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By: Daniz OngoingWar

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FORGE MY SWORD is a fiction story about redemption, second chances and the influence of love. It is built around the city of light reedeming their lost glory by reclaiming their iconic city from the tyrant demon Gogla and his army of Aarangs A struggling nobody Stylx assuming thr mantle of their saviour and through the help of Nephla and the neighbouring kingdoms defeated Gogla and ended his tyrancy over the seven nations It went ahead to explain what is needed to form the perfect battle sword for a true warrior More events unfold as Stylx grows old after ruling Onyx for a long time and needed to hand over to a successor with the seven nations of the Sunero now rebelling against them and the mystic Lion disappearing for the second time Find out how the balance was restored and how the sword of Stylx's successor was forged

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Deep smokes emerges from the city of light as Onyx lies in ruins. The sky is darkened as the inferno rages on. The Aarangs are having a filled day as they caught through every starlight army that stood on their way. Women and children scamper for safety as they are not left out of the onslaught. The once heavily guarded kingdom was now at the mercy of Gogla and his demons. Bodies littered the once beautiful street as more and more fell to the sword of the invading army. If only the people of Onyx had listened, if only they heeded the warnings of Jalib, the seer but now was too late for any form of hearkening"Weoss is warning, He will soon depart, return to Him all ye people of starlights. He is not happy, He needs you all to come back to him in repentance" The shabbily dressed Jalib cried out on the streets of Onyx as he moved from one point to another on each busy pathway. Women laughed at him and mocked him, children threw dirt and rotten food items at him, even the men sho
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All the seven nations were still in shock over the calamity that befell the starlights, you could hear the whispers of it at every meeting point or place around the densely populated kingdoms. The nation that every one thought were unconquerable has to flee from their homes to God knows where. This single incidence sent out a strong note of what Gogla is capable of and somehow the lethargic side of Weoss abandoning his own to the mercies of the gruesome tyrant. All nations were on red alert as no one was sure of what happens next since Gogla was in charge of the supreme authority now.Stumbling upon some rocky paths, the exhausted kid crashed on the ground unconscious. Elderly women rushed over to where the pale looking face girl laid, "We can't continue walking great Eeries, the kids are exhausted so are the mothers, if we keep on moving, soon we will have more casualties due to exhaustion, please let us kindly pitch our tent here" one of the women begged with some form of pa
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"It doesn't matter how many starlights are remaining because I Gogla won't stop until I have crushed everyone of them" the gigantic reptile told Jalib as he visited the dungeon that evening to mock his captives that included the seer Jalib. Jalib turned his back at him all through the conversation, he cried silently as soon as Gogla left. For some reason best known to him, the reptile has decided to keep him alive, if it was to torture him or make him suffer mockery of how helpless his nation has become, he certainly was getting what he wanted. The old man looked up to ceiling of the dungeon as painfully said "Weoss, for how long?"Just as feared by the seven nations, threat letters were issued to them by Gogla. In the letters, he ordered them to surrender to his government and come to pledge their allegiances to hin in Onyx. Panic was spreading faster and becoming real, no one dared stepped out of the kingdom for fear of the unknown, watchmen were constantly on the lookout. E
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The warning bells of the iced dungeon in Onyx rung repeatedly, the Aarang soldiers immediately made for the place of the distress call. Gogla jumped down from his throne, transforming into his beast form, he immediately made for the dungeon as well. "Who dared come near his captives stronghold, whosoever that is must pay direly for it not only with his life but also with his soul", he thought aloud to himself as he increased his quick strides. The prison was already surrounded by the demons as Gogla reached there, whosoever that was inside there was certainly dead for sure because there was no way such a person could think of manuevering his way through the party that stayed outside the dungeon because of him. Gogla was getting impatient as he paced around the entrance of the dungeon, no movement or soumd were heard inside the place. The doors were still firmly locked to the surprise of the Aarangs, how did the person get in was the question on the lips of the soldiers but whosoever
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"You nearly got the old man killed, what were you thinking pushing him into the icy waters unprepared?" King Riub yelled at the mercenary who simply continued to munch on his apple pretending not to hear what the king just said. "If he doesn't survive Kylem, I will give you the most painful death that can never be imagined" The King yelled further as he prepared to go to the healer's hut where Jalib was reported to be lying unconscious. "So that's the thank you I get for risking my life to get you your ugly looking grand pa, I am deeply hurt" Kylem said mockingly as he held his heart and pretended to be sobbing. King Riub wasn't interested in the little acting that the lanky figure was putting up. He knew all the labours of rescuing Jalib from Gogla's hands would be in vain if the old man gave up the ghostGogla was having a hard time believing that Jalib had been taken from right under his nose. He ordered that the head of the prison guard be brought to him and in the presen
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"An unknown company approaches!" The head of the soldiers on guards for the starlights informed his men. The youngest among them was quickly sent into the village to inform the starlights for another evacuation. The fact that it's been a long time since they were attacked by the Aarangs brought more fear to the hearts of the guards, how were they found out again after they had been extra careful after being fully away of how the Aarangs caught them in the past. Each man on guard held firmly the grip of their swords with a full resolve to defend the fragile nation even it meant putting their lives on the line. There were loud rustlings in the nearby bushes, it got louder and nearer but yet nothing appeared. "Show yourself you coward!" The captain in charge yelled at the direction of the movements in the bushes, just then a little girl came out and walk slowly towards them with a dimly lit lamp in her hands. As she approached the guards, their grips on their swords got even tighter, t
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The starlights began to train the young ones among them with the view of building a mini army. Combat trainings became a norm as each day hundreds of the young starlights gathered in the fields and were tutored on the basics of using a sword. The more experienced fighters among them who were amateurs during the time of Mawyl the late starlight army chief became the new commanders. The spirit around the starlight camp became a lively one as smiles once again returned to the people, women went abot their normal duties with some sense of happiness and the down trodden souls in the camp were lifted once again"Weoss came to me as I slept, the whole dream felt real as His aura could be felt all around me. He walked gently to where I was and said some words to me. I couldn't understand all He said due to the language He used but He repeated these words to me several times " In da com bre na si te que bin je nia, na gre via nane" " Queen Beurb said as the atmosphere in the gathering
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Stylx strolled along the woods in order to clear his head, he had strayed away from the starlights camp but was still within calling distance. The image of a crying Nephla was still in his mind, he had brushed aside Leinad to the huge surprise of everyone there with the free stream flow move, he was lifted up by Leinad and when he attempted to smash him into the dust, Stylx swung his torso got him by the waist and tossed him in the dust instead then with a jump that had his two legs held back by his hands, he had sent his knees crashing into Leinad's belly. The huge guy let out cries as he wriggled in pains across the arena but that was not what was troubling. It was the final face off that had him fighting Nephla that filled his mind, somehow he didn't face her for the lady that she was but rather he held nothing back in the combat. Nephla had given him a fight of his life but when she thought that she had gotten him well in her grasp Stylx locked her in to a neck choke with both l
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Jalib was rolled in to the midst of the starlights accompanied by the Queen and her personal bodyguards. She told the starlights that she has finally handed them the support the seven nations had in store for them through the rescue and returning of Jalib. "It is now up to you people to return this favour by righting every wrong that you must have done with your God and stepping out to deliver the seven nations from the torment of Gogla" She concluded as she hastily began to leave after explaining to the Eeries that her people needs her after Gogla had destroyed their homeKylem had trailed the Queen and her company through the cart and was now able to locate the terrains where Jalib was being kept and also where the starlights have been hiding all these while, news had it that they were dead but alas the children of light still liveth. He could still remember Gogla words to him after he had captured him thinking that Kylem had tricked him with wrong information about Jalib's
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As Stylx drew closer to where Nephla lay, her father's eyes that were full of tears met with his. She lay weak and look helpless. Stylx has warned her about going alone to the rocks when Gogla was spotted around the outskirts of their settlement. The anger in him made his stomach burn, Nephla looked at him and whispered "I am sorry". Stylx carried her outside and dropped her gently on the ground as he sat with her, " Don't worry dear, I am here now, you will be alright ok" Stylx replied calmly. Gogla felt the presence of a starlight touch on his host body, he became angry for being disturbed as he emerged slowly, Stylx stepped back a little as he drew out his flame sword which Weoss had activated for the Starlights the day he was chosen. Gogla was going to feel the wrath boiling inside him and he had no plans of giving it to him gently. "Don't fight boy" Weoss warned "She was stubborn and disobedient, let her suffer the consequences of her actions" the Lion warned further. "What abo
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