I'm a spinosaurus with a System to raise a dinosaur army

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I'm a spinosaurus with a System to raise a dinosaur army

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After dying following a car accident, Fen Chiang finds himself in a limbo between the afterlife and the mortal world where he meets God himself, who makes him a strange request: to immediately reincarnate in a world called Eden, where all species that existed on Earth (dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, synapsids, pterosaurs, etc.) coexist together, to save it from the human beings who are destroying it due to excessive pollution. Armed with his knowledge and a System, our hero, now reincarnated as a spinosaurus named Sobek, must embark on a difficult journey to reunite the dinosaurs and curb humanity's greed. However, defeating the most powerful species that ever existed will not be an easy task even for a dinosaur army, and surely humanity will not abandon the title of dominant species very easily...

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Prologue - Part 1
"Where am I?"Fen Chiang could not explain where he had ended up. He didn't even remember how he got there. It was all so... surreal.The place looked like a finely decorated room, but it was made of something... incomprehensible. It didn't even seem to be made of matter. And the light... it was just absurd. It seemed that there was both light and darkness at the same time, as if the two of them were just one! Not to mention the size of the room. Sometimes it seemed very small, a moment later it became enormous.Even time seemed to have ceased to function properly. When Fen Chiang tried to remember how long he had been in the hall, sometimes it felt like a few seconds to him, in other times entire years and even centuries.There was therefore nothing he could do but continue walking hoping to find someone, even if the space in that place was so distorted that it did not even give him the perception of going straight.After several hours of walking (or maybe a few minutes, or maybe a f
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Prologue - Part 2
Fen Chiang couldn't believe it. Parallel universes existed! And they were more than a hundred billion! He knew more than one astronomer who would die a second time at that revelation.But a doubt seized him: God's words sounded familiar to him... why did the worlds of his previous lives seem to belong first to a fantasy story and then to a science fiction?"Because what you call 'stories' are actually events that really happened, they simply happened in another world" said God suddenly.Fen Chiang jumped. "I didn't say anything! How... can you read minds?"God seemed to roll her eyes. "You should search 'omniscient' on the dictionary" she answered simply.Fen Chiang felt stupid at those words. He quickly changed the subject: "What do you mean? Why are all the stories real?""Because the humans of the world where you spent your last life, the Earth, have a particular power: their imagination" replied God. "With it, they can break the barriers of their universe with the mind and see wha
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Rebirth as a spinosaurus
Sobek opened his eyes. Darkness greeted him, followed by a peculiar mushy sensation. He felt like he was wrapped in some kind of jelly. He tried to go out from that place, but even move the fingers was difficult because of the substance that covered him.'Where did that damn woman send me!?' thought Sobek angrily, desperately trying to swim. Very soon he hit something, something very hard. 'What... a wall?'It actually looked like a wall. Th logic told him to change direction, but something inside him, some kind of instinct, was telling him to hit his head against it instead. Trusting that singular sensation, he knocked the wall with all his strenght.Crack... crack...A crack appeared in the wall and a faint light came out of it. Sobek finally understood: he was in an egg!Of course! Like almost all vertebrates except mammals, dinosaurs laid eggs. If he had reincarnated in one of them, then it was normal for him to be in an egg!Understanding the situation, he began to hit the egg ev
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First hunt
Sobek contemplated the System a little longer, then turned it off. Unfortunately, the [Guide] didn't say many things: for example, how many experience points were needed for each level advancement. It was unlikely that the 1,000 he needed would always be enough to reach level 2.He turned and walked back to what was presumably his mother, who was still next to the egg it had come out of. Other small spinosaurs were still emerging from other eggs. There were at least twenty of them. His mother was taking care to help them get out.Although he remembered his encounter with God and the knowledge of his previous life, Sobek found that he felt a strong bond with those spinosaurs. It wasn't affection, it was something more... instinctive. A sense of belonging to the pack, let's say.He snorted. Being an animal was really different from being a human: even his thoughts and feelings were different. He was experiencing sensations he had never felt before.When he paused to contemplate his moth
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First skill point
The hunt that day was more fruitful than Sobek expected: the river bank looked bare, but it was actually teeming with small creatures. Sobek had managed to catch two more frogs, a large millipede and a strange chameleon-like lizard with long colorful spikes on its back called longisquama.Of course, the credit wasn't his alone. Without the help of the other spinosaurus pups he probably would have been able to catch only the millipede, another demonstration of the benefits of having a herd. To thank them Sobek had helped them catch another lizard.He certainly hadn't done it for charity: simply he felt that his stomach was already full, so he couldn't continue eating. So he could spend some time playing with his siblings, and while he did this he would also improve his skills as a hunter.With all those preys he had already obtained 210 experience points (30 for each of the three frogs, 50 for the fish brought by his father, another 50 for the longisquama and 20 for the millipede). He
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First level up
When he woke up the next day, Sobek initially thought he had a dream, but soon he realized that this couldn't be the case since he remembered nothing of his previous life as a human except his knowledge. When he opened his eyes in fact he found himself in front of a scaly wall which turned out to be the tail of his sleeping mother there.The sun was just starting to rise, but Sobek could already fell its warmth: its rays crossed the clear sky and warmed his body like a radiator. Sobek had no idea how the changing of seasons worked in that world, but since animals generally calved during the warm seasons, there was a great possibility that it was summer.Although with a little regret, he lifted himself from his comfortable position and stretched. Alerted by his movement his brothers and sisters also woke up and began to get up as well. Sobek noticed that many of them were imitating him, stretching as he did and yawning like him .He had definitely become some kind of a big brother.A t
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Prepare a trap
Sobek woke up sore and with a heavy weight on his face. When he opened his eyes he found that one of his siblings had rolled over in the sleep and landed on his head.He was annoyed, but he couldn't blame the little spinosaur. After all, Sobek alone occupied nearly a third of the nest.Most of his brothers and sisters didn't even reach half a meter in length, while he was a two-meter colossus. They didn't even seem to belong to the same brood! If any scientist had passed by and had seen the nest, he probably would have thought he was a retarded puppy from the previous brood.When he got up his movement awake all his brothers and sisters who blew in protest. Sobek felt sorry for them, but there was nothing he could do about it.As usual, he calmly waited for his father to bring him the breakfast. However, he knew it wouldn't be enough this time. A larger body needed more energy to live, so hunting would be vital to his survival this time around.His father didn't delay and provided him
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Improve the trap
The next morning Sobek was awakened by strange movements. When he opened his eyes he found that some of his brothers and sisters had come out of the nest and were playing on his back. For puppies as small as half a meter, a three-meter older brother was practically like a huge slide for them.Sobek let them do it: they didn't bother him, so he could let them have fun. Until they started nibbling at him, he wouldn't need to chase them away. Besides, he had more important things to think about. 'System, open the main interface!'[Spinosaurus aegyptiacus]Level: 3Length: 3 mHeight: 1.5 mWeight: 1,5 tonDiet: carnivore, fishivoreStrength: 170Agility: 130Defense: 86Maximum speed: 4 km/hExperience points: 180/3,000Skill Points: 3.5Fame points: 0/1,000,000Bonus money: 340Much to his relief, the amount of experience points for each level up only increased by 1,000 points at a time, not doubled. Even so, however, it was a fairly high expense.With his current size he would no longe
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Entering in the forest
The next day Sobek went hunting as soon as he woke up, without even waiting for his siblings to wake up. He headed for the forest and, as usual, placed the eggshell in plain sight.As on the previous day, the first to show up were the compsognathus. After all, such small animals couldn't go too far, so the little pack was still near and they could smell the egg's yolk. Sobek promptly killed one and left its carcass on the sand as he had done the day before.His hopes were not disappointed: after an hour, another thylacinus came out from the bush to eat. Sobek killed it exactly as he did with its predecessor and devoured it.With the thylacinus and the compsognathus he had gained another 1,600 experience, enough to level up again. He didn't hesitate and immediately agreed.After the usual ten seconds of pain he opened the main interface.[Spinosaurus aegyptiacus]Level: 4Length: 4 mHeight: 1.8 mWeight: 2 tonsDiet: carnivore, fishivoreStrength: 510Agility: 470Defense: 142Maximum
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First time fishing
When the sun rose Sobek was already awake. He would had lied if he had said he wasn't very excited: this would be his first time in the river!Even if the yolk in the eggs had not yet completely dried, that type of hunting could no longer support him. He needed more preys, and since he had proved that the forest was still off-limits, his best way was to follow his father into the river.He was confident enough now to dive into the water. Even if there were very large prehistoric crocodiles, most of them would have lost interest in front of a five-meter predator. The only ones who would have seen him as a prey would have been titans like the deinosuchus, but common crocodiles would have aimed for smaller, more viable preys like fishes.Of course, there were other dangers as well. For example there were snakes: gigantic animals such as the titanoboa and the gigantophis hunted in the water. Or there could be freshwater sharks or other huge fishes...But he had no choice this time. If he
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