by another point, respectively being "8" and "10" right now. Then his vitality increased from "7" to "8". With the seven Distributable Points, he dumped three within strength, then three within vitality, and one within agility, taking all his individual stats to go above 10. He then called out his complete index. [ Player: Jason Shemrite ] [ Serial Number: 336663996 ] [ Rank: 0 (0/300) ] [ STR: 11 ] [ AGI: 11 ] [ VIT: 11 ] [ ERG: 30 ] [ INT: 30 ] [ Talent: Infinite Extraction - SSS ] –[ Distributable Points: 0 ] –[ Extra Talents: Semi-Enhanced Speed(E), Fireball(G), Weapon Reinforce(F), Enhanced Scent(D), Bite(F), Semi-Enhanced Endurance(E), Claw Sweep(I), Mighty Roar(F) ] [ Hunting Points: 0 ] "Not bad. I've done great progress since a few minutes ago." He nodded at his Template, and t
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Caught Off guard
His valiant cry woke those who were still trembling with their fear, and the chorus sound from the gun brought them a flint of hope. Tatatata!! The more they heard the gun fire, the more they regained a portion of confidence and fought back as well. Meanwhile, Jason moved in between the people, making sure to target the dead humans and the lioness corpse. While he was doing so, he heard a scream come from his right, a bit further back. He turned around to check the source of the scream, and he found a woman running towards him. "Wait, why do I feel like I know– Oh, isn't that the woman who..." He paused, seeing what was chasing the woman. Not just any woman though, but the same woman who had been lucky enough to survive out of the first five to go out. She was running as fast as she could, and the predator behind her was also chasing as fast as it could. But even then, it was obvious who was faster between the two. The woman. "...She's quite the runner." She was really running
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Moving Forward
"All I did was collect information from the corpses of the things that you killed, and also to check a few after effects of being killed by them on the humans." "I would have done that anyway, whether you were here or not." He said. "So I will say it again. If you want to kill me to avenge the people that died, then simply do it." "You have the power to do so, so you don't have to give yourself a reason. I know for one, that I did nothing wrong." He concluded with that, and the man stood behind him in silence. Both men kept their silence, yet the gun never moved away from Jason's nape. 'Did he... Will he kill me?' He thought, slightly getting nervous. The situation remained the same until the Level C Talented player, whom was also the leader, appeared to solve the situation. "Let him be. And you, if what you said is true, then what information have you collected?" He questioned Jason, his words not taking in any in-betweens. Jason frowned, seeming displeased by the attitude of bo
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Showing Off Might
[ Player: Jason Shemrite ] [ Serial Number: 336663996 ] [ Rank: 0 (110/300) ] [ STR: 11 ] [ AGI: 12 ] [ VIT: 11 ] [ ERG: 32 ] [ INT: 30 ] [ Talent: Infinite Extraction - SSS ] –[ Distributable Points: 6 ] –[ Extra Talents: Semi-Enhanced Speed(E), Fireball(G), Weapon Reinforce(F), Enhanced Scent(D), Bite(F), Semi-Enhanced Endurance(E), Claw Sweep(I), Mighty Roar(F), Decipher(D), Bloodlust(E), Claw Sweep(F), Poison Claw(F), Fire Blast(E), Dash(F), Strength Up(D), Twin Thoughts(D), Kingly Aura(B), Vision Enhancement(E), Fast Recovery Speed(G), Phantom Pain(H), Curse Evil Eye(F), Charm(F), Hand of Paralysis(E), Minimized Energy Consumption(I) ] [ Hunting Points: 60 ] "Steady progress." Jason checked his template once again, and it was really looking up there. He kept his Distributable Points for the time being, and saved them for a perfect opportunity later down the line. Because right now, they were moving closer and closer to the center of the forest. Nobody knew what was b
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Tier 4 Zombie Lord
[ You have activated the Level E Talent, Semi-Enhanced Speed - Your Speed has increased by two times ] [ You have activated the Level F Talent, Weapon Reinforce - Your weapon's effects have been enhanced by 75% ] [ You have activated the Level E Talent, Semi-Enhanced Endurance - Your Tissue density has increased by two times ] [ You have activated the Level F Talent, Mighty Roar - Your opponent's index has decreased by 75% due to hearing the mighty roar of a lion ] [ You have activated the Level E Talent, Bloodlust - All your statistic index has increased by two times, and your INT by half for the duration of the Talent ] [ You have activated the Level F Talent, Dash - Your Speed has increased by 75% ] [ Your two speed-type Talents have resonated. Your Speed has increased by three times ] [ You have activated the Level D Talent, Strength Up - Your Speed has increased by three times ] [ Your two strength-type Talents have resonated. Your Strength has increased by five times ] [
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Zombie Chase
The shots did save up enough time for everyone to run a few more steps ahead, but the Zombies left within this small group were Tier 3 at minimum. They charged over like rabbit dogs, and easily caught up to the running players. '...Shit.' Jason cussed as he ran even faster, yet still making sure to remain behind. He had long deactivated his form, and his ERG was slowly building up back to 30. Yet it was still below ten at this moment, which meant the average stamina of a human. Sooner or later, he would slow down. Meanwhile Adolf did not stop firing his gun, but the Tier 3 and Tier 4 Zombies were tough enough to at least deflect the bullets with their bare bodies. And taking in the fact that they were undead, made them more frightening. "Kya!!" The little girl that had been running with the lucky woman suddenly tripped and fell. The woman holding her hand subconsciously paused, but when she got a glimpse of the rushing Zombies, she continued to run. Unfortunately, the fear was
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