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A ragtag band of civilians were recruited during an invasion. Armed to the teeth, they are met with challenging tasks that will took toll upon them. Initially focused on getting the job done, they need to work together to survive.

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It was July 31st, 2015—my birthday. Election results are coming out, and people are dissatisfied with these results. Incumbent government led by President James Widows won against Dennis Pieterzoon’s opposition by a tiny margin. Less than 3%, even. Still, Jacktown became very unstable in just a week. The whole country then turned unstable in just days. This situation was then taken as an opportunity by our neighboring country, Broenland, to retake what they had. They launched an invasion from the North with two prongs meant to encircle the capital city of Jacktown, a mere month since the election ended. This country, Griesia, was once part of Broenland before we decided to split up. Back in the 1980’s, we had a civil war which then had an impact on how we came to be. It was short, but effective. We stated that we wanted independence and would fight for it. Then we did it. With UN assistance, we established independence from Broenland in 1986. Tension never ceased, however. We still h
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The Team
“The roster goes as follows. Anna will lead Hans, Ryan, and Mark in a fire team. I will have Dan, Jimmy, and Kris in mine. Buck will lead the Machine Gun team. Anna’s team would be Red, mine would be Blue, and Buck’s would be Grey. Red Team’s role will be that of providing bases of fire. Blue Team will be the assault team, charging forward or flanking the enemy, but this can change in a defensive scenario. Grey team would be additional support for either softening up the targets or as a bug-out cover,” I explained. “Who wants to be the squad leader?” I then asked, giving others a chance to channel their opinion. “I think you would do,” said Mark. Franz and Dan agreed. “Anna would fit more,” Karl replied. “She’s in the first team, too. She can direct everyone while providing base of fire,” he said. Jimmy and Hans backed that up. “How about Buck?” said Anna. “No, no, no... I’m already in charge of this big ass gun. It’s either you or Mick,” denied Buck. “Karl’s got a point,” I join
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The House
The Colonel’s house was surrounded by other houses except on the Southeast flank. There’s only a wall out there, separating land owned by farmers and the compound. To the front of the house, that is the East, there’s a house with a caved-in roof. Looks like a close call on them. Mortars, I think. Attacks on military bases have increased in frequency, making daily patrols necessary, but on a housing complex? I mean come on. There were a couple of waypoints up to the North, with one going westwards, that narrows down to one heading South. These waypoints are closely guarded, with entrance to the Compound from the Northwest guarded with Marine personnel, as well as the exit, to the far West. There were low fences around the house, made out of cement, the kind you see on old rural house. The house itself would be the designated inner compound, along the fence, with the main objectives being there, namely the Colonel and his family. Before we came in, these parts were being guarded by a pl
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The Look Out
We pretty much enjoyed that evening, hanging around with the Marines. I had a little chat with the Lieutenant, about what he did before the war. Well, he was already an officer back then, so that hadn’t changed. He used to be a respected family man, graduated from officer school. But then he lost contact with his family after this thing started. Last thing he knew, he was called to action and his family had to move somewhere. From then on, he lost touch. “I haven’t the slightest idea of where they are now, or how they are. I can only hope they are alright. Stubs has this similar problem. But at least he knows where his family went,” Poor guy. Tears started rolling down his face, his hand shook a little. “You're in love with Colonel’s daughter, right?” “Sort of, yeah,” I answered rather awkwardly. “Your family safe?” “That, I don’t know either. Last time I contacted them was before I got here,” “At least you get to be in touch with them. Let’s hope they’re okay, both our families,”
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Shattered Windows
I caught a glimpse of the blast just before I got thrown into the air. Is this it? I don’t think so. My ears were ringing due to the blast. I’m supposed to be dead, you know. But here I am, breathing heavily with blood running through my nostrils. Dirt was all over my face. I tried to get up when I felt a sharp pain in my left side, around the ribs. A fragment, from that mortar round. A similar piece struck my left cheek. When I fully regained consciousness, another round had fallen into Ruud’s spot, killing him. I came to realize that the round that fell in front of me was a small caliber. “Grace,” I said to myself, still trying to get up. “GRACE!” I screamed as I grabbed my rifle. She laid there with Ian trying to pick off shards of glass that’s been embedded into her skin. “IS SHE OKAY?!!” “Yea!” “Let’s get her inside!” I shouted as another round fell quite close to the house “ANNA!” “Yea!?” she answered “Organize the guys, I’ll be with you!” I then proceeded to help Ian lift u
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File and Rank
“Doctor!” I called as I went inside to check on my wounds with the only Doctor in the house, Ian. The guy was still running back and forth trying to deliver medication to those who needed them. I had to wait for several more minutes before he finally came up to me. “Alright, what do you want?” “I just need this wound checked out, think you can do?” “Yes. One moment,” I don’t remember much about what he did to that wound. Probably because he gave me anesthesia when it’s not actually necessary. Moreover, he gave me a total knock-out instead of the local one. But the fragment was plucked out of there. Strangely enough, he waited for me to wake up. Maybe because he panicked after mixing up the drugs. So there he was, with Red and Dan opposite him, waiting for me to wake up. When I did, I saw Red speaking to him. I think it was along the lines of “Alright he’s waking up,” or something like that. She sure did fit into the role of Squad leader. Dan was just looking at me. Trying to make
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Body Count
“Damn those pigs,” The Colonel said, clenching his teeth. “Stubs, you take care of the defense here. You’re a platoon leader now,” Stubs was surprised. With a mutter under his breath, he replied, “yes sir,” The Colonel then went back inside. Sergeant Major followed him. Stubs stayed with us—yes, even though he’s unofficially a lieutenant now, he’s still okay with it. He’s about to be our new platoon commander, and with 2 Marine squad left, they were about to count us in. Hopefully they captured the Lieutenant instead of killing him. He was a good man, to be frank. We were just standing there, not really back on our position. There were too many holes to fill in after we lost that one squad the Lieutenant brought. We were spread too thin, or at least so I thought. Spreading too thin doesn’t really look like this. It’s like five men covering 100-yard line. But for us, less than 40 people covering 200-yard line was quite little. “You really okay?” I asked Red. “I am, why?” “Nothing,
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I was humping that M60 around when another explosion went off near the fence, followed by a bunch of gunfire. It was a little past 3AM. A little more probing, I think. Lucky, I had that gun locked and loaded. Let’s just hope they don’t find the Colonel, now. But he did have his pistol ready. Red and I jumped out and stormed towards my position. “GET THAT DAMN MACHINE GUN FIRING, GUNNY!” she commanded. I rushed towards the fence, then aimed the gun off hand while kneeling. You know, when you fire that thing, you’ll feel an overwhelming force pulls you into shape, protecting you. A steady stream of thumps hurt you a little at first, but it made you feel stronger over time. And with cartridge that powerful, the weight seemed not to be a problem for a while. I kept pulling the trigger until I run dry. That gun fires rather slowly, but 200 rounds don’t seem to be that much. I wondered why. Red was still behind me, covering me while I reload. “Damn, where’s my can?!” I was sure I put it w
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Pulling Back
“FUCKING BASTARDS!!” Red let rip with her 416, switching it to full-auto mode, expending the rest of her magazine. I got back to the machine gun, handling it as furiously as I could get from Karl’s death. But the wave got so close we needed to call in support. We don’t have mortars, and our grenades would’ve had little effect. Not long after that, two planes flew overhead and pulverized the rear portion of that wave with some napalms and machine gun fire. We saw this beautiful stream of red tracers flying all over the place with all the explosions from the bombs and rockets. It was very much like Independence Day celebration. It turned out a radio man called in the help for us. Either it was from another squad, or it was from the C2. Lucky he got it in time, we were. But the wave didn’t really stop, up until the point that we need to find another ammo can for my machine gun. Now where is that M60 ammo I left in the bushes? “Red! Last can! I need to find some other cans!” “Alright,
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Lost and Found
Stubs and the others began to move out that very night. At around 1930 hours, they rode off in their personnel carriers. The family used one of our cars. Rather high profile for a click, but that’s what they had. We asked them to carry our stuff with them, clothes and all. They agreed. The Marines walked Grace past the rubble of the living room and guest room. Ian was behind her to make sure she didn’t take the wrong steps. I came by her and said a little farewell. “Be careful,” she said. “Please stay alive,” “I’ll try,” I replied as I waved my hands towards them. Shortly after that, we began to sort things out with the Colonel. He then took up Karl’s rifle with the grenade launcher under it and started to collect ammunition. We found RPGs, grenades, 40mm grenades, and crates of 5.56 and 7.62s. We distributed it among ourselves as best we can, and surprisingly, there were still a couple hundred rounds left. We’re fully loaded now. The guys were generally okay. Mark’s ears were sti
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