Battlefield Summary:

Players: 1

Survivors: 1 of 1

Monsters: 1439

Surviving monsters: 0

Calculating the reward sequence will take 09:23

You can leave your current location

It's good that there is a delay. I left dangerous territory at top speed, periodically renewing silent feathers.

But it was not part of my plans to immediately calculate the profit. I manually dragged three bodies of shaman bosses, threw them into the vault, dumped almost all the loot there, after which I waited for the notifications, which merged into a nasty squeak, and, without reading them, rushed back.

We need to see the lair of that demigod Frost! Urgently!

When I returned, various trifles were already joyfully jumping around, but there were no specimens larger than advanced ones.

I began to inspect the shelter, which began to melt without its owner. I went further, there was a huge hole going underground.

In this place there were frozen figures of animals, people and saber-toothed. I dumped everything in bags
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