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By: Yusco OngoingFantasy

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After battling for eons he finally gets all he ever wanted glory, fame, wealth and best of all power an army unparalleled across all realms. Using his unique magical prowess to annex worlds and burn down empires, but at what cost LONELINESS, REGRET and BITTERNESS. He dies when sitting on his throne but instead of going to the afterlife he gets a second chance in a world were magic and technology meet.

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  • Warmanica


    nice book, best of luck ......️ looking forward for the next chapter

    2022-04-21 00:09:04
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14 chapters
After fighting for so long it seems like i might've forgotten what empathy means, compassion, the need for kinship and the worst of them all LOVE. Love is nothing but a fickle joke reality plays on us giving us feelings we aren't meant to feel then taking it back the first chance it gets, a massive figure thinks to himself standing alone in a large empty hallway illuminated by massive torches hung on the walls. His face masked by an unknown darkness, he is well built and dressed in a fine red royal ceremonial robe and adorning a beautiful golden crown. Thousands of shadowy figures fill the hall their eye's crimson red with blood and hate, flooding the hall dragging it into the abyss. It's like hell's gate has been broken, all of them screaming in agony their voices soaked with strife, stretching their droopy arms trying to reach the man...trying to tear him part...trying to capture his soul....trying to consume his heart. He raises his head and his eyes unleashes a bonechilling kill
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Chapter 1
A dark haired man bursts into the room, she smiles at him as he races towards her. She gently passes me to him. The amount of joy written on his face can't be describe with mere words, he sits beside her lost of words and she rests on his shoulder " He's our son. " she says.  " I know, he looks just like you. I'm jealous. " he remarks. " My gene's are better so that much is expected. " she confidently proclaims. " Don't be so confident, appearance don't mean much i bet he's a fighter just like his dad." he refutes. " I hope not, all you do is destroy things." she smirks and snatches me back.   He looks like his soul is about to leave him, becoming as white as a ghost.   " That only happened that one time- " " Only once?!. " She cuts him mid sentence eyebrows raised. " Maybe twice- " " Twice?!. " Her gaze threatening to swallow him. " I should probably go and talk to the doctors. "
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Chapter 2
She drops him in the crib, stretches a little bit then pats his hair." Taking care of you is real hassle, wait here a bit. I need to prepare supper, your dad would soon be back." She smiles then gently says. Immediately exiting the room, tying and adjusting her arpon on the way out. Chiki pushes himself up, barely sitting up resting his back on the cribs's headpanel, sighing internally it's so hard to move in a baby's body, everything is so mushy. Nonetheless i need to check weather i can still use mana. He closes his eyes and enters a meditative state, if my knowledge serves me right then mana exists in everything primarily in the form of the basic elements fire, water, air, lightning and earth they encompass the basics of all there is, should be, would be and could possibly be. All i need to do is first gain awareness of this mana particles. Multiple glowing dust like partilcles float around as if waiting for him to beckon them to come forth, a look of
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Chapter 3
*********Four months later********** I'm now able to keep my mana awareness active for long periods and have been slowly building up circuits, sure it would've gotten established naturally but that's to long in my point of view. Chiki is calmly meditating in his crib, drawing all the mana particles like a sponge when it meets water, multiple lines in his body light up alternating between red, gray, blue, cyan and brown. He starts sweating profusely and immediately breaks out. He wipes his face with the back of his palm then stands up yawns and stretches out to losen his sleepy muscles. He smiles broadly then thinks the way things are going i might just finish my magic circuit before the year runs out, truly a level of genius only a king no a god like me could display mwahahahahaha(cute evil laugh). he tactifully climbs out of the crib using his little pillow to break his fall. Now to procure a feast worthy of a king, clumsily wobbl
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Chapter 4
 " Says the girl who is scared of the dark." leon scoffs at her." better than being a sissy who hasn't even kissed before." She lashes back. They start bickering, shooting hateful glares at each other." They still haven't stopped i seem." Akina adds awkwardly." They're both still as immature as always." Mina replies indifferently." Oh what of the other-" Akina begins to inquire but is interrupted by the doorbell. *ding dong*" I'll get it." Akina says whilst passing arunah to mina." You sure are heavy." She jockingly teases." Gugaguu...aahgah fa..t(How dare you call me fat)." Chiki struggles to say.  She opens the door, this time she's greeted by three(3) women and two babies. The first woman has wavy deep ocean blue hair, nordic eye, long lashes. She's holding a baby boy with snow white hair and skin, chubby cheeks and beautiful nordic eyes. The second has a tawny
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Chapter 5
 Erika is already dozing off her cheeks as red as tomatoes." Looks like she overdid it again." Mina remarks, her cheeks slightly red." I keep telling her how weak she is, compared to me." Leon proclaims, his cheeks equally as red as erika's." I haven't drunk this much in a very long time." Kent remarks." Don't tell my wife." He slowly adds and everyone starts laughing." Seems like everyone is out of it except the iron belly." Alan says whilst laughing" It's true i've never seen you drunk." Leon adds, given hiroto a queer look." Believe me I'm envious of y'all." He adds whilst adjusting his glasses." I remember when we used to get really wasted at the old one eyed tavern and he'll be the one to drag us out." Leon replies whilst gazing into his remaining cup of alcohol, his reflection shimmering from time to time." Or the time you thought you gained alcohol magic." Alan responds clutching his belly and laughi
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Chapter 6
 The memory slowly fades away, bringing them back to reality. Alan stares at his fist." I didn't want it, because i guess i was afraid." Leon confesses." What would could a big oaf like you could possibly be afraid of." Alan jests." Even i'm not sure, but like you said...i should just trust you right?." He smiles then downs his remaining drink." I should take my leave, we still have alot to do tomorrow." He says whilst scratching his head. They both head towards the door, Akina appearing outta nowhere and hugs them both." I'm so proud of both of you, especially you." She hugs her brother once more." I better check up on chiki." She touches alan's cheek before setting off." Well till next time." Alan offers a hand shake." Till next time indeed." Leon firmly takes his hands. Alan finds akina looking at chiki as he sleeps peacefully in his crib. looking even cuter than when he's awake.Read more
Chapter 7
*********Two years later********** Chiki is standing alone at the front door, he has grown a bit taller. He is wearing a white short sleeve shirt with brown shorts held up by black suspenders with long socks and brown loafers. His red eyes gleaming beautifully, he yawns then scratches his head, ruining his combed black hair. What's taking this woman so long, He thinks to himself. Like how in hell sakes would your kid get ready before you. He heads towards the couch and throws himself on it, spreading his legs and facing the ceiling. He covers his eyes and slowly smiles. The weird robot comes again carefully observing him with it's deadpan eyes." And how may i be of service to you." He asks without looking at it." Would...you...like...a...drink." it continuously glitches while asking." No I'm good." He replies." Apple...juice...it..is." The robots says." I don't want an apple juice." He says slowly getting annoyed."
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Chapter 8
" What's the core city." Chiki asks, his face now facing the two women." It is the origin of our kingdom, it is located at the heart of the kingdom, were the king's palace is located. It is also were the six big families main houses is located." Akina replies." It is practically heaven on earth, not that i've personally witnessed it. But the stories going flying around concerning it are always so out of this world if you may." Eimi comments gingerly.The car slowly arrives before a massive piazza filled with buildings off different shapes and sizes with a marvelous statue of a man decorated with various medals at the entrance. They slowly slide their way to it's side were the parking lot seems to be located. It is filled with cars, it took them awhile before she could find an empty packing space to settle in. They all get out of the car and slowly starting their their bodies a bit except shizuru whose expression is still unreadable." it wa
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Chapter 9
They are alot of other kids. A chubby kid with brown hair and red cheeks his face so swollen you couldn't even make out his eyes if you wanted to, his gut to big for the white t-shirt with a cat face drawing stretching it beyond it's size capacity, he is also wearing a pair of black shorts and is holding a bag of chips he slowly walks up to them quickly stuffing his mouth with chips as though he was afraid the chips would disappear savagely munching away without a worry. He starts talking inaudibly between bites, shizuru gazing at him absentmindedly while chiki mind drifts off as he surveys the room, His gaze settling on a girl in a hooded robe and a short white floral grown with a pair of black shoes and white socks she is sitting on a huge chair beside the empty chimney. She has mana he notices a little wisp of it gently lingering on her skin practically invisible to the untrained eyes (well my eyes are trained :P) and he thought he was special in this worlds standard
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