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Fun Online

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In the near future, student Misha Drozdov was able to purchase a virtual reality booth. He waited for the premiere of the new game and plunged into the world of "ZABAVA online" one of the first, as only old people are able to reap the maximum without extra donations. He chose the Bear region for his start. “What jokers the developers are: winter, hundreds of bears and NPCs *Coach Mart*,” thought Drozdov at the beginning. "*Censorship*! And not the developers. The monitor is in ****," the young man changed his mind after a while, but did not quit the game.

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I picked up my fallen hat from the floor. Predictably, the head that fell with her has already disappeared. Yes, I shifted my gaze to the interface. Shaved Bear (level: 1) HP (health points): 2/100 MP (mana points): -- SHU (mustache scale): 72% Class: not received. Titles: no. Current Adventures: Training. Outfit trip. ----- Inventory: empty. Clothes: Hat, T-shirt, shorts, slippers. I heard that Russian localization is a little weird, but "mustache scale"? What's next, beard growing quests? And the girls for plucking their eyebrows? Oh well, having reached the starting location to the training field, I already guessed that my mustache does not fall out, but my stamina drops. But here's the training. Firstly, being one of the first in this "Zabava-online", I chose a territory without competitors. Fortunately, there are still more than a thousand starting locations, and the game is still in open testing, albeit with a development ceiling. But the starting equipment is the
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This is who flattered by your tusks and trunk? Cunning Elephant (Trunk Region, Level 3) I don't have a trunk! Ordinary human body, like the locals. The NPC came up and hugged me! This is harassment ! Plump Bunny (Rabbit Region, Level 7) Fool, check your inventory, you've been robbed. Cunning Elephant (Trunk Region, Level 3) It is an insult! Where are the moderators! She stole 15 copper coins! I'm going back to NOVETO- world. Muddy Elk (Moose Region, Level 1) Weakling. I just won't give up! Polar Mole (Blind region, 8th level) Ha, cowardly little elephant. And that's it. No, there was some gibberish in a few more topics, but the smartphone translator began to give out some kind of wildness. He doesn't seem to be good at slang. Okay, I'll read the official information again, suddenly something happened. Congratulations to our players on their first day at Zabava Online! First day statistics: 1012 unique users. Leader today: Walrus Cutie (Walrus region, level 17). The op
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Shaved Bear (level: 2) Experience: 0/500 Money: 0 HP (Health Points): 200/200 MP (mana points): -- SHU (mustache scale): 100% Class: not received. Titles: no. Current Adventures: Training (passed stage 1/3) . Outfit trip. The secret desire of mortals. Inventory: heavy branch, long branch, Stalin's Hatchet. Clothes: no. Oh, something new in the tasks. As soon as I thought about it, the message immediately popped up. Attention! A new quest has been unlocked: The Secret Desire of Mortals. So, and what is there in more detail? The secret desire of mortals. Trainer Mart is the creature that sends the damned immortals to the temple. This does not please the local god and his priestess. You managed to demonstrate a desire to confront this villain. Come to the backyard (cemetery), talk to the priestess, who is tired of reviving you. I went in the right direction. On local graves there were bear totems made of wood. But for a long time I could not find people. To be hone
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Some more. The level ceilings have already moved twice. There were already many who discovered titles, professions, territories and received the main thing: class. And in the top with his own nickname was the leader: King (level 50, knight, Walrus region) It seems that this is the one who was Walrus Cutie on the first day, but due to my own adventures, I can’t say for sure. The leader of the day is the one who gets the maximum levels, but the tops are made up of rating points. I'm not going to delve into this nonsense just yet. I've already come to terms with the fact that I didn't turn out to be a pro player. I'll try it sometime next year with a new game. And then I'm going to suffer through the dungeon with Nedimone just for the sake of interest. Yes, and free access has not yet been released. When I was about to climb into the Anapa, then suddenly a message came to my smartphone from a company that I renamed a little for myself: Message from the "Evil Headquarters": Attent
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“No,” I answered unequivocally again, previously I had already been repeatedly offered entry into the Fun Hall of Fame. In the meantime, there was an alert. Attention! The first person in the game *Anonymous* (Title: the first pissant, the first witness...), opened a hidden area for communication with the deity. The Deity is the Supreme Being of the region. Meanwhile, a white lump formed into the shape of a man with a bear's head, and he roared: - Shaved Mishka, I've been watching you and I know that you crave power! You want to take revenge on Coach Mart, but you are wrong! This man is not to blame for what he does. He was bewitched by the god of the Wolf Region during the war. I will give you the choice of power, which will allow you to disenchant your enemy and take revenge on the true culprit of suffering. And you will get a lot! Do you agree to permanently change your class, without the right to future changes? - Yes, - I was just interested in the result. At that moment, i
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Skill Acquired! Skill Acquired! Now it remains only to check what it is, while I go to the forest to still complete the task. Mushroom Picker (Passive, Normal, Industrial, Level 1): A skill that has not become a trade or profession. But by collecting three more other species, you can master the *collector*. Now you know everything about mushrooms from F-rarity to C-rarity. Suicide (Passive, Normal, Level 1): You are an idiot that does not appreciate life. But you will always find a way to die, even in a *no way* situation. Well, I can definitely say that I could get the latter when communicating with a coach from the Bear region. The forest was large and mixed. At the same time, I was so lucky that I did not meet monsters. But also something that could be used in the form of clothes, too. Yes, and I'm already used to the fact that I'm wandering around in Adam's suit. The oldest clothes, according to the laws of fashion, should be in trend from time to time. It's good that
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- Choose academic leave or expulsion, Drozdov! the dean told me four hours later.“Academy,” I replied.- I knew it. There is a video with sound from the camera, and Lozhkarev heard the screams of your herd, otherwise you would definitely have been expelled. But Kuznetsov did not raise his hand against you, again only a provocation. If I didn't know your father, you'd already be incapacitated, so go. Tomorrow go to the secretary and write a statement, she will also say what needs to be conveyed. You have two academic years. Don’t come back earlier,” the woman said, and then for some reason added in a barely audible voice, “well done.”"Thanks, goodbye," I said without turning around and left.It was still light and warm in the street, like in summer, I went up to the wall and sat down, leaning on it.Tch, didn't mean anything.What a loser I am.I won’t tell my parents, but I need to look for money. There are few stocks left.It is necessary to clarify the situation in the "Evil Headq
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Well, after talking with Oak, a lot became clear.Nika went crazy because of the ban, the Blacksmith himself is what he calls himself, and I can only withdraw money from Zabava through an auction of items or currency.After generously bringing the cat out of the horror with two servings of food, I locked myself in and entered the game.Having finished the scarecrow, I was delighted. Finally, the second stage was completed.Congratulations! You completed the task: training (Dyatlov region).Reward: experience (10), coins (10 copper)New mission received!*Training (stage 3/3): crush the monster*No skills, no good amount of experience.Dyatlov Bear (level: 1)Experience: 20/1000Money: 20 copperHP (health points): 10/10MP (mana points): 10/10SHU (mustache scale): 58%I went up to coach Freud and asked:- What should I do next?– Enter the forest and defeat the enemy. But for this you need to go not to the safe area where we are, but a little further. Here's a map for you, the region
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Although I sharpened the scythe, without the shaft it was an unfinished or awkward knife.So I had to look for a young tree and attack it with a stone chisel after breaking it.Well, at first I didn’t process it completely, but after waving this miracle a couple of times, I changed my mind and tore off the bark.Dyatlov Bear (level: 1)Experience: 20/1000Money: 10 copperHP (health points): 8/10MP (mana points): 10/10SHU (mustache scale): 58%Each swing of the scythe took away 1 health point from me. The skin on the hands was simply torn with bark and untreated branches.I waved the updated version. More health did not flow away, but the hands began to slip.Okay, it will dry out over time, if you do not put it in inventory.After some thought, I walked around the area and collected mushrooms. It was not very convenient to carry them in the hands or in the inventory, but again the burdocks came to the rescue.In the inventory, a wide sheet with mushrooms placed in it was called *a
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Dyatlov Bear (level: 2)Experience: 120/2000Money: 250 copperHP (health points): 20/20MP (mana points): 20/20SHU (mustache scale): 100%It's good that the level completely restores the status. In addition, the HP has doubled.I examined the clearing, walked and collected the carcasses. Which ones were better preserved went into burdock leaves, and then into an apothecary's bag, but the dissected ones ended up in empty inventory slots.It seems to be everything.The downside was that those perverted mice tore my pretty burdock skirt.I was afraid to log out before collecting trophies, but now I logged out of the game and went to eat.If I run into a new flock with these creatures, especially poisonous ones, then I'm a khan. A little quieter during the day.I didn't see a single woodpecker at all that night. It is possible that this is due to the aggressiveness of saber-toothed jerboas.While I watched Murzik look sadly at the standard food allowance for cats, I chewed on a cucumber
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