The Hidden Heir Billionaire System

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The Hidden Heir Billionaire System

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Jack Ashworth never thought his life would turn one hundred and eighty degrees when he almost died. Living in poverty as a servant in a conglomerate family, he was often insulted and poorly treated. Moreover, his lover was having an affair with his master's son before his eyes. However, everything changed in a blink of an eye. It was when he was near death without a penny in his pocket. Ding! [Welcome new user, Jack Ashworth.] [Health condition is critical. Please use the welcome pack to restore health and gain USD 100.000.000.] Jack didn't understand what he heard or saw but agreed to use the 'welcome pack'. Miracles happen at the same time. Jack became a mighty and wealthy man. Now, it is time for revenge. - I own the copyright to this cover including all parts and layers -


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  • Pixie


    Your works are always amazing. Keep writing, Thor.

    2023-09-18 11:40:23
  • Zoya Dmitrovka


    Dope story! ...

    2023-09-14 17:42:13
  • Cindy Chen


    hi everyone ... thank you for reading this story.

    2023-08-28 10:46:43
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117 chapters
Betrayed and Dying
“Ahh… Don't stop…”Naughty moans and sighs made Jack's steps stop. He had just come back to the grand and luxurious Hawthorne Family mansion after a long day. Of course, this house is not his, Jack is just one of the servants in this conglomerate family. Throughout the day, Gordon Hawthorne, the son of the Hawthorne family, had ordered him to go all over Lumina City, to buy things that Jack thought were ridiculous. But as soon as he stepped inside, he could hear a woman's voice in a room that he happened to pass by on his way to his room.Normally, Jack would have pretended not to hear, like all the other servants in the house, but this time was different. Not because Jack didn't know how playboy Gordon was and often slept with beautiful women, but because of the woman's voice that he knew very well this time. Curiosity tickled him until he ventured to approach the room which was only half closed.The closer he got, the more he recognized the woman's voice. Jack's eyes widened when he
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Changed Overnight
[Use the welcome package. Yes / No?]The transparent screen shows two options. Jack doesn't understand what he's hearing or seeing, but he will do whatever it takes to save his own life. Softly, he said, "Yes."Jack closed his eyes and darkness then enveloped him. He would surely die now and what he just saw was a near-death hallucination. However, a second later, Jack felt a powerful rush of energy enters his body as if weaving back all the damaged parts of his body. All his broken bones crunched together again.Within a few minutes, Jack was able to open his eyes and with a feeling of surprise, he stood up. He saw that his hands were still covered in blood, but all the wounds had completely closed. Jack felt his health recovering, even much fitter than before. He felt his stomach which should be full of wounds, but now his stomach was not only intact without any injuries, but also filled with bulging muscles."Impossible," he murmured. Jack thought he must be dreaming.All of a sudd
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Proof Time
"Okay, proof time," Jack said firmly, looking at the man with unwavering determination. Ashley Norton, who had been secretly watching their conversation, noticed an unusual amount of confidence in Jack's face. She was intrigued and curious about what would happen next. Jack took out his cracked cell phone and opened it carefully. He opened a banking app and showed his staggering account balance. "Here's the proof," Jack said, showing the balance display to the one hundred million dollar mark. "A hundred million dollars in my account." The guard was silent, his eyes widened in disbelief. He looked closely at the cellphone screen shown by Jack, trying to make sure that it was not a trick or engineering. "Wait! This must be a lie! He must be cheating to get that kind of money!” cried the security guard in panic. Ashley Norton, unable to hide her surprise, approached the two of them. She saw the balance displayed by Jack, and her face contorted into one of admiration. "I will call t
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First Mission
"Okay. Get ready to go to jail, Jack Ashworth," said Tom, glancing at Ashley who was silent. "Let's go to the bank now," he said again, glancing at Jack. Jack snorted softly and walked behind Tom. Ashley chose to walk beside Tom and opened the door for her manager. The location of the bank is not far from here, just by walking, they can arrive within five minutes. While walking, Jack opened the system screen silently. Ding! [Welcome back, user Jack Ashworth. What do you want to do?] "Trade my ten points for money," Jack said in a low voice. [Point exchange successful. Ten million dollars has entered the user's account.] Jack smiled and pressed the minimize button. At the same time, they reached the bank. "All right, Jack Ashworth. We've arrived at the bank. Let's see if you are as big as you say," said Tom Kenny. "By the time I prove it, you will lose your job," said Jack with a faint smile. Tom snorted with a sneer but said nothing more. He just gave Ashley the code to make
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You Are Fired!
Tom was getting sweaty hearing that.“Tom! Are you still there?""Laila, this must be a mistake!”“Tom, this information is 100% valid. What’s wrong?” she answered.“What? There’s no fraud? He might have robbed someone!”“Tom, are you questioning my accountability?”Tom stopped for a moment. Laila is very accountable and she had all the access to verify someone’s account. It is impossible that she made a mistake.“Why didn't you tell me earlier?" asked Tom angrily.“Tom, I've done my best to help you. At least say thank you,” Laila replied a little irritated.Tom was still riled up, he immediately hung up the phone. He was shaking, didn’t know what to do. What if Jack is really rich? Tom hesitatingly opened the door and found that the transaction is done. The luxurious mansion is now Jack’s. He’s even in the process of getting a black card from the bank.“Well, Tom, what did your friend at the central bank said?” asked Jack with a smile. Tom was embarrassed and angry, but shaking as
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“Your job is only to help me buy the things I need, remind my schedule, and do things related to my work. That's all," replied Jack.“Th-that's all?” she asked.Jack frowned, trying to analyze why Ashley looked so doubtful.“All the work that is usually done by a personal assistant. I just need a lot of things that I would not be able to do alone now. I have a lot of agendas that I have to finish,” said Jack, starting to see Ashley's doubts. Of course, Ashley was very beautiful, she doubted a guy like Jack who might drag her into bed like other rich jerks. But Jack wasn't some goddamn Gordon Hawthorne. Jack just needs help from Ashley who looks smart and nimble. But, if Ashley wants to accompany him in bed, of course, Jack doesn't mind.Ashley looked at Jack and realized that this one man might be different. She needed a lot of money for her sick mother and to send her little brother to school. A bigger salary is what she really needs. It would be a great loss if Ashley did not accept
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First Revenge
[Is there anything else you want? Your money are still available to be exchanged for anything you want, user Jack Ashworth.]“Nothing for now. Thank you," replied Jack.[No need to thank. All the facilities present in this system are yours.]The transparent screen then disappeared from Jack's presence. Jack smiled at himself and quickly came out of the bathroom wearing the soft kimono that had been provided for him.“Mr. Ashworth, please follow me for skin treatment and massage,” said one of the therapists.The woman couldn't hide her admiration for Jack, her face even blushed. Jack nodded and followed the woman into one of the rooms that had been prepared. All the way to the room, Jack felt many eyes staring at him. Little did he know that rumors about him were already spreading. There is a mysterious man who bought a real estate office on the spur of the moment.Jack finally arrived at the massage and facial room. A female therapist is ready inside. However, both Jack and the woman
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Dream Car
Suzzane looked at Jack and a beautiful woman looked at each other with a smile. She crumpled the hem of her shirt as she snorted. She couldn't restrain her footsteps from approaching Jack and the beautiful woman. Suzzane can't let Jack have fun over her misery.“Jack!” she exclaimed.Both Jack and Ashley were a little taken aback by it. From the appearance of Suzzane who had changed into ripped jeans and a tank top, as well as her eyes that were red from crying, Jack could already guess that Suzzane had been fired. Jack didn't answer, he just stared at Suzzane with a sharp gaze and a slight crooked smile, making Suzzane even more annoyed.“I lost my job because of you!” cried Suzzane as she brought her index finger closer to Jack's face.Jack brushed off Suzzane's forefinger while pushing her slightly, making her take a few steps back."Keep your filthy finger out of my sight you slut," Jack said in a low, calm tone. This made Suzzane even angrier.“You call me slut? Then what about y
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"What's wrong Harry?" asked the person on the other end of the line once the call was connected.“Mr. Cowell, someone wants to buy the limited edition Lamborghini, but he insists on using it for today. He is willing to pay more to speed up the process," Harry replied.“That limited edition Lambo is only one in Lumina City and it is in our showroom. The papers can be processed if he pays an extra fee. I don’t think he wanted to do that since it will cost a lot,” Jamie answered."He is willing to pay any amount, Sir."“Tell him he can buy the car and drive it today for an extra five hundred thousand dollars. Oh yeah, what's his name? I know all the rich families in Lumina City. Why didn't he just contact me directly? Is that Louis Lerroy? Jordan Mitchel? Or Gordon Hawthorne? Yesterday Gordon asked about the car," Jamie asked curiously."No sir. None of them. His name is Jack Ashworth," Harry replied.“Ashworth? Did you hear right? I never heard that name before. Just make sure he's not
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“I'm sorry, Mister Ashworth. I didn't mean to offend you at all. Tell you what, I'm having a birthday party this weekend. If you are willing, I look forward to welcoming you, Mr. Ashworth," said Jamie, handing over his invitation card.The invitation card was a golden envelope with a matching card inside. The smell of roses and the texture of the card show how expensive the invitation card is."I'll consider it," Jack said as he put the card in his pocket.Jack didn't want to seem too excited, so he purposely didn't say right away that he was willing to come. Jack knew who to invite to the event, of course, there would be the Hawthornes."Mr. Ashworth, your car is ready for use," said Harry, handing all the files and also the car keys into Jack's hands.“If there's nothing else you want to talk about, I'll be leaving now. I still have a lot of things to do,” Jack said to Jamie.“Of course, Mister Ashworth. I'm not going to hold you any longer,” Jamie replied, getting to his feet with
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